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  1. I was reminded by an obit in the Guardian of just how many songs he had contributed to in the Motown years. And he had a solo career to as a singer performing self written songs that wasn’t arf bad. There’s no doubt though that as part of Holland Dozier Holland, with the funk brothers and the artistes themselves, he gave us the most sublime soul and pop songs.
  2. My return home from today's show was affected by two bouts of stop start on the North bound M5 from Strensham to my junction, which added about 20 minutes to my drive home. Annoying. However, the day was as good as I hoped it would be - even though I "left" my camera at the mainly military models stand while I paid for something! Kudos indeed to the trader who handed it to the Avon lads for me. Now I may be wrong, but today seemed to me to be - a bit quiet. I hope that the club didn't lose anything, it seems like they had a torrid time getting the show up and running and it would be a shame to see it struggle. It's always interesting to see the wargaming people in action, even if some of what happens seems confusing, shall we say - or is it the fog of war in action? Lots of spectacular dioramas on display, and equally lots of spectacular models - the scratch built lightning made from foil - once the method of building was explained to me - was astounding! I thought the use of the upstairs room was welcome - the air con made it well worth stopping up there! I noticed and had explained some remarkable painting in various models, which might - just might , if I use them right, improve things for me in some of my builds. I missed the announcement of best display and best in show, what and whoever they are congrats, I suspect that my choices weren't the judges! Well done the traders too who turned up, money was spent, mine I hasten to add; I anguished over a couple of kits but settled for Tamiya's new challenger 2 in 1/48th, and Zvezda's 1/72 Frogfoot, together with a re stock of various glues, blades, paints and clamps. All in all, I enjoyed the day - picked up some tips, chatted to several people about their models, and marvelled at some really great models and dioramas. Thanks to the very hard working Avon club members who set up the show, I do hope I can return to Thornbury next August.
  3. I'm baffled. One of the Mods I am sure will be along presently to explain.
  4. Whofan

    Womens Euro's

    You're right of course, It was Brandy Chastaine of the US who did it first.
  5. Good stuff, well done in getting the show together despite all the glitches thrown your way! Looking forward to seeing you all thete.
  6. Whofan

    Womens Euro's

    They certainly did. I notice the girl who scored England’s second goal got a yellow card for twirling her shirt above her head in celebration!!
  7. There are, in my mind, two options here. 1 - simply a coincidental scam. SCAM! Don't pay up. 2 - a member of staff at DHL Germany has sold your details to a scammer. SCAM !! don';t pay up. As has been said by others, wait until DHL turn up and see what the drivwer says. My guess is he will say hewre's your parcel mate, and give it to you with no further ado.
  8. Over my dead body, the latest Inspector Warwick novel by Jeffrey Archer, yes I know, but it’s a pleasant enough and easy read, and nowhere near as violent as The Dark Horse, the latest Orphan X book by Greg Hurwitz. Though Dark Horse is another good example of the Orphan X books.
  9. About 1130 - 1200 this morning 2 fast jets went over us just south of Clovelly. Plenty of noise, but didn't get out fast enough so just got a glimpse of what looked like twin tail on one.
  10. Here in North Devon (holiday), yesterday morning we had a short shower, with a bit of thunder and lightning; then in Bideford we had an absolutely hammering shower for about 10 minutes, then it cleared up. Temperature around mid 20's. today it's been as low as 17, with light showers in Saunton sands, very bizarre weather.
  11. Whofan

    The Weather,

    So all the dire warnings of doom at 40° didn't actually come true, we had a high of 38.1°c. mind you, 38.1 is nearer 40 than 34.2, which is what it was in Bude, about 14 miles from where we are holidaying. It did feel hot outside, though.
  12. Here in North Devon - between Bideford and Clovelly - it got to 30 according to the car yesterday afternoon, about 2pm. My daughter told us this morning that during the night we had a really intense rain shower for about 5 - 10 minutes. SWMBO and I didn't hear it. It looks warm outside already.
  13. That happens in your garden, too?
  14. Oh lord, I don’t think I spotted that one!
  15. Thanks for that. I'll have a look at the footage.
  16. @cardiff guy Some lovely models in the photos! I liked the what if Me 163 /Fe-103 mash up, and was there a flying bedspread in one of the pics? And I've just noticed the mech (?) Figure in that busy WW2 German airfield diorama! Sneaky
  17. About 1200 noon - ish? We were at my daughter's in Stourport and we had part of the BoB flight bimble over us, 2 hurries and a spit. A lovely sight, especially as we had the BoB Lancaster fly over during the Platinum jubilee.
  18. D'oh, yes, not Disney Apple tv here too! I wonder if I can make 3 mistakes in 3 posts?? Sadly we don't have a close relative who can do these things, I have to rely on the power of argument.
  19. No, we don’t have Disney - yet. Depending on my forthcoming stern words with Sky over a sly, un- notifies price increase we might be ditching sky movies for Disney.
  20. If it were possible to hang my head in shame anymore it would fall.off!! Why on earth I thought you wete writing about the Rivers of London books I have no idea !!! As it happens, I have read every Slough House book and novella, I share your enthusiasm for the series.
  21. I’ve been sent some .stl files for printing Marshall cabs and heads in 1/24 scale to go with my Revell Who VW van in 1/24. would anyone be willing to have a look at the files, to see if they are still viable, and the fairly obvious follow up is would someone be willing to discuss with me printing the items (I’ll pay for resin, etc)?
  22. @Billy54, I share your enthusiasm for the Rivers of London books. I'm looking forward to reading the new one, Amongst our Weapons. Currently in hand; How soon is now? A history of independent record labels, the bands and the people who ran the labels. On the bedside cabinet; Never by Ken Follett, his latest long novel, about a virus, some jihadis, and an US president. Together with the 3rd and final part of the Attlee PIne trilogy, Mercy, by David Baldacci. He has written some of the best US thriller and crime books I've read over the years, I'd say he is probably a better writer than Lee Childs, whose Jack Reacher books I have also enjoyed immensely. And also on the bedside cabinet are Billy Summers, by Steven King, and Hirohito's war, by Francis Pike.
  23. This is a great build! Really well done. but what elevates it as a vignette for me are the wonky posts, just so realistic! I don't think you've anything to fear from armour!!
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