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  1. I've just finished this kit up recently, just a couple of things to note. 1. I added the top wings after I'd already joined the lower wing to the fuselage, this got a nice joint at the wing root for me, with no filler. 2. Thin the trailing edge of the wing from the inside on both the top and bottom wing halves before joining them, just improves the look of trailing edge. 3. Add a load of nose weight! I didn't put enough in mine initially, then had two add a smidge more in the front wheel well once it was already finished. 4. If you've got double of the same kit it might be worth doubling up on the decals, aka having two layers of the same decal as they are very thin. I can very clearly see the changing camo colours below mine. A double layer would help that I'm sure Mark
  2. Thanks for the info guys. I'd done some reading but was getting very confused!! There's a lot going on on those early spitfires
  3. Hi Guys I'm looking to build the Tamiya spitfire as K9906 I was looking at this picture, and a few things have got to me. So i have some questions. 1. Were the original roundels on the wing and fuselage over painted? I can clearly see repainting on all the aircraft around the fuselage roundel, does this mean the ones on the wings would show similar darkening/ lightening of the paint in these areas? 2. The second aircraft in the formation appears to have under-wing roundels or is this an optical illusion of some type. Would K9906 be likely to have these? 3. Near the gun ports you can see some light areas. Would these be tape coverings, chipping or chipping caused by pulling off tape coverings? Other things in this picture, The 3 aircraft in the back ground all have darker paint under the cowling, are these painted with the black/white under surfaces? Change of camouflage pattern type too. And the second aircraft seems to have a replacement panel on the front wing fairing. Looking forward to your responses. I'm looking forward to building this plane, it appears to have a fair bit of weathering going on for a pre-war spitfire. Mark
  4. That looks great! Good bit of hard work gone into that Could you add some dust and dirt to the tyres perhaps? They stand out against the diorama being so clean.
  5. 1/144!! I didn't read the caption before admiring the pictures, i was thinking to myself, "nice 1/48 scale build there." Working on these smaller planes and having them come out looking as good as that really is a higher level of modeling fiddlyness. Great work Mark
  6. I'm sure it'll just be the HK kit with added parts for the bouncing bomb. Then there will be a grand slam version as well.
  7. That looks great!! Nice photography too!
  8. I built the limited addition AMK one with the white metal gear and photo etch. It was a very complete package! It's a massive beast and heavy too, i think the standard plastic legs would struggle with the weight of it. The detail is great but the panel lines are pretty heavy. I didn't put a wash in them and they look plenty visible still. The detail looks more crisp on the AMK bird and the engineering is pretty good, only the tails on mine required some work. From what I've seen though both kits look great when built up! The AMK kit looks like a more enjoyable build, i had great fun with it.
  9. Mate!! That looks great! Good photography too. I really like the subtle exhaust staining and grime around the wing root. Mark
  10. Plenty of nice warm water to get them on.Then where they crinkled over compound curves i'd slice down the crinkle ridge and use a sponge and some hot water to smooth it out. Slice around any details you really know the decal wont conform to then add some decal solvent. Touch up with paint as needed. The Cartograph decals in these new academy kits really are great though they snuggle down nicely and fit fantastically! Mark
  11. Nice job building a hard to come by kit! They seem quite rare these days
  12. Nice looking B-17. I'm looking forward to that Ju-87 being finished too!
  13. Thanks for all the kind comments guys
  14. That's an outstanding finish on that SBD! Great work!
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