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  1. I think you'll find the first "Band of Brothers" was about the men of England in the Agincourt campaign... best, M.
  2. If you’re comfortable with using domestic chemicals safely, then caustic soda will take the chrome off in seconds. But it needs to be used carefully. You can buy crystals in any hardware or cleaning shop (or Wilko). Wear rubber gloves and eye protection. Add the crystals to cold water in a plastic bowl or ice cream tub, not the other way round — it will heat up as they dissolve. When the milkiness clears, put the parts in — I cut the tree into several parts, making sure to leave the parts attached so you can see the numbers. The chrome will dissolve in a minute or two. If you want to strip any varnish underneath, leave it longer. Carefully lift the stripped trees out with stainless steel tweezers and drop into a washing up bowl or sinkfull of cold water. Rinse and put on to paper towels to dry. When you’re done, carefully pour the caustic solution down the plug hole (it’ll clean your drains, which is what it’s meant for) and rinse down with more cold water. If the caustic soda is too intimidating, oven cleaner or cheap bleach will do the same, but rather slower. Either one also needs to be treated with respect and the instructions followed carefully. best, M.
  3. Even more impressive that according to the Mail the A380 managed to "glide" past the Burj Khalifa. Dead sticking a jet that size in to land over a city can't have been any fun... best, M.
  4. I've seen a few people talking about a tool for holding body or chassis parts while you work on them, using a holder designed for clamping PCBs while you solder one side or the other, and flipping them over as you go. I've invested in one and some metal from eBay to get to this: The basic product (https://thepihut.com/products/fully-adjustable-pcb-clamp-holder) is a little bit too short to reliably hold everything you might want to throw at it (max length is 20cm or so). So I bought 50cm of 30mmx15mm steel rectangular tube section off eBay, which should hold pretty much anything in any rational scale. I also invested in some 1/2" x 1/2" x 1/16" aluminium T section, which is glued into the board clamps, and foam attached to the flat surface with double sided tape to provide a firm and flexible grip. I haven't used it in anger yet, but tests with a large 1/25 body and a smaller 1/32 suggest it will do the job... best, M.
  5. This is one that I really wanted to read, considering the subject, but it also served to remind me how very badly written the Workbench blogs are! Best, M.
  6. Having got both the 1/12 Alfa 8C and the Delta Integrale and being very impressed, I'll certainly be very interested in the Bugatti... best, M.
  7. Just water… I think that’s kinda the point with Citadel paints… best, M.
  8. C1 Models MGC GTS transkit arrived this morning, and it looks very nice indeed in the flesh. The instructions are here: https://static1.squarespace.com/static/52e4ff57e4b068a31cc49397/t/61e7eba6aaec125829bed38c/1642589107964/MGC+Instructions.pdf Also picked up a copy of "MGC GTS Lightweights: Abingdon's Last Racers" from Amazon (https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1787114457/) which should tell me all I need to know, and more. Now just to decide which of the options to build the car up as... best, M.
  9. I'm glad to see those kit photos. I saw the title, and for a minute I thought it might be a Pfalz alarm... I'll get my best, M.
  10. I imagine that knowing that if you didn't, you'd be lying there until some Baldrick-alike peasant came along and terminally knifed you through the eye or the groin might have encouraged more than a few knights to get up off their backs no matter HOW heavy the armour was... best, M.
  11. As a kit retailer, maybe, but Airfix's costs include designing, developing, manufacturing, shipping and storing each kit, whereas the retailer buys stock at a price and sells it. A lot of their costs like people, premises and advertising are (more or less) the same no matter how many kits they sell, so they can choose to make less money on each kit and sell more of them, or make more money on each kit and rely on other factors to make you choose them (range, service, locality...) best, M.
  12. I’d endorse everything Pete says above… except the becoming a drayman part. That’s a step too far for me I was v nervous beforehand but the two things I was most nervous about — the op and the scar — turned out to be much less scary than I though. Genuinely missed the whole of the first in apparently the blink of an eye, and the scar never really hurt and healed within a few weeks. I didn’t like coughing for a couple of months. And if they give her a device for getting her breathing deeply again try to get her to use it regularly and often, it really helped me get back to normal. (If you’ve seen The Right Stuff, it’s a plastic version of the test where they’re breathing out for as long as possible…) I started Couch to 5k four months after the op and completed it a few months later… best, M.
  13. Talking of comparing apples to oranges... Airfix don't make kits for us to like or dislike, they make kits to make money. I assume Eduard's business model makes sense for them, based where they are, selling how they do (I think probably the only model kit company that hasn't had to care much about their business model is Wingnut, and look where that got them in the long run...), but what works for Eduard doesn't necessarily work for Airfix. Airfix has a completely different cost base and distribution model. However much we may deride the "bean counters", beans are why the business (and the kits, like them or not) exists, and no beans or insuffucient beans = no business. Collectively, we know more than Airfix about Mosquitos or Sabres, but Airfix know more than almost all of us about running a model kit business, and vastly more than any of us about running THEIR model kit business... best, M.
  14. My sympathies -- I hope all goes well. I had to have the dental sign off before my heart valve replacement. They need to check that there's no infection in the mouth or blood before the procedure to make sure the whole process is sterile... best, M.
  15. I’m slightly surprised given that it’s 2022 not to see a rerelease of the 1/350 Illustrious with markings for a sister ship or two, a Black Buck Vulcan and Victor K2, and a Harrier vs Skyhawk “Dogfight Double”… though the marketeer in me is saying it might be risky in a global market… best, M.
  16. I’m disappointed that there are no more 1/32 cars: I would rather like a Bond Bug… best, M.
  17. Does anyone know for sure if they are Academy moulds or new tools? best, M.
  18. Well I imagine it invalidates the priced-in 7 year service plan and warranty… best, M.
  19. I imagine the “ker-chings” as all those pre-orders went in this afternoon will dull their pain somewhat.., best, M.
  20. Price doesn’t seem too bad compared to the old one + the aftermarket you’d need to bring it up to the same standard… £20 for Neomega cockpit, another £15 for wheel wells, and £10 for Eduard exterior brass best, M.
  21. Huayra and Chiron, too. I’m surprised, but maybe 1/43 car kits outsell 1/32 by an order of magnitude. The margins are probably good at £14 a pop… best, M.
  22. Just twigged... I've been wondering where my latest Airfix Model World is: it normally shows up around the 4th/5th of the month, so I would have expected it late last week, but no sign. I wonder if they've held this issue for a few days so it can land with a full range announcement (or at the very least, a new tool 1/24 Spit IX "exclusive preview..."). Anyone already got it to refute that theory? best, M.
  23. That seems to defeat the point of a blanket, but each to their own... best, M.
  24. Could someone better informed than me tell me if the Marine dress uniform is a unique pattern, or could this figure form an easy basis for figures from other units/arms, even if it’s a bit more than a “paint conversion”? Best, M.
  25. Only if you want to sanitise your hands with blue or green tattoo ink, I venture to suggest… best, M.
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