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  1. Devo

    Primer Advice

    Hi mate, I have never used a primer on my builds. I just paint them straight up the appropriate colours with a paint brush. I personally have never had a problem doing this. Maybe a gray primer for the green colours and a white primer for the yellow's?
  2. Nice one! I made PS-K back in 2012. pics of it exist here on BM. Regards, Devo
  3. Thanks Giorgio, I think I will load it out for an A\G sortie. I do have a picture of a Hawk 127 airborne with this load... 30mm gun pack, 2 x Mk-82's( blue dummies though) and 2x fuel tanks. I also have a picture of two Hawk 127's loaded with 2 x fuel tanks, 2 x live Mk-82 and CATM Sidewinders on the wingtips.
  4. G'day All, I'm building the 1/48 Aifix Hawk 100 kit as a RAAF Hawk 127, 76 Squadron at Willytown. I'm going to load it up with the centreline gun, 2 x fuel tanks and 2 x Mk-82 bombs....if it can carry sidewinders loaded up thus....I'll whack those on as well. So......I have a question for those that know loadouts for the RAAF Hawk 127. Could the aircraft be configured with stuff hanging off all the stations and still get airborne??? (e.g. 2 x wingtip sidewinders, 2 x inboard fuel tanks, 1 x centreline 30mm gun pack and 2 x outboard Mk-82 type bombs.) I have seen pictures of RAAF Hawks loaded with 1 x centreline 30mm gun pod, 2 x fuel tanks inboard pylons and 2 x Mk-82 type bombs outboard pylons, no sidewinders...........also another one loaded no gun pack, 2 x wingtip sidewinders, 2 x fuel tanks inboard pylons and 2 x Mk-82 type bombs outboard pylons...….but haven't seen one with the lot hanging off it. VMT, Devo
  5. Nicely done.....and yep that's a spidersweb of rigging!
  6. Thanks! Some of RAAF Macchi's had nice looking schemes on them.
  7. Thanks! I couldn't believe how good the kit is for its age. Absolutely no filler used, it fits together fantastic, no trenches for panel lines. The white plastic was a bit weird, only because I have never built an aircraft model with white plastic sprues before. I have an orange version, which I will do as an RAAF aircraft...….just need to get the bigger tip tanks.
  8. G'day All, This is the old ESCI Kit #4077 of the Macchi. Its OOB with the exception of the crew figures(Hasegawa) and the Decals(Hawkeye Models Australia) and big tip tanks from OzMods. Brush painted with Humbrol enamels. I thought it would be an easy scheme to do......I was wrong. It represents an R.A.N. Macchi with 724 Sqn, HMAS Albatross, back in the day. I know the pic's are rubbish but I'm sure you will get the gist of it. Cheers, Devo
  9. I can't see your pictures....? Can see them now. Nice Canberra, gotta do one myself one day. My neighbour worked on these back in his RAF days as an instrument fitter.
  10. Nice one goodonya! P.S. There may be typo in your heading title...…….it was A-4G for the RAN
  11. That 1/350 O boat would be nice, I would have to get one of those....went to sea in HMAS Qxley back in the day......regrettably I never qualified for my Dolphins.....I got made PMU subs due to my skin having a nasty reaction the lovely environment that was an O boat at sea...…...so a skimmers life it was for me. A 1/48 Wasp would be the go as well.
  13. Listening all over the place lately...…….The Angels, Midnight Oil, Peep Temple, Reverend Horton Heat, Ramstein, Chuck Berry, Howlin Wolf, The Grates, Ambassador, The Doors, Sex Pistols, Pink Floyd, Quarry Mountain Dead Rats, The Rolling Stones, Muddy Waters, Staus Quo, Led Zep. Deep Purple, AC/DC (Bon Scott era), The Clash, the odd bit of Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, Grateful Dead, Devo, CCR...……… and so it goes...……..whatever really!
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