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  1. G'day All, Never built any scifi in 40+ years of gluing plastic together but I got these on a whim to see what the go is. All built OOB brush painted with Humbrol and Tamiya enamel paint. I was especially impressed with the decals. I have to say that my interest has been tweaked with these kits and I will definitely be getting into scifi kits a bit more. Cheers, Devo The Battle of the Lounge Room Light!
  2. Cool man. I prolly need one of these! I just finished a 1/1000 ISS Enterprise..... got a Klingon BOP and USS Grissom under construction now. Cheers.
  3. Nice job. I have one that I sporadically take out and do a bit on and then put it away for awhile.
  4. Top job! I served in three of the Royal Australian Navy FFG's...…..which have all been decommissioned now though.
  5. G'day All, Well this my first ever 'whif' build and another model built from the stash. It's the 1/48 Hasegawa kit SP101. All brush painted using Humbrol and Tamiya enamel paints. MICA's are from the spares box. Blacked out the canopy because its going to be hanging from the ceiling and I couldn't be bothered doing the cockpit. It was meant to be a 75th anniversary scheme for 2 Sqn Belgian Airforce....but when decaling time came around..... hey, after having this kit living in the stash since 1993, the decals were unusable....who da thunk? So my 1st I.A. was to throw out said blue painted F-16 as I was never going to strip it back and do it in another scheme. Anyway the better half convinced me not to throw it out, so I rummaged around the decal stash and decided to do it as the little known or seen Dassault F-16A Sea Viper. Cheers, Devo
  6. Honestly, I don't know how many times on Tower freq I heard "PAN PAN PAN this is Checkmate xxx...…... ...poor old 805 Sqn.
  7. Looking forward to the end result. Looks good so far. Its bound to turn out better than the Royal Australian Navy version, which I have a base kit for....
  8. Ale, From memory it built up well. I think it was a bit tricky with the intakes and gun trough areas, nothing major though. Careful dry fitting and go slow will help.
  9. Cool jet. Enjoy. I built this one a few years ago.
  10. I'm not opposed to using an airbrush either. I'm just happy using the 'Ye olde paintbrush. Ease of use and cheap for me. I must say that I am amazed by some of the finish's that guys achieve using an airbrush, especially those NMF ones.
  11. Yes mate, I still brush paint all my models after 40 odd years of sticking plastic bits together. I will use a rattle can for clear coats these days though....gotta be a bit modern. I shall never submit to the airbrush!!
  12. Devo

    Primer Advice

    Hi mate, I have never used a primer on my builds. I just paint them straight up the appropriate colours with a paint brush. I personally have never had a problem doing this. Maybe a gray primer for the green colours and a white primer for the yellow's?
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