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  1. Prices on that auction site are very reasonable at the moment < £25 including postage.
  2. Title says it all really. I have searched this forum and every kit seems to have accuracy issues - just hoping that I might have missed something. Thanks. Neil
  3. Hi Troy, What I'm interested in is making accurate, well detailed models - I will go as far as I can within my limited abilities. I might try to make a mould of the Airfix canopy and vac form my own. This because I would like to build the Airfix kit as well. I have PM'ed Jamie so hopefully I can get those nacelles - but I will likely use them on the Airfix kit - just depends how much additional work needs to be done to the Airfix kit. I'm likely going to buy more of the Brengun sets as well. You won't see a WIP until I have finished my ICM Spitfire IX Regards. Neil
  4. I think that I might have this Airfix kit in my stash. Many thanks. Neil
  5. I just bought a Brengun conversion on eBay N.
  6. Hello, I would like to build a Mosquito (probably a PR 34) and I would like to ask for advice on the most appropriate conversion kit - I'm aware of two sets: the Valom Set and the Brengun BRL48124 Set. Hopefully someone here has experience with these sets. Many thanks in advance. Neil
  7. Thanks guys! Regards. Neil
  8. Sauropod

    Spitfire IX Help

    I am building my first Spitfire ICM Mk. IX. I have the Yahu instrument panel, which is very nice, but it comes with a single additional dial and I have no idea what this dial is for. Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance, Neil
  9. Jack, I'm quite interested in producing the artwork - I did the artwork for Inside the Armour's Churchill Tank Decals. Regards. Neil
  10. I pre-ordered mine from Airfix and they arrived yesterday. N.
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