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Aoshima McLaren f1 gtr long tail

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I've been pondering what to make my first build of 2018 and this is something that's been near the top of the pile since I bought it not to long ago. 


As seem obligatory these days the box shot. 




A brief look into the a kit that I've made in the past with relatively good result. This was completed in January of 2016/5 I think so the experience has improved since then I hope.




From the above kit I am now pretty aware of the areas that need a little more care and also areas where I myself can improve. 


So for this current attempt at this model I managed to pick the kit up rather cheaply from eBay as it had no decals but as it was the same kit as the finished fina car above I still have the majority of the decals left with only the rear gtr one and 1 other missing. 




Right so then it was the mindset of I have this kit now what to do with it? Test car? Another race version to go with the fina car and soon the be made gulf version? I couldn't make my mind up, then as I was half way through the Liberty Walk Nissan GT-R I came across a set of carbon decals that cover the whole exterior in a carbon wrap. 




So that the plan. A full carbon McLaren f1 gtr, possibly with the yellow and pink decals on aswell but I won't make that call until the body is finished. 


The set includes 4 sheets of pre printed templates to cut of that from what I can see covers most of the car in carbon, there are a few bits not on the sheets(or maybe I just haven't found them yet) but these bits will be easy to make myself with the leftover parts of sheet. 




Now on to the plastic. The shell is as nicely moulded as it was the first time with no really bad bits to clean up. 




I need to decide if I should just glue the rear parts on for the engine cover or maybe detail the engine bay a little. 




And then finally for the first update I need to decide whether or not to cut out the front hatch to show the details underneath that incuded in the kit. I guess if I do the rear it would be silly not to do the front and vice versa. Also in this picture you will notice that I have started to clean up the few mould lines that are on the body and filled the small dips with ca glue ready to be sanded off very soon. 




I think body work wise this kit will move pretty quick as it is only going a gloss black after primer with then the whole raft of decals to put on. 


More soon 




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I am looking forward to this build. The F1 is one of my personal favorite cars. Your first build was great so can’t wait to see what you do with the second. 



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Sounds a stunning concept I'll follow along as well if you don't mind?



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great looking kit

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Thanks for the kind words guys. 


So I thought when I started this I would smash through to painting really quickly but family, work and a stinking cold have got in the way so here is the progression up until now. 


I made my mind up about the front hatch. Out came the scriber and I made a hole. 




The actual hatch part will have some extra material added around the edge as a 1 mm gap in this scale would equate to an inch gap each side in real scale. 




Just to see how much will be shown once done 




Also as you have probably seen in the previous pictures I needed to add some epoxy putty as I filed down one side too much. Also i have now added one thin strip of plastic to the hatch piece and maybe leave it as is now just with the paint and decals closing the gap up more. 





More soon 



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glad you are finally into this one.

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