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  1. @Terry1954 thanks Terry - the paint was Mr.Hobby orange C59.
  2. @72modeler thanks - now I'm not so sure And maybe I did it quite correct
  3. Yes, decals are obviously the superb Caracal sheets
  4. Two things: 1. The red line on fuselage should be, where the pink line is. But the the "U.S. AIR FORCE" decal would be then too far in front. 2. Left landing gear and the right bay door is the place, I screwed up Anyway - in general I like this vintage Old Shaky Thank You fellows for all kind comments
  5. My latest finished build. Roden's Globemaster II "Old Shaky". To be honest - it was my first 'short run', and I'm not very satisfied with end result. But I'm glad it is finished and now have time for something new I added to less weight in nose section, and model is tending to be "tail sitter", so I had to add the tail support, which I have seen on real photos, so it is not pure sci-fi Now I've got two Globemaster's in collection: C-124 and C-17. Please feel free to provide constructive criticism
  6. This is the section, where I need to disagree. I made lately Revell's 747-8F and fans were terrible. I had to take fans from Zvezda kit.
  7. Maybe I expressed my answer too much Zvezda has much better engines, You can choose different variants of final model. Panel lines are, in my opinion, correct to scale. Landing gears are better in Zvezda too. And lastly, You can show interior details. Cheers Piotr
  8. Never! I made both, and Trumpeter is far, far away behind Zvezda.
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