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  1. Really beautiful car and you have done it proud. Nice one.
  2. Brilliant finish. Need to buy a couple of tractor kits myself I think
  3. Great start! Do love these late generation super cars.
  4. Thats a really interesting jet. Love the form and your finish is superb!
  5. I guess there are a variety of profiles across the spectrum of tyres. I think you are right, it ultimately depends on which tyre/wheel you are modelling. Planning on doing the Tamiya AMG GTR LEON CVSTOS and looking at images of the real car, the Tamiya wheel and tyre combination are actually pretty accurate But, I do like your interpretation! Yeah, plastic dust is like dog hair, it only exists when you take a pic of something :))))))
  6. Hey Badder, Thanks for the comments! Always good to get critiqued I think a bit more adherence to realism from myself is definitly on the cards. In my defence, I..... I have none. Yeah, late war was probably more about avoiding mines and panzerfausts and snipers. If it was me in that thing though, I'd surround myself with a suit of sandbags as well as pulling them up around my exposed head as much as was feasibly respectable. I mean, a sandbag is gonna be way more effective at stopping a 7.62 round than a tin pot right? The more I look at that image, the more I realise it needs work.
  7. Hi Rob, That tyre looks awesome. Particularly like the way you have reproduced the curve where the tyre meets the wheel. To my eye, that's the bit the kit tyres miss and its quite obvious once you compare the two. Thanks, will have a go.
  8. Pete, thank you for the offer. I'll have a look around and get back to you if I can't find anything suitable.
  9. Apologies all, I didn't get any notification of recent replies to this topic Must be my phone acting up. Thanks for all the reply's and ideas!
  10. Thanks for the idea and demo Rob. I will definitely be trying that. Your tyre is just that little bit fuller and fatter and that's the look I think the kit tyres miss.
  11. Good point! Maybe they value their heads more than their view of the battle... I went with some piccies from late war Sherman's and they seemed to have sandbags covering as much of the tank as possible. Periscope would probably have cleared the sandbags. Possibly.
  12. Thanks for all the kind and useful comments. I got some Windsor and Newton Acrylic Matt. Worked perfectly.
  13. Thanks bullbasket! I'll have a look for some in my local art store.
  14. Hi all, Finished this last night but still working in the base. It's a great kit of my favourite WW2 tank. Happy with most of it apart from the sandbags which started off a really nice dusty sand Matt but after weathering and highlights, went glossy Tried several Matt varnishes including micro and Tamiya. Neither worked. Will try some others later. Will work in the poor photography and display.
  15. That's a really sweet finish. You can just make out the move toward the 458 and 488 in the 360 I always think. Quite a few years between them but to my eye at least, it's there.
  16. Needs some 20"rims to fill those huuge wells
  17. Started on the diorama base and got to here I haven't built a military diorama for a ling time so need to spend some time looking at the excellent builds in here for inspiration.
  18. Had a go at making some tarpaulins. Came out OK I think.
  19. Had a go at making some tarpaulins. Came out OK I think.
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