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  1. That's a nice looking crew I'll be following along on this one if you don't mind. The Maryland is one of my favorite aircraft of all time and I've been eyeing kits online. The Azur kit is going for big $$$ and I might have to follow your example with the Eastern Express.
  2. Thank you! It's hard to see with my poor photography and the overall gray resin, but my cheap printer managed to create some very fine detail. Once painted and pin-washed, I think they will fill up the flight deck quite nicely.
  3. This week's update is brought to you by sanding, frustration, sanding and more sanding I had promised myself I would leave the Neptune main gear wells alone because it seemed like way too much work devoted to an area that no one besides me would ever look at. After a few more evenings of scribing panel lines and fixing mistakes, I broke my own promise, thinking, "How hard could it be? Moggy made it look quite simple." Spoiler alert: It ain't easy, especially without a rotary tool (I'm stuck using my cheap pin vise for now). Making the cuts was a straightforward affair, but now comes the
  4. Thanks for pointing that out! That's an easy fix. I've found so many pictures of cockpits for Neptunes, but unsurprisingly, none of the actual Argentine Navy examples.
  5. Hi Mike, I hope these links might be helpful. https://www.histarmar.com.ar/BuquesMercantes/Marina Mercante Argentina/Transportes/BahiaParaiso.htm http://www.histarmar.org/Antartida/BuquesAntarticos/BahiaParaiso-.htm http://www.histarmar.org/Armada Argentina/Buques1900a1970/BPolares/BPBParaiso.htm There is also a facebook page dedicated to the ship, with several good photos of the ship. https://www.facebook.com/pg/buquehospital.bahiaparaiso/photos/?ref=page_internal
  6. I'd like to start my first WIP to share my progress with all of you here on this project, inspired by Moggy and hgbn's threads on their builds of this classic plane. Slowly but surely, I've been building up my collection of the types that fought in 1982, and I knew at some point, the Hasegawa Neptune in 72nd was a must. My intention is to model the famous "2-P-112" aircraft in the following scheme, and try to replicate the war-weary finish of these birds that flew sorties until they gave up the ghost: Last week I started re-scribing and riveting the entire model, to vary
  7. You've really done the movie justice with these two builds. Two thumbs way up from me
  8. Moggy, I've been following your great work in this thread and using yourimprovements as a template for my own Neptune kit, and i have to say, you're a wizard with styrene.
  9. This has happened to me more times than I like to admit. Nothing worse than having to drill a hole in a model after it is painted, varnished and decaled. Very nerve-wracking!
  10. You read my mind Navy Bird! Although I've been eyeing the 507 as my next scratch build project... This looks like a gorgeous kit and I can't wait to get my hands on it
  11. Thanks! I think the greyish blue is perfect! This will be a great help in the future
  12. Wow , this is a very hard scheme to get right from the available pictures of the real A/C, and I think you did an outstanding job! Could you share what colors you used? I hope to be able to build a FAA Sabre in this same scheme sometime.
  13. Another Fuad work of art! I'm sure you had a lot of fun masking all that small glazing.
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