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  1. Nice looking FAA Corsair. How did you go about making the fuselage/underside scoops? (My own build of a Corsair IV has been stalled for years because I have procrastinated over how to make them!)
  2. Nice job on that one. You don't see too many built for some reason. I finished mine in 2017(having started it in 2012!) I did 413154 "Birth Control", using Zotz decals. Pics are on BM somewhere.
  3. Excellent build. You cant beat a sharkmouth scheme!
  4. Devo

    What's it all FOUR?

    still with no satisfaction
  5. ........darn computer monitor showing me different colours.....
  6. Nice job Russ. That actual aircraft is owned by the Temora Aviation Museum in Australia. The kit markings are based on this aircraft, which represents a Skymaster flown by Flying Officer Dave Robson(callsign Jade 07) who was a R.A.A.F. FAC attached to the USAF during the Vietnam War. He flew over 240 missions in the 0-2A. P.S. I think the ends of the tails are painted dark green...not black. Cheers, Devo
  7. Thanks Dave. I manage to fluke one every now and then! Thanks.
  8. G'day and thanks. I used thinned Tamiya XF-12 J.N. Grey on Enterprise applied with a paintbrush and then a rattle can clear matt coat after decals went on.
  9. G'day All, Some more Trek. This is the Space Seed release from Polar Lights. Good, fun kits.
  10. Very nice! I tried building that kit a couple of months ago but chucked it in the bin as I couldn't find a good way to attach the nacelle pylons......I have a 1/1000 TOS Enterprise on the bench now.
  11. G'day All, Never built any scifi in 40+ years of gluing plastic together but I got these on a whim to see what the go is. All built OOB brush painted with Humbrol and Tamiya enamel paint. I was especially impressed with the decals. I have to say that my interest has been tweaked with these kits and I will definitely be getting into scifi kits a bit more. Cheers, Devo The Battle of the Lounge Room Light!
  12. Cool man. I prolly need one of these! I just finished a 1/1000 ISS Enterprise..... got a Klingon BOP and USS Grissom under construction now. Cheers.
  13. Nice job. I have one that I sporadically take out and do a bit on and then put it away for awhile.
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