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Battestar Galactica - Flight III Pegasus class

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I started this build quite a while ago. I already had a previous Pegasus class Galactica that had the head dropped so it and the back were in more of a straight line, and a few other mods including what I coined an ARDRIS array, or Advanced Range Dradis made from gundam parts.  Then I started doodling with the head pieces for the Pegasus and made a cut down version. Then I decided to double up the launch bays and decided I was building a new new Galactica.


Cut down gator head.



The doubled up launch decks.







I used the Galactica decals for the flight decks.



They came up a little short, but the middle of the deck can't been seen anyway.



The PE for the flight decks.



For the rear, not liking the piping details, I cut the wing section from a snap fit Vader TIE fighter and used the same part from two kits to change the rear housing.



And as she sits now.




Still some cleaning up to do and some repair as it's been sitting for so long without attention, but new updates should be coming soon.

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Very nice start there Thom. I think I vaguely remember seeing it on RI, although I could be mistaken. I really need to pay mine some attention. 

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Most impressive! It all looks like it belongs together very well.



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Thanks a lot guys!


Made some progress during this run-up to Christmas.

I finished the rear housing, repurposing some of the piping to the edges and using other greebles.



I'm going to put pieces of styrene strip along the edges to break up the smoothness there.



And with the 'lower jaw' set slightly further back than originally intended, I had to add some piping to cover the open gap. Not so impressive there, but seen from the side it looks good.



And the bottom of the arms.




The white strips of styrene on the squares are covering a mismatch in panel lines and will be sanded to smooth the edges.


Still knocking away at it, and pretty soon I'll start drilling the holes for the guns. And there will be so-so many guns...:D

Edited by Thom216

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Little more work on this fine Christmas day.


I cut some strips of thin styrene to give the trim around the head trench some detail.




Then I started marking the spots where to drill for the extra gun turrets. Each bay nacelle alone will have a twenty-gun broadside, with six on top, six on the bottom and six in the trench, then plus the outer two turrets of the pair on the front of back.



I'm using a scraper to clear off head space for more guns with about eight more on the back.


More progress soon!

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Not too much work done recently. I think I'm just waiting on some guns from Shapeways and some other little things before she goes to paint. Engines are done now, I just want to detail the conduits that go into their fronts. I sanded off the kit detail which was never going to look good and I've pre-drilled all the holes for the turrets.

A test fit looks good, although the head is sitting a smidge lower than it will. I may have taken a lot off the top. but I still want it to be 'balanced..'




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The main hull is now glued together, being sure to get the rear housing mounted right side up. Then I test-fitted the head and found it wanting to 'banana' with the parts flush together. Don;t know where that bend came from, but a little styrene works just fine to shim the part.





And I started work on the ARDRIS array. (Advanced Range DRADIS)

The dome is a shield from a Super Deformed Gundam kit, with scrap styrene for the bottom and a misc part for the mount.



I'll be putting a short antenna in the hole.

Edited by Thom216

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Very nice scratch building in evidence here. Well done. She's a fair old size too.



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Thanks for the continued attentions, gentlemen! Now for a Battlestar Update.


Here is the mount for the ARDRIS, just a misc piece from a Gundam kit. And with the array temp mounted.




Then the top of the head was glued in place. It wasn't until it was dry that I realized it was off center. The kit tabs were still in place, but with me 'adjusting' the head and cutting it down, they were suddenly off center, so it had to come off! I cut them off and then centered a metal rod and glued it back, and all was right again.



The lower jaw was then attached.



For the detail on the back of the head, I cut up some gear from a 1/72 T-70 X-Wing, trimming and sanding down one side so they would sit flush.




On the bottom, I used tank tread as armored cargo doors and have a few more sprinkled around.



For the conduits going to the engines, I used some styrene to fill the small gap between them and the engine fronts. They are not closed up completely but they're harder to see.




And the first one glued into place.



As for armament, I'm using a mix of kit guns and Shapeways stuff. They'll be four Quad guns on the spine, as well as regular turrets and the flatter guns to the right in the pic will be the bow turrets for that extra special 'punch.'



And that's it for now. More to come!

Edited by Thom216

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I like those quad barrel cannons - they look mean as! I might have to find me some of those for mine

I am enjoying this one Thom - really great stuff

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Some awesome nurnies going into this build, I think the rubber track pads are very effective and also quite funny - a modern version of the steel treads stuck all over the old BSG studio models.



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Thanks! I hadn't thought about about the the treads used on the studio models, but you're right. Some tricks never get old!


As for the guns, here are the links for them.




The quad guns actually come in two sizes, the one there and another at double the size. And I'm buying extra Pegasus guns straight from Moebius, at about $8 for thirty.

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Back after a little hiatus.Both this and my Dinah have now entered the 'paint booth.' For now, pre-shading has started. It's a lot of area to do, so I'm sectioning. Top and then bottom and engines.




Edited by Thom216

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Thank you. I need to get back to it soon, but after the builds I have going right now. Unless something else catches my eye, I need to start clearing old builds off the bench.;)

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