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  1. It’s really pleasure watching this topic
  2. Very nice build Personally I don’t recommend both paints, instead I suggest Tamiya LP-37 and Mr.Color C8 which I find much smoother for 1/144.
  3. A great model, presentation on the stand also improves its reception.
  4. Thanks again. Currently I'm working on mini fighters like F-16, F-22, F-117. I also tried to make Dreamliner in Polish occasional painting of LOT (100 years of Independence), but decals from 8adecs did not work with me Cheers Piotr
  5. That's right - inside is the A320. Thank you all for nice comments - it always helps to move forward
  6. Inspired by this topic I bulit my own Beluga too. Here it is:
  7. I registered on the forum a year ago, but only today I managed to log in Thank you very much that my model pleases you. Maybe I can put some photos in the appropriate section. Best wishes
  8. Hello, dear Colleagues on the forum I registered some time ago, but only now I managed to log in. I mainly build 1/144 scale models, although I also did something in 1/48. Thank you for accepting me, I hope I will have the opportunity to be active here. Will it be okay if at the beginning I put a few topics at once in the RFI department, bypassing WIP? P.S. Sorry for my difficult to pronounce nickname
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