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  1. I think it should be 90% the same as the Tamiya 25… some suspension changes and wider wheels and tyres are what makes it a 33… best, M.
  2. Seconded.... and it's clear that it's impressed the heck out of Dario Franchitti, who knows a thing or two about fast cars. And that's despite only being able to drive the engine development mule flat out, and the prototype T.50 at half revs... best, M.
  3. Thank you @Eric53 you want the 15” three ear spinner inserts RS1512 if he has them, RS1507 2-ear if not… best regards, Matt
  4. 100% agree that being able to find and buy one is a “big advantage”… best, M.
  5. Seems like it never came to Europe: China and the US as a “global car” because they like saloons more than hatches… best, M.
  6. Later Hurricane in 1/48? Or two-seat Meteors? Bond Bug and Porsche Carrera 6 Vintage Classics…? best, M.
  7. I’m jealous… been in the new house about six weeks now, and itching to get back to the bench… except I too have to set up the new workspace, and there are still a good few jobs around the house to do first! The Blu Lagos is a super rare special edition, with 205 built, five going to Japan and the rest sold in Italy. The interior is actually a pale creamy beige leather, not yellow, though the fine stripe down the side IS genuinely yellow. The metallic blue and cream combo is classic Ferrari, so it’s maybe not as tasteless as it might seem at first glance at the instructions. The wheels look accurate for that edition, too. best, M.
  8. Thanks to the handy Harleyford "Book of Miles Aircraft" on my shelf: Master 2 Download full size here: https://cmatthewbacon.smugmug.com/Family/General-and-family/i-bDX4c4b/A Martinet Full size: https://cmatthewbacon.smugmug.com/Family/General-and-family/i-HVf5NgL/A HTH, best, M.
  9. Firefly, Blackadder (3 and 4) and The West Wing… best, M.
  10. Forgetting the best is the enemy of the good arguments for a moment, that means the B-52 (and in some cases, the SAME B-52s) will have been in front-line service for a century… Wow. best, M.
  11. Too slow on the draw for a picture, but walking the dog this evening in Whiston (S60) I was passed by a Triumph Toledo in glamorous mud-brown. One of 160 on the road, according to HML… best, M.
  12. Good scores… the DB4 is definitely the same series as the Maserati, and probably the most accurately shaped of all of them (the E-Type and 250 GTO are pretty approximate). The DB5 is the Doyusha kit, also available in Bond form with resin 007 and Oddjob figures. The original Airfix Bond DB5 got turned into a DB6 and then disappeared. best, M.
  13. I’ve got a Turbo Commander flying north-south racetracks at 5000ft between Chesterfield and Wakefield, heading slowly east. N980AE, but no idea what it’s doing… whatever it is though, it was doing it in France last week… best, M.
  14. Oh no. That’s awful news — I’m so sorry to hear that, and my thoughts go out to his family and friends. I had no idea. He helped me, and I think all of us, build better models, his huge enthusiasm was plain to see. RIP Chas. best, M.
  15. This month’s Classic and Sports Car magazine has a set of features on Bond cars, including one about a guy who has replicated both the white Esprit and the brown one with skis in 1:1 scale. It has some info and decent photos of the set up in the film and on the replica. It’s not as simple as it might seem… best, M.
  16. They just need to copy the Revell 1/48 Gemini astronaut figures… best, M.
  17. Personally, I think it needs a 1/35 chap in a felt hat and leather jacket astride a BMW motorbike with a sidecar in which sits a smiling elderly gent in tweeds clutching a briefcase on his lap… best, M.
  18. I think I’d like the new Abarth 124 Spider… it’s has the best engine you can get in an Mazdiat MX-125… best, M.
  19. No picture, sadly, but on the M1 near Rotherham this lunchtime, a beautiful bronze-gold Citroen SM cruising south. I’ve never seen one in the wild before, and was surprised by how small and slim it looked amongst modern traffic… best, M.
  20. I enjoyed them back in the day, but Hyperion and Fall of Hyperion are all the Simmons you really need. I would recommend Guy Gavriel Kay, though: Sailing to Sarantium and Lord of Emperors for the epic, but Lions of al Rassan for the brilliant one-off. Or maybe just all of them. Theodore Braun’s “Wanderer Chronicles” are also very engaging… a “Viking’s Dawn” for the 21st century… best, M.
  21. The Circle is brilliant and terrifying in equal measure. “Surely no one would ever? Oh, they already did…” best, M.
  22. Re The Count of Monte Cristo, if you can find the Gerard Depardieu TV version from around the turn of the century (!) it’s really very good, and a happy compromise between a 2h movie and 53h audiobook… best, M.
  23. It’s a good start… keep it up. One thing that would also help is using different types of paint for the base coat and wash. Citadel (Warhammer) does a great range of water based washes that are safe over enamels and acrylics, which are ideal for popping moulded detail. best, M.
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