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  1. Great job, it really looks great with the blade fold, is it a kit feature or a modification?
  2. Those graceful lines and that beautiful color go so well together. I really enjoy your builds Moa
  3. If it wasn't for the hand holding the fuselage, I'd believe this was in 1/32 scale!
  4. Great build and thread! The speed tape scribing method is very helpful for me since I've always had a difficult time getting decent scribing results, and your results are outstanding.
  5. It looks great to me, especially in that eye-catching lizard scheme. Love the mix of brutish and elegant lines in the Kfir.
  6. Beautiful build of one my all time favorite fighters! The Mirage III/5 family is one of the few that looks just as good bombed up as it does in clean configuration.
  7. What can I say that others haven't already said? Incredible paint job and a beautiful model of one of the most interesting variants. Doesn't hurt that the Mirage is the sexiest fighter ever built
  8. Great job! I especially like how you made a very eye-catching camouflage out of something that can be very boring (plain grey).
  9. Unbelievable finish! It's hard to believe that's 72nd scale. And what a gorgeous color scheme as well
  10. Yes, it does look remarkably like a 1970s Gripen. the V/STOL version would have two lift jets behind the cockpit and the main engine nozzle would hinge down, like on the F-35 and Yak-141.
  11. Argentinos por el mundo Thank you for the kind words guys.
  12. Hi guys, this is my latest project and also my first attempt at scratch building an entire model. It is a 1/72 what-if of Convair's Model 200 V/STOL proposal from the 1970s for a Sea Control Fighter in fictional VF-151 markings. It was difficult finding plans that matched; it seems Convair kept modifying their proposal throughout the years. Built from plastic card, loads of Milliput, and a smash-moulded canopy and main landing gear doors. The exhaust comes from a Crayola marker tip. Construction was based on the profiles and framing method I saw on the excellent French Maquette72 website, with a lot of sanding, cursing and more sanding. Everything is scratch built except for the instrument panel (Oyumaru/Milliput cast of a Mirage F1 panel), the wheels, ordnance (Hasegawa) and the ESCAPAC seat from an Airfix A-4B. Decals are from the spares box and Print Scale and I added some left over PE belts to the seat. A word of warning with regard to Print Scale decals: They are VERY fragile and prone to folding, but they are exceptionally thin and look great once applied. Painted with Tamiya and Vallejo acrylics. If you've never tried scratch building before, give it a shot! It is a great learning experience that forced me to learn all sorts of cool techniques. I love these unbuilt projects and I hope to try building more of them. Forgive the poor IPhone pictures, I'm hoping to borrow a real camera and learn some better photography soon. Cheers! Some WIP shots:
  13. EDCS87

    Hi everyone!

    Hi everyone! I'm a long-time BM reader and really enjoy the posts and community here. I began modelling as a kid, slapping together Heller and Monogram kits with whatever glue was available and slathering them with paint from those tiny Testors enamel bottles. I continued building on and off until high school, when sports and girls seemed more important (where have i heard that before? ) but now I'm in my early thirties and have gotten back to enjoying this great hobby after being inspired by seeing all the great work done by posters here and other sites! - David
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