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  1. With respect, your own words ------------------------------ Battered and worn Model T ford Diorama Possibly rename it as a "A dusty T model Ford", would be far more appropriate. Psst, better stop digging, the hole you got is deep enough now, might be even better if you just hand the shovel over, eh ?
  2. Sorry, I have to disagree with that comment. Your own description of your model states ---------------------- Battered and worn Model T ford Diorama So what's the definition of the word ---- "battered" So where's the "battered " bits, everything is still looking brand new, no dents or rust, only it's got a bit dusty. Sorry, ------- your description
  3. After building that very same model, I have to ask this, ------------- what is and where are the worn out bits ? OK, you have dusted it up a tad, BUT, it's still exactly the same as it came out of the box, with all the bit's looking virtually brand new. Something with the description of "worn out" should at the bare minimum, have at least a flat tyre, or broken windscreen, possibly even some torn upholstery, maybe the radiator has a hole or two ---- Sorry for being critical, but to me it sure does LACK the worn out look, it's a brand new car that just got a bit du
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