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  1. As the Beaufighter: "Two engines in close formation, immediately followed by an airplane"
  2. Both Hurricane and Spitfire was developed with ministry support, so your alternative history did not happen. /Finn BTW: Boomerangs were no good as an air superiority fighter and was developed too late for the BoB
  3. Back in 1969, when the film came out in Denmark, I was 16 and already into modelling, so a chum of mine sent me in to see the film, just saying that it was pretty good and had WW2 aircrafts in it. I was completely overwhelmed from the first seconds, as a matter of fact, I'm still getting goosebumps when seeing the opening scene... /Finn
  4. When I wrote my first comment I thought that the problem was that the treads did not continue over the mould line. I can see now that the flaw is more serious, even possibly uncorrectable. Believe me, I'm grateful that people share this kind of info, that way I can order a pair of better wheels along with the kit, if that's the major fault with the kit. Which isn't bad. Because what annoys me most about this particular kit or rather the comments on it, is that we at long last seems to have by far the best B/C Mustang ever. This kit has corrected most of the mistakes of its predecessors. Let's celebrate that and then improve the kit where there's room to do so. /Finn PS: A modelling skill, that has evolved since I started, is the skill to find and order aftermarket corrections. Seems that's the one in play here.
  5. ARMA produces very high quality kits, but this time they slipped, so you found another hair in the soup. On the other hand, being one who started modelling in somewhere around 1960-65, I ask: Where have all the modelling skills gone? Do we really request a kit, where we open the box end, insert a tube of glue, shake it hard and expect a perfect model to come out? Some of the joy comes from overcoming errors and omissions from the manufactores. /Finn Edit: Seems that I was mistaken. The wheels cannot be easily corrected, as I assumed above.
  6. Reminds me of the description of the Beaus' characteristics: "Two engines, closely followed by an airplane" /Finn
  7. I've never seen such a thing, but if I may, I believe that you are complicating things a bit. 32 scale sheets have letters (and other markings) that are 1.5 times bigger than those on a 48 scale sheet. How did I arrive on 1.5? It's 48 divided by 32. But your 48 inch letter would be 1 inch high on the 48 scale sheet. A 1 inch high letter on a 32 scale sheet represents a 32 inch letter. If you want to calculate it it's simply 48 divided by 1.5 which equals 32. As others have said, the easy way is to measure the letters on the sheet and choose the one that fits. That way you avoid the pitfalls of math. /Finn
  8. It looks identical to those fitted on the three Typhoons sent to tropical trials with 451 Sqn in Egypt (or somewhere near) /Finn
  9. Interesting. I have a soft spot for the Uhu going back to a piece in a magazine by Eric Brown, who considered the Uhu underpowered, so bought the Valiant book for pictures and story - not for rivet counting. One day I hopefully will do a Uhu and place it alongside a Mosquito nightfighter. /Finn
  10. Probably not. That piece of thin rods has been chronically overscale for decades. If you really want to show off your skills, you'll remove the plastic ones and replace them with thin copper wire. /Finn
  11. If you really are interested, this is a mine of information, possibly also for your wish to do some super detailing: https://www.valiant-wings.co.uk/he-219-bundle-70-p.asp /Finn
  12. Yes, the cockpit was inside a framework of rods or tubes. Evergreen has some half-round strips/rods that could do the trick. And no, a question is legitimate when you ask for knowledge you do not posses. /Finn
  13. You must realise that you are very much missed, Neil, but of course we respect your decision. /Finn
  14. Quite. But then again, if you were in an Anson, at night, and toyed with the idea of ramming an adversary, you must have known that the chances of getting out alive would be almost non-existing. From what I have read, it seems that the RAF thinking at the time dismissed the idea of a trainee pilot being able to do this deliberately and regarded the incident as accidental. Shame, as true heroes were rare, even in the BoB. /Finn
  15. Interesting idea, darker panel lines where distemper was washed away. Do you have any photos showing this? /Finn
  16. Not to rain on your parade, but Spitfire code letters are... not easy. I work in 1/72 and have had a devil of a time finding code letters for a Spitfire XII. Seems that most generic sheets have them in 20 or 24 inch size. Problem is that this particular squadron had a sign painter that painted beautiful letters in 22-23 inch height. Ended in having to buy 2 sheets for a different mark where I could piece the wanted EB-B codes together. (Seems that the painter was still active in 1945) And then there's the question of what colour your generic sheet manufacturer has chosen... What I'm trying to say, is that it's not impossible, but a challenge. Best of luck /Finn
  17. My suggestion is to use a colour that is "just" discernible. Far too many uses colours that are too dark. That said, for control surfaces where the gap is bigger, you might want something darker Just remember that it's all an approximation and that the real machine was never painted in this way. The Yak above is a beauty, look and copy /Finn
  18. Open this link and scroll down a bit; you'l see a planview picture of a build by Arma. I'd say it's OK http://armahobbynews.pl/en/blog/2021/12/15/p-51-b-c-mustang-expert-set-first-build-gallery/ /Finn
  19. Found this on Hyperscale http://armahobbynews.pl/en/blog/2021/12/15/p-51-b-c-mustang-expert-set-first-build-gallery/ IMHO it looks great. Cant wait to see it in real life. /Finn
  20. I've made a set of replacement undercarriage struts for my CMR 1/72 Spiteful using Brass sheet and tubing. They need to be painted silver, but is there anything I need to be aware of? Cleaning? Primer? TIA Finn
  21. The problem with the megastore is that their handling charge is very high, so you would typically try to bundle as much as possible in one order to justify it. And then there's the issue of tax and VAT on arrival in GB. /Finn
  22. I've had the same thing happening to, of all things, a Spitfire. Not once, but twice. I believe I have traced it back to the gluing of the fuselage halves, where a small misalignment caused a significant cant to the fin. I solved it by ungluing the fuselage using thinners for enamels applied liberally over the joints. It takes a while, but may be worth the trouble. Since then I have constructed a jig, as I do a lot of these little fellas, that helps align the fuselage correctly. HTH Finn
  23. Dunno why I did not think of this before, but BM has a forum for diorama building. Might be a good idea to pop over there. Chat is here https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/forum/532-diorama-chat/ /Finn
  24. I wasn't trying to intimidate you, I falsely assumed that you knew of this legend. For this I owe you an apology. If you haven't see the video in 72 modellers post above, take a look. Hopefully you will be impressed. /Finn
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