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  1. Wow, thanks for sharing that! Been a sherman fan all my life and have never seen that cammo.
  2. Thanks Ray, I'll have a check. Not had time to recheck the spray width recently.
  3. Yeah, I had a look at the cleaning set and didnt think much of it. The red coating just seemed to be paint build up... I cleaned the thread and looking at others on the Iwata site, they do not seem to have any red sealant. Perhaps its a thing that comes with a new airbrush? I'll get some bee's wax. Cheers all.
  4. Thanks guys! I will most likely invest in a proper cleaning kit
  5. Hi, Yeah, its pretty easy but I hadn't ever taken the nozzle off so was a bit wary. In the end I just used some all purpose clear to soak the bits in for an hour. Seems fine now. Thanks for your replies!
  6. Hello all, My airbrush is not spraying well at the moment (can't get thin lines) and was going to immerse the needle, nozzle cap, needle cap and nozzle in cellulose thinners. Would this be a bad idea? I noticed there was a delicate looking red seal/coating on the thread end of the nozzle and wondered if this would be damaged? Anyone with a similar brush tried this? Many thanks for any replies.
  7. Thats excellent. And your current sanity level is...??
  8. Hmmm... I do love McLaren but the Senna is a love or hate design... Would have preferred a 720 or 650 LT or yes, a P1! If this means they have the license for more McLarens, that has to be a good thing.
  9. Nice finish. Probably my favorite ww2 aircraft. A flying warhammer
  10. Really fine result. Always had a softspot for the cromwell. Even if it did have a not so great gun and poor armour and terrible crew access At least it was fast.
  11. Hi all, As above, I am looking to start this kit but there is something really odd about the wheels and tyres. Has anyone who has built this kit also noticed that the tyres dont quite stretch over the rims??? There is a significant gap or 2-3 mm on the rim. Is that meant to be there or do I need to go find tyres that fit? Thanks for any replies!
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