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  1. Yep @stevehnz it’s such a different take on a flat six rear-engined petite lightweight compared to the obvious 911, isn’t it? Maybe I should build my 911R, Alpine A110 and 914/6 to sit next to it on the shelf… best, M.
  2. Thanks, all... yes, @Kitkent Don Yenko was to Chevrolet what Carroll Shelby was to Ford, though less long lasting. A few hopped up racing Corvettes, then the Stinger, and best known for the Yenko Camaro... best, M.
  3. Far from my best work, and if I'm honest, I'm glad to get it off the bench at last. Work hassles and COVID have sapped my mojo, and holidays and the garden have eaten into bench time, so I'm looking for a restart for the Autumn. The kit fought me all the way, some of which reflected its age, some my ineptness... It's a comprehensive kit, with parts for many versions of the Corvair, but I'd only recommend it if you're a regular builder who gets their kicks from beating recalcitrant plastic into submission or you absolutely have to have a Corvair on your shelf. best, M.
  4. Boy, it's been a long time..... Work, COVID, holidays and the garden have conspired against progress. But I'm nearly there now... That's the interior finished. And the complete engine. Body with glass (which does not fit to save your life....). Note the coil pack on the rear bulkhead, apparently to stop it overheating on race cars. Pretty much there now, I reckon. Next pictures will be in RFI. best, M.
  5. 1/48 Centurion is a really good call. The Ace kits are great in 1/72 and cover loads of versions, but in 1/48 there’s nothing up to date, and it fits with Tamiya’s range strategy really well… best, M.
  6. At least one if not both will be armour. At least one of which will be 1/48… best, M.
  7. It looks great, Pat. Not wanting to hijack the thread, but is there an accurate Porsche 956 out there? I can see that there are Italeri and Tamiya kits billed as 956s... best, M.
  8. Paul Skilleter's "Jaguar Sports Cars" gives: Series 1 3.8 FHC 1798RHD and 5871LHD 4.2 FHC 1957RHD and 5813LHD 4.2 2+2 1378RHD 4220LHD Either way, it's about 20-25% RHD From the sprue shots it's not a "flat floor", so it's a mainstream s1... Must get one, though given it's a starter set I'll make a run to a local model shop since I assume they'll be pretty widely available... best, M.
  9. Well, given that Windows Vista went out of support from MS in 2012, it wouldn't be a total surprise... best, M.
  10. You could try Green Stuff World Chrome over a gloss black base (which it needs anyway...). Thin strips of Tamiya tape or frisket film snugged down into the engraved detail before you spray the chrome to bring out the markings. best, M.
  11. https://downthetubes.net/the-chronicles-of-genghis-grimtoad-with-art-by-angus-mcbride-an-early-version-of-the-much-loved-fantasy-tale/ Looks like the toad wars comic was rather better than I expected. It also spawned (see what I did there…?) a bigger budget reboot written by 2000AD’s Wagner and Grant, and drawn by Ian Gibson, of “The Ballad of Halo Jones” fame. Both versions are available in collected form, if you want to discover it’s not a good as you remember… best, M.
  12. Looks like it was missing one seat, the RH chassis rail and the RH bonnet half if the “N de charge” and Scalemates are correct… best, M.
  13. Enjoy that one @Spiny. The back end is a lot of fun to get together, believe me. You’ll need to test fit, ensure nothing is warped, especially the near-scale suspension parts, and clean up any flash and seam lines… But it’s a great kit of a fabulous car. best, M.
  14. Not surprising, since Russian TV has spent the last twenty years painting him as the man who lost the USSR and "Russia's Empire". Probably hear a different perspective on him and that empire if you asked people in Poland, (former) East Germany, Latvia or Hungary, for example... best, M.
  15. Boyes Stores in Royton (OL2 5QD) or Padiham (BB12 8BA) will probably have regular Vallejo acrylics, Model Air and Game Colour -- the Boyes in Yorkshire all seem to... best, M.
  16. You can take a look at the instructions on Scalemates here: https://www.scalemates.com/products/img/1/1/0/185110-47-instructions.pdf This box has the filters for the engine intakes as well as the non-filtered German version. There's a later box with refuelling probe and sponson tanks, but it looks like you won't need those. best, M.
  17. Could it have been the re-launched “Eagle”? https://britishcomics.wordpress.com/2018/10/18/eagle-2nd-serie-1982-1984/ Looks like it did mix “factual” content with comic strips… best, M.
  18. Thank you @Dominic McEvoy. I’ll get my brother in law to take a look at his logbooks and get some serials (I’d need to do that anyway for the build…) and see if he ever flew WH378… Thanks for looking! All the best, Matt
  19. Can anyone with a copy of the appropriate Cold War Shield volume or other reference sources enlighten me as to the schemes 54 Sqn Meteor F8s wore in the months before they were replaced by Hunter F4s? My father in law flew them and remembered them as camouflaged, with the solid-backed canopy, so that’s how I built one for a collection for him. My researches suggested he might have been mid-remembering, but hey, it was his model. He’s passed now, and I have the display. With the arrival of the new Airfix kit, I fancied building one, and thought I might do it as his mount (not to replace the other one…). But rather than just build a clone, it might be nice to do it in a “what if not?” scheme… Any info much appreciated. best, M.
  20. I subscribed to Omni for years, and loved it. I don’t think it ever had comic strips, though. Interestingly, it was published by the folks who brought us Penthouse, and presumably funded by the revenue from said mag. The fiction in Omni was always by the best SF writers of the time, which presumably cost money… best, M.
  21. Sounds good. Glad you’ve cracked it. best, M.
  22. There's a _little_ bit of work involved, but.... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/392669149797 ...on the upside, if you do buy this and put it to good use, it won't just be you who benefits.... best, M.
  23. Which Novus are you using? You want Number 2. It’s the brown one in the red bottle. Slightly counterintuitively you use them in the order 3-2-1. If you are using that one then, use a very slightly damp cloth, and polish it until it squeaks. HTH, best, M.
  24. Looking good! Quick (too late) tip on distributor drilling... I used to try to drill separate holes on each point. I found that 6 in 1/24 I could just about do with separate holes, but 8, in 1/25, was beyond me. These days I drill out the middle of the distributor cap with a 2-3mm drill, leaving a wall, and then stick a bit of smaller diameter tube in the middle. The tube locates the end of the coil wire in the middle, and then you have a circumferential slot to get all the plug wired stuck into with superglue If you need to, you can fill any of the slot that's still visible with microballoons and more superglue, but usually I find that painted black and in position it's pretty invisible! best, M.
  25. I presume the model of the model village includes a model of the model village, which includes… … all the way beyond the last visible dog… best, M.
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