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  1. Wouldn’t have thought it’ll be better than 1* M.
  2. TBH, I don’t think the change from city to country is the same anywhere in the world. England is small enough that nowhere is really very far from a city (whether you’d want to go there is another matter), and small towns and large villages abound in more rural areas. So it’s not really an either/or. Yes, you could go lose yourself in the wilderness up a Lake District valley or in the middle of a Cornish moor, but you’d have to be quite deliberate about it. On the bigger question, I lived in London for ten years, and loved it at that age and stage of my life, but when it came to bringing up the kids, moved to a well equipped small town in Yorkshire with good state schools, surrounded by moor and dale. I think it depends on what you want to do in retirement. If you want to spend lots of time in the man cave punctuated by long walks or other exercise in the fresh air, and are self sufficient, then going country could work (but so could living “15 minutes on the train” from the city). If you want the opportunity to take in a restaurant, hang out in a cafe, join a modelling club and go to the odd music gig, then city could work (but so could etc. as above) You don’t mention whether you have an “other half” in the equation, but if you do then will they be comfortable with the same things you are, and are you confident that each of you is the only company the other needs if you’re going to be isolated? And if there is no other half, are you comfortable being genuinely alone, with some effort needed to even see another human being, never mind hang out? If you’ve got a bit of time before the house sells, why not AirBNB in a couple of places of different sorts for a few days at a time and see what you make of the neighbourhood and how you feel? Good luck — and bear in mind that retirement is a big life change as well as moving is, so you might want to consider not doing both at the same time! See what retired life feels like and what you want to do in your retirement, settle into it, and then make the call on where you want to spend it… best, M. (PS: if you are on your own and want to go full rural, think about getting a dog. A boon companion and they'll keep you honest about getting out of the house and doing some exercise regularly!)
  3. Slow progress, detail by detail, but finally got to the point when it's worth mocking up again... Definitely need to fix the front track before the wheels go on firmly, and the rears are pretty wobbly as well. Some Yenko decals for the body as well before final clear and polish... best, M.
  4. 'cos it'll outdrag a new GT500 and worry a Hennessey (not the Venom 100, obvs...)? best, M.
  5. https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/media/5422f154ed915d1371000365/4-1973_G-ARPI.pdf RIP all on board... best, M.
  6. You can also click on your name top right on the homepage and select "ignored users" under Settings in the dropdown and type in their username. That results in "You have chosen to ignore content by... XXX" appearing in any topic listing, with options to view if you choose to. Not sure if you can actually make them disappear entirely... best, M.
  7. Move the gun cabinets to a purpose built underground bunker and use the storage cupboard (aka "workroom") in the bedroom (aka "stash room")? best, M.
  8. You could look into a wall mounted foldaway desk? Only sticks out 4-6”, has a decent sized fold down working area you can fix a cutting mat to, and storage for tools, paints and brushes against the wall. This one is what we have. It was called LUDVIG from IKEA. It is no longer in their range, but I'm sure similar beasties are available elsewhere. Described as a "laptop workstation" if that helps the search. You’d probably still have to find somewhere to park the work in progress, but you could at least have a dedicated work area and not have to take everything back up to the loft every time… best, M.
  9. They both look like the tanks we used to play with in "Traveller" (the SF role playing game) when I was a teenager 40 years ago! I wondered about the "shot trap" thing as well, but it seems to be a fairly common feature these days, so I assume they route incoming shells outwards and over the side rather than down towards the turret ring in these designs... best, M.
  10. Looks absolutely great... and excellent rendition of the err.... "robust' look of the original. I built the same kit when reissued for SAMI, back in the Gary Hatcher days, and I thought then that it was still a very good kit to work with. Still looks good to me... best, M.
  11. That does look really good. Excellent job… I’m now completely convinced I need one to bring my shelf of Heller 1/43s into the 21st century! Oh, and an E Type, natch… best, M.
  12. ....my point is that Star Wars and TG Maverick clearly have the same inspiration in 633 Squadron, but was there something that inspired 633 Squadron, or did the writers of that film basically invent that aviation plot? best, M.
  13. Saw it with Mrs B tonight and we both really enjoyed it. Very impressive flying , a nice balance of humour and action, touching scene with Val Kilmer, and Jennifer Connelly… I find myself wondering if there was a book or movie with a “fly down a narrow valley lined with AA, execute an almost impossible manoeuvre, drop a weapon into a tiny target that gives access to a fatal design flaw and blow up a huge enemy installation” plot before 633 Squadron? The Dambusters might be an inspiration, but I think that possibly the. Highball attacks on the Tirpitz are slightly closer to a Trench Run. Did like the fact the last Enemy TIE fighter was zapped by HANgman after all seemed lost. Oh, and did I mention Jennifer Connelly? And her Porsche… best, M.
  14. Knowing @Andy J doesn't need any further encouragement, nevertheless I found this extremely err....'inspiring": The Motorcycle: Design, Art, Desire https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1838661638/ Highly recommended. You'll have a Tamiya Bimota Tesi before you know it... best, M.
  15. SouthEast Finecast has a 1/24 Rover V8 in its catalogue still if anyone is looking… best, M.
  16. Got the engine wiring squared away, and a few more details: There's some more to do, but thank goodness I remembered that you're supposed to finish the engine AFTER the main assembly is in place! Mostly chrome, though if you look carefully you can see that the headlights now have disc lenses punched from pill packaging for the dished effect... Tub detailing under way. Need to sort the pedals and shift lever! Engine in. It will go in this built up, but requires some careful twisting and fettling to get all the bits together. I think opening a slot to the mounting point at the front of the bay would make things much easier! Time for a coil and some battery cables... And here we are this evening: ...not sure how much will get done the next few days, despite the long weekend...we have family visitors on the way! best, M.
  17. How did the rear lights look? If they looked “right” rather than slightly out of place with the tail end and bumpers, then maybe it was an Eagle or other restomod E Type. I don’t think owners clubs have any issues with those (other than maybe most members wishing they could afford one ;-P) best, M.
  18. Thanks to a helpful reminder, I added the blue to the lower edge of the body. I'd spotted it in my reference, but forgot to mask for it! Some progress with painting and detailing the engine: The aluminium ferrules will become convincing "velocity stacks" I hope... Not a great picture, but it should be clear that I filled the central dial and replaced it with the four smaller gauges of the Yenko dash, and I've used liquid cement to texture the crackle-black areas around the gauges and glovebox. Next steps with both the body and interior require breaking out the chrome... best, M.
  19. That’s the Kagero book by Robert Griffin mentioned above… best, M.
  20. It's been a busy week, but managed to make some progress at least: Stripe's probably a bit wide (though it varies depending on which car you're basing your build on) but the benefit of using tape sizes you have on hand for masking outweighs the value of strict scale accuracy, IMHO... and this is MY Stinger, not Jay's... best, M.
  21. It is, and especially good value if you bought it for £4 in the Works... Richard Kent's "Chieftain: Britain's Flawed Masterpiece" (a Mushroom Model Publication) is also good, especially as walkaround modelling reference. Notably, all three mentioned so far were written by people who served in Chieftains... best, M.
  22. Are they still doing the photo etch launch tower in 1/144 and 1/96? best, M.
  23. Try here: https://www.rocketryforum.com/threads/saturn-v-roll-patterns.150541/ best, M.
  24. In the clearance: https://www.jadlamracingmodels.com/revell-07696-ford-gt40-le-mans-1968-1-24-plastic-model-kit/ seems like a pretty good price for the Fujimi plastic and some nice decals… best, M.
  25. A fair bit of masking to paint a few bits black! The engine is started, using Citadel Contrast Paint "Black Templar" over Tamiya Grey Primer. It's a bit hard to see here, but it does shadowing, washing and dry-brushing all in one. Lots more detail painting on the engine to be done, but it's a solid starting point. best, M.
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