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  1. Hi Gareth, I used to maintain Red Top and Firestreak missiles between 1977 and 1984 at RAF Wattisham and RAF Leuchars, and yes, live Red Tops would have been loaded to QRA aircraft. During that time Red Tops had Dark Green wings and fins, and the rear section of the body (from the fin hubs rearwards) was also dark green. The body tube was a sort of anodized metallic grey colour (dark aluminium?). The four body clamp rings holding the five body sections (Seeker Head, Guidance, Warhead, Rocket Motor, and Control Sections) together were a gold anodized finished (Zinc passivized?). There was an aluminium closure disc in the rocket motor exhaust. In the second of the two photos above you can make out the long fairing which covered wiring loom connecting the guidance section (front) to the control section (rear). At the front and rear end of this fairing you can just make out the twin dashed lines which were painted around the body of the Red Top. These marked where clamp rings where attached to the missile, for loading and downloading. Also, in the photos above (both carrying live missiles) you can make out the 3" Golden Yellow band (signifying High Explosive) painted around the front of the warhead (behind the front clamp mount markings), and a 3" Mid Brown band (signifying low explosives) painted around the front of rocket motor, just ahead of the wing fairings. The black square you can see just ahead of the fairing is a proximity fuze window. If I remember rightly, there were three of these evenly spaced around the body of the missile. Hope this helps, Mark R
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