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  1. The kit decals are old and unusable so I've had to find an alternative I've decided to go with Thai Airways markings on this one Back to the bench to finish the engines
  2. After test fitting the Wings I installed the cockpit window in readiness for priming. I'm using AIclad's primer and micro filler for this step. I find it works well for me when I still have small/tiny gaps here and there. Once the primer is dry I gentle rub over the surface with paper to remove the fine grit, finishing off with a smooth surface. Once the base colour was added I found a few more little gaps around the cockpit and tail. Again I used the Acrylic putty and cleaned off the excess with a wet finger.
  3. Hi all. Continuing on with my current airliner builds, I've started on an old Airfix A300 Airbus. The kit is extremely old but should finish up looking Ok after some paint and decals. First up I'm going to fill in the windows. For this I glue some plastic card on the inside and once dry fill the windows with Acrylic filler ( just converted to this) which is much easier to work with and clean up for me. Once both sides were done I glue the fuselage together.
  4. Finally calling this one done. Even though its an old kit, still a lot of fun. Builds quick and was fun to paint up. Pretty pleased with how she turned out. Hope you all like it. Thanks for looking. Jurgen
  5. A big thankyou to lan for pointing out that I messed up the flaptrack fairings. A huge DOH moment So as carefully as I could I removed them and installed them facing the right way. Thanks again lan
  6. Engines finished and painted up. Finished up the landing gear doors and completed the decals. She's done
  7. Yeah, that levelling thinner is great! Metal colours are Alclad sprayed over black and white in spots to vary the shades.
  8. Thanks Adam. No not yet. Still need to do the engines and work out a few more details.
  9. Thanks guys. I'm using Mr Hobby White (H1) thinned with leveling thinner. I've just switched to Mr Hobby from Tamiya and love the stuff! LOL. You have no idea how many times that song has popped into my head while doing this build. I managed to fix the blemishes by lightly overspraying the effected sections. I found that when reapplying the white it was brighter than the rest of the paintwork so I feathered the sections to blend them in. I've also painted up and decalled the wings and added the aluminium strip to the intake.
  10. I was originally planning to build and finnish this one nice and quick and post into RFI. Unfortunately I ran into a couple issues with decal placement ( all my fault ) and reaction from the decal solution on the paintwork so I thought I'd share my challenges The kit itself is a very quick and good build. After sanding off the raised details, the fuselage was joined and filler was worked into the seams and windows to get a nice smoothe finish. This was then covered with gloss white with dull aluminium added to the lower half. I then added window decals and started th
  11. Well here it is. My first complete Airliner kit. The kit itself is a quick build and with a little filler and heaps of sanding it turns out ok. Kit decals were stickers and were a let down so I printed my own on my inkjet printer. Decals are a little thick but I'm still happy with the overall result. Thanks for looking. Jurgen
  12. And she's done! Added the grey on the bottom portion of the aircraft, finished and attached the engines and lights. 1/288 scale is very close to a 1/72 jet for those wondering.
  13. Overall, pretty happy with how they've turned out considering the lack of options available.
  14. Calling the decals done. I think I'll need quite a few coats of Future to blend them in. Overall, pretty happy with how they've turned out considering the lack of options available.
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