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  1. This could be the start of something awesome
  2. I guess its down to costs. They probably pay a significant license fee to the manufacturer and what with the cost of tooling, packing etc its probably a fine line if they make money or break even. I agree, its sad to see the best model company trickling kits onto the market in place of a steady roll out. We do have aoshima and now nunu/platz but they seem to be producing lower quality mouldings. GT3 and F1 are my main interests so its good from that perspective that at least there is a manufacturer prepared to invest. Its odd about Tamiya though. They seem confident enough to release new paints, tools, airbrushes etc but models, not so much. Still, we do have a lot of great kits to build overall
  3. Hey srkirad, The Gravity painted part was undercoated in MrSurfacer light grey 1500. I will do a test over black primer as well. I agree, it might add a bit of extra depth. Not convinced it needs a matt coat as they recommend though. The paint on the real car is closer to a semi-matt/satin than pure matt finish.
  4. Just a small update. I don't think the Zero green has the right tone even after 8 coats. The pic below shows the result with an additional flat top coat. The pic below is a test piece sprayed with Gravity Colours version of the green To my eye at least, this is closer to the minty green on the 1/1 car. The zero green is really nice and will be used on another project but I think the gravity is the one to use this time.
  5. Yeah, they are not too bad by comparison. Just felt they were a little too thin.
  6. From my own experience, preparation is key. Get rid of possible contaminants, put your surface primer down smoothly and over a few thin coats. If you can get your hands on mr color 1500 surface primer, that's a really good start. I don't do much sanding but when you see the results, it can be worth the extra work. I've ruined a couple of paint jobs as well It happens.
  7. That's really nice. Very convincing colour.
  8. Hi Ollie, My personal favorite at the moment is Mr Color GX112 UV cut thinned with Mr color leveling thinners. I'm also always learning and currently trying various base coats and clear coats on one of my builds. I'd say buy a couple and experiment to really get the feel for them. Lots of people love 2K but I'm wary of it as its pretty nasty stuff apparently. More experienced people will clarify I'm sure. Best of luck!
  9. Sounds promising I'll pull up a chair on your builds also.
  10. Yeah, that's my conclusion so far as well Andy. I bought the black Amg gtr gt3 (can't remember the sponsor etc) but that black is really close the actual Matt/satin finish in the 1/1 scale car. Might finish it as that one.
  11. Hi Andy, That does look smooth. I've bought mr color 1500 grade in white so will be interesting to compare it with this. Not tried zp primer yet but ordering some more bits and pieces from Hiro soon so will include some.
  12. This is the Colour I'm aiming for...... Its not looking good for the Zero paint so far but we'll see how it fares with a Matt top coat.
  13. Hello all, This is probably going to be a long one. Waiting for the etched brass set to arrive from Aus, I thought I'd have a go at getting the undercoats and preparation done properly or as near as I can get to doing stuff like that properly. I bought a few primers and will do some test runs on the various brands (Mr Color 1500 black is looking good so far...) to see what goes best with the finish I've chosen. Really like the Hell Green Magno the road car was released in so bought Zero paints version of it and got the following results.. Confusing "very green" green on the lable. Well spotted! This isnt a GTR with a bad body kit...well, it is but more on that later. This is after about seven fine coats of green and no flat top coat. Even after sanding, the Tamiya grey primer is just that little bit rougher. The MrColor 1500 black surfacer is so smooth, I didnt see the need to sand it. On that subject, I used Tamiya's 2000 grit sanding sponges on the grey primer. They worked well but I find they have some pretty nasty random bits of "grain" that can gouge some pretty big scratches. Best to run it over some spare fossils first. My wire collects fossils. So.... on we go
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