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  1. Some really stunning builds having just looked through the gallery - such variety with this truly historic aircraft....was probably the most important jet tghrough the cold war era and in some cases, beyond... Thanks to the admin and support along the way.....until the next Toom STGB!!
  2. Bit of a rush, but all done... The line down the nose is some sort of optical illusion/light issue...its now dark so can't get any extra pics taken.... Have improved a bit I feel after coming back to the hobby in 2014 after a break whilst I spent 26 years serving Her Majesty's finest, the Parachute Regiment...!!! Thanks for all the help along the way.....
  3. Final stages with 36hrs to go!! Putting a semi gloss finish on as it did not look like the airframes were totally dull mat.... Put the primer on the SUU-21s, so really its now about getting them done, a bit of weathering and then final assembly... Hopefully done in time!
  4. Kit: 1/72 Fujumi Royal Collection British Phantom FG1 25th Anniversary Subject: British Phantom FG1 XT597 of A&AEE Boscombe Down carrying the 25th Anniversary Livery seen at the IAT at RAF Greenham Common in 1983 Details: Modelled as per reference pics from interweb - nice and clean for the IAT Misc: Spare pilot. Mr Paint paints, Mr Color paints, Vallejo paints, Floreys Dark Dirt Wash Build Thread:
  5. All done, Will put some pics on the gallery. Thanks for all the help and support...decals were quite brittle, even when I had given them 2 x cotes of clear...unusual for Xtradecals..
  6. Getting close… had a few dramas with the decals cracking even after I sealed them in with gloss … used Mark Setter to gently ‘glue’ them back as gently as possible … Decided that I’m going v minimal with weathering given it was especially prepared for the Tattoo and looks very clean in all the ref pics … I’ve used semi gloss as it does not look really shiny so all going well last assembling ready for the gallery !
  7. Bit more done with the decals /stencils, gloss cote to seal in, then onto weathering. with raised panel lines I’ve decided to use Florey wash only and to remove it but leaving some in heavier weathered areas… Getting the SUU-21s done, will need a bit of filler, primer and white paint.
  8. Getting some bits done, aluminium leading edges on wings/tail planes … anyone know if the just follow the panel line - upper and lower (lower is quite deep)? ive prepped the white are in the leading edge of the tail units - again anyone know if they follow the panels of expand ? the panel on the model seems on width, whereas on the ref pics it seems to widen at the lower part ? Any advice ?? should i just swag it with tape of paint and mask off the lines ? Ive found 1 ref pic with what looks like replacement rudders, 1 a grey (what FS would that be FS36375 like the usual TPS schemes?), the other seems black ? I always like a bit of variation with nuances like this, I guess the black rudder could have come from an airframe that had unit markings that included a black tail? F14, 160913 / 13 (cn 342) Aggressor from NSAWC. San Diego - North Island NAS / Halsey Field , April 28, 2001 Matt Baker
  9. Still finishing of my 2 F-4 Phantoms so delayed starting this GB… Got the box out she started by priming some bits, painting the cockpit areas, started on the pilots as well as the wings etc - items like the wings, tails, tail planes etc will likely be fixed at the end of the build, so I can get them prepped and pre-painted etc… had to paint the helmets different to standard May have one of the flight suits desert Tan as well for a bit of variation … just need to put a touch of Gull Gray back around some of the console areas ECM lumps removed and intake area primed … It’s a start !
  10. Getting there - just waiting on some stencils for port side below canopy....will not add the others as they do not seem to be present... Need to paint the yellow patch on nose wheel door for the serial number
  11. Decals started On the photo refs there’s little sign of all the stencils during this time period - some of the earlier LN pics do show them …. Any thoughts ? Should I go ahead and put them on?
  12. A bit picture heavy with this post as I have got on with the paint job.... First up I got the strange green 'tan' mixed up using MRP Sky and the actual FS34201 in a 4:1 ratio.... only image I could find of '721' Stbd side (in LN markings anyway!) This colour seems ok? using this 1/72 build to help a bit with the cam pattern as the Extradecals looks to be incorrect in some areas... Cheap decorating masking tape and blu tac worms... FS34102 on, again MRP: This chart shows the colour difference of the greens - but MRP seems so close its quite hard to discern... paint Mule FS34079 top of wing, FS34102 lower... more tape and worms!! And darker Green FS34079 on.... Masking off Nose and fin cap unmasked...looks ok? FS30219 Tan in the areas where the LN tailcodes were painted around - hopefully they will fit! Will try to get some gloss X22/MLT on tomorrow - half term leave and all that...managed to get some stencils for the period so hopefully decals soon. That said the ref pics show the LN airframe being depicted to not have many of the normal stencils?
  13. Some more work done basic pre marble - most airframes look fairly clean got the normal tan brown on the tail soon be able to star on the cam
  14. Started on the paint …. a bit of a marble coat with some various colours before putting on the SEA Camo grey Hopefully ok once the gloss goes on it always tones down …. before the main camo colours I need to get the glass on, cockpit sorted etc
  15. Bit more Oxford blue to go on then hopefully ready to start decals - keep meaning to sort the glass out and get the crew in etc …
  16. Yes watched the bits on FB via a couple of groups - hopefully look great when done....hope they mask the same way I have to for the paint job!!!
  17. defo a modular approach to the build/paint job … got the red on first before masking and sorting the nose then the intakes in that order… A masking tape ‘queen’! had to get the blue onto the fuselage behind the splitters etc … Radome and intakes on bit more work to get the radome and anti glare area painted, then sort the white out over the intakes etc ….then I need to plan the blue/white demarcation so as much if the red stripe decals go over the blue and cover the join!
  18. Pushing along wings and intakes yellow over white 494rd TFS fin top Primed with black MRP managed to find a Stbd side profile of a Lakenheath F-4D with the green ‘tan’. And some others ready to start the main paint job
  19. Moving on... Getting close to paint - as with all Tooms, need to paint behind the splitter plates/intakes before gluing them in...I will likely do the red tail/wing areas first, mask up, then then metal at the back, before I stick the nose and intakes on....
  20. Bit more done. Problem with raised panel lines is when trying to sort seams etc it ruins them... Got my SUU-21 Dispensers through, the kind people at videoaviaton.com through in a freebie SUU-20 dispenser Next up - painting - Metal areas at the back, fin cap to be painted yellow, nose cone NATO black. Polish the old canopies and mask up. Need to get the paint behind the splitter plates/intakes before they go on as well...
  21. Thanks v much @Giorgio N - thats really helpful....looking at the gun pack I can either fill in the gas vents or just leave it - its unlikely I can make the NACA intakes!! So it may be I just live with it... @Giorgio N I take it the beaver tail is the area below at the back between the fins? Can I please ask which lump needs removing? The small one on the right or the longer one on the left? Good point about the sand - some documentation says they did move to the FS30279 by the time this scheme was introduced...I also plan to get the FS33531 mentioned on the Hi Decal instructions so I can at least try it - I do also have the UK Desert Pink....any advice/experience appreciated - I do prefer Mr Color or Mr paint if anyone has any views/knowledge! There are mentions or the Phoenix trays being on the aircraft and fuel tanks, I have seen pics with the tanks and various training CAT AIM 9 rounds/ACMI rounds etc....I will likely put the trays on or have to fill in a few holes!
  22. Although busy with 2 x Phantoms, I will pop this in here as a sideline.... I am no Tomcat expert but I think the kit is fine with the decals - lots of different views on there on the light tan colour used and changes, any advice/expertise gratefully received!!
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