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  1. The Claude is an elegant looking airframe. Nicely modelled.
  2. Very nice work on this pair. Particularly like the restrained weathering and grey-toned camouflage.
  3. I find your models skillful and... provocative! This Hurricane certainly has me thinking about its composite construction and makes for a striking presentation.
  4. Simply magnificent! Sometimes a model is presented on this forum that I find truly exciting and inspiring. Such is the case here with this fabulous model of an unusual and intriguing aeroplane. The wicker seats are little masterpieces. Really like the wing jig. Best model I've seen on the internet for a while, demonstrating a high level of craftsmanship, so hereby awarded is the Golden Kookaburra Stamp.
  5. Good work. Do like Soviet designs of this era. Paint job on the Syrian example looks very nice.
  6. Very nice work. Great livery. Love the ten tails lineup.
  7. Nice job and that brush work is very effective. Particularly like the folded/unfolded presentation and the faded, chalky finish.
  8. Very nice work. It's exciting to see examples of these more unusual types being modelled and presented on this forum. Sova-M is another small kit manufacturer trading out of Ukraine. Seems to me the Ukrainians punch well above their weight in producing kits of interesting aircraft types, at least interesting to me that is. I have a Sova-M DH.60 Gipsy Moth seaplane waiting in the cupboard, where no fewer than 7 Ukranian kit manufacturers totalling 10 kits represented in a collection of 38 aircraft and afvs (26%). Hope everyone over there is as well as can be expected under the circumstances. Thoughts your way.
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