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  1. It's Paul - well done Harvey (Im pretty sure this is what Paul wanted say -Zoe)
  2. Dear friends of Paul My name is Zoe and I am Paul's wife. he has asked me to write to you both. Paul has had a bit of a set back and finding it difficult to speak and read. Tumours have been found in his brain and they told us on Friday that it is unlikely he will be able to have any further treatment. He has asked me to write to you to say he would like each of you to have one of his ongoing projects as he says he is unlikely to finish them. Ron, Paul would like me to send you his McLaren. Codger Paul would likel you to have is Eagle. He has so enjoyed chatting to you and swapping ideas and he says you have all been a joy and he could never have done as much as he has without all his friends on Britmodeller. please can you both send me your addresses so that I can post them to you. Is there a way I can do this privately so that we don't have to make this information public? Kindest regards Zoe
  3. That is a breath taking car!! A real beauty!!
  4. Thank you for all your input. Well it may be a little better but it's still there! That leaves me with a choice try and get it off, or paint it with one of the following: Intermediate gauzy agent, glass coat gauzy agent or micro Krista klear. What do you think?
  5. When I see I car as well built as that, it sends a shiver down my spine!
  6. Thank you. I'll try it, although I don't think there was any contamination on the brush...
  7. I need your help once again. if your look at the picture, I tried to add some carbon could you tell me why it has turned out like this?
  8. Sublime modelling and Happy Birthday Harvey
  9. PC2012

    Where to start...

    Hi C1Rob, Imho i started off reading as much as I could on the subject. There are so many paints out there it can be quite bewildering. There are paints you definitely can mix together and paints you cannot! Also you can use paints for different effects, for example putting acrylics then followed by oil paints to stop the paint bleeding in to one another. You don't have to make up your mind yet, after all its supposed to be a hobby, right?
  10. Excellent work. Just subtle enough to look real....
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