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  1. Wow, this is a great end result for this kit! I built this one a few years back and had the same issue with the wing to fuselage joint. Yours looks much, much nicer! Top job
  2. Thank you very much for sharing your setup, Jeroen! It's so simple but so effective really. I had a look at your builds and your photography is very good. I will give it a shot
  3. As the end of the year approaches, I'd like to wish all of you here on BM a wonderful New Year full of health and joy, doubly so considering the state of our world this past year. I know I was blessed and lucky to be able to have a productive year at the work bench, or should I say "home office." I am saving up to purchase a lightbox and a decent camera, so i'll apologize in advance for the poor photography. All of my kits are painted with Tamiya or Vallejo acrylics, and finished with Prismacolor pencils, Tamiya pastels and enamel washes, and cheap artists oils. Without further ado, I present
  4. I can't wait to see how this build unfolds!
  5. Stunning paintjob on this! That big gap on the fuselage underside is no joke. You did a wonderful job getting a clean finish all around.
  6. I would be very proud to have a model built to this standard in my cabinet! Excellent work all around on a fascinating subject!
  7. Yes, a 50/50 Model Air mix of Chrome Silver and Gunmetal. I am now trying to figure out how to replicate the exhaust stains in this area. I may try out pastels and oils to avoid having to mask half the darn thing all over again. The fit of the wings on my kit was so good that I really regret having glued them on so early!
  8. Thanks for the comments and interest! The Neptune is fresh out of the paint booth. The engine exhausts were painted with a 50/50 mix of chrome and gunmetal, and all of the light gray underside areas were repainted with USAF Light Gray. None of the the decal sets I have for this aircraft features the black walkways on the wings, fuselage and horizontal stabilizers, so I had to mask the lines out the old fashioned way. BTW, the surviving Neptune in the Argentine naval aviation museum does not have the lines painted on, but they are visible on the in-service photographs. The lines were shot with
  9. The mojo has been slowly ebbing away from my build, but I'm hanging in there... The nifty foot cage in the observer's compartment was a bit too big, and the thought of ordering more rod and waiting it to arrive, and then building another from scratch was really unappealing. So I cut down the original until it fit. It's inaccurate but then again, when my girlfriend takes her once a year look into the model display case, she wont notice the mistake on that funny looking green and blue "B-52" with propellers on it Earlier in the week I made the first big mistake: I
  10. Thank you, Martin. I have followed some of your builds and I believe you're selling yourself short mate! You guys don't see all the boneheaded mistakes I make....
  11. Thanks! You're exactly right. As soon as I saw it I knew I'd be in for a treat. I've worked with similar canopies and the past and always had problems with weak joints. Luckily the Neptune has a big overhead console with throttles, so I fashioned one from thick Evergeen to it and after adding it to the underside of the canopy, the joint is now rock solid.
  12. After sealing up the fuselage and puttying the seams (mostly minor), it was time to finish the cockpit. The area was sprayed Vallejo Light Grey and all the delicate pieces slowly added. My new instrument panel was slightly bigger than the kit part, so I had to correct the bump behind the dash with styrene and putty. Once this was sanded smooth, I added some further detail to this area with thin strips of Tamiya tape fixed with super glue and some small plastic bits. I sanded down and puttied the small gap between the bulkhead and the roof, but it was a waste of time, seeing as how the canopy c
  13. There's nothing quite like the feeling of peeling off the masking tape and seeing that perfect painted curve emerge... kudos on this wonderful project Moa
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