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  1. Thanks! I stole an hour to paint yesterday and was able to refine the glow a bit and finish the basic skin colours. I tried to brighten the half-occluded eye a bit, and added a trompe l'oeil inner edge to the skin that sits over it, since it's moulded to avoid an undercut. I think that's a bit better, it's still hard to get the relative brightness of things right though. I "highlighted" the outer skin edge darker too, since the light has further to travel to get there, and I think it looks more like a translucent material? I also got a couple of coats of Dullcote onto all the brush painted areas. I'll probably bring the skin sheen back up a little bit with Contrast Medium to distinguish it from the armour, but that's still to come. Cheers, Will
  2. Some nice precise clean-up work there Andy. The mouldings look like a mix of stunning and pretty good, some of the close-up detail is approaching Bandai levels. My other half finished with what she wanted from Disney+ and hasn't renewed so Boba Fett ran out for us after episode 3. It's been a bit patchy so far. My daughter and I *loved* the lizard, that was so unexpected and cool. Whereas the speeders and really everything about the Famous Four was jarringly out of place. I enjoyed the chase itself though, just for the overplayed mugging of the majordomo and his rather cool speeder that seemed like a perfect hybrid of Star Wars and Big American Barge-car. I think we've laughed at as much as with it though so far, so maybe no great loss. Still unsure how I feel about the Mandalorian, but very happy to be able to joke about Part Man, Part Delorean, and how his armour is made of Best-Car (stainless) Steel W
  3. That would be a different take for sure! I did a bit more last weekend but then was straight back into work and haven't had time to post, so catching up with that now. I painted up the carapace following the same recipe as the cartouche, but a bit brighter, and roughed in the skin. It had a thin coat of Flayed One Flesh on each piece (I felt I had to use that colour!) which looked really patchy and showed some of the steel through, but after washing with various contrast flesh/grey mixes I think it's ended up a decent base. The skin on the shoulders has had some glazes and highlights and things, the skin on the face I'm still working on. I really like the idea of the eye glow shining through the skin like a torch through a closed fist, but I don't think it's quite right yet. Sadly nothing further has happened this week but I might have a little bit of time today (Sunday) so we'll see about that later. Cheers, Will
  4. Thanks folks Yeah they seem to be doing any possible license they can. I think the McFarlane figures look slightly off, especially the Sisters of Battle, perhaps because their joints are so obvious. The marines are *massive* weighty things and quite nicely done. This one is skinny but looks a lot better out of the box than in it! And they all have the advantage of being cheap - in the UK they're 25 quid, here they're 50NZD which is well under the usual GW currency/shipping mark-up. The Bandai stuff is very poseable and crisp compared to the vinyl ones, but way too expensive and you had to order sight unseen IIRC. I actually really like the look of the Joytoy figures though: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2021/11/05/joytoy-wave-two-stomps-into-action-with-the-invictor-warsuit-and-a-hero-who-will-blow-your-mind/ but again, expensive! Also for Pete here's more bath-time action - I was trying to get that shot from The Witcher but it's not quite working... Will
  5. Hi folks, I started this earlier in the week but seem to be making progress quicker than expected. It's a McFarlane action figure of a Necron Flayed One - Game Workshop designs, and they sell them in the GW shops, but they're big vinyl figures. This one's a Flayed One, which is a kind of especially mad Necron obsessed with draping itself in the skins of fleshy organic types, and sticking its giant claws into things. I started by paring away all the seams with a new scalpel blade, which took a while. Sanding vinyl is a bit of a non-starter but paring seems to look OK without too much clean-up. Filing also works acceptably but you can create a ragged surface if you aren't careful. Luckily this is quite a messy design and there's a lot of detail to hide behind. Once that was done I gave him a bath: And once dry a couple of coats of Alclad Black primer and then a layer of Alclad metals. Steel, Duralumin, Pale Burnt Metal and some shading with Hotmetal Blue. I shaded the metals with GW Drakenhof Nightshade, neat on the lower half and diluted on the upper. Then added highlights and tweaks with Scale75 Metal Alchemy using brushes and sponges, and shaded all the grooves and recesses with GW Black Templar. I also added more blue with glazes of thinned Terradon Turquoise on the downward-facing bits and joints. To blend things together I buffed the smoother areas out with a very soft sanding stick. I decided I liked the edge highlights on the ribs so added a lot more before sealing the metallics with a couple of coats of Tamiya LP Pearl Clear. The pearlescence isn't super-noticeable but it's a good clear coat anyway, and it all adds to the "alien space metal" effect. The last step to date is some detail painting - I've just done the face and cartouche to more-or-less match my 40K Necrons, but obviously things can be a lot more detailed in the bigger scale> I need to repeat the green on the back armour, and then I can get to the fun stuff (skin!) as well as painting all the little mechanical details and adding some heavy weathering. I think I'm going to set the joints with CA, so I can glue him to a base, but I haven't decided on either a pose or a base theme yet. Cheers, and Happy New Year to all Will
  6. I think the way she sticks to what she believes in the face of a ridiculous amount of abuse from (mostly) blokes on the internet is amazing. What a strength of character. I only hope my daughter ends up as forthright! Another very cool figure, I really like the intensity of her pose/expression. And your colours are working well. I think you're right that a decal on the hoodie (maybe with some overpainting) would be a good option as while it'll be a pain to apply, it'll help map the design around the folds in 3D. I think that would be hard to get right with freehand painting?
  7. Thanks folks! I can totally see the Alien Breed connection, I played it to death at school and maybe I'm subconsciously channelling it
  8. Looks sweet, I think better than both the donor & inspiration kits tbh. I do like the inlaid Deathwatch writing but you're right that the "canopy" is a bit silly, and the Stormraven is just bad. The new cockpit gives it a hint of the hunched shape of the Starship Troopers dropship too Will
  9. @Sgt.Squarehead you're probably right, and I know where it is, and there's not *that* much to do. Watch this space eh?
  10. Plaguetastic There's a lovely bit of background about the Beasts of Nurgle - they're essentially lolloping icky puppy dogs who want to run up to everything and *play* with it/lick it to death. Apparently if they go unloved or have no playmates for too long, they can sort of give up. Eventually they shrivel up, pupate, and emerge as horrible bitter plague flies.
  11. Oh that's a classic mini and no mistake! Nice paintwork. the hair and gems are great.
  12. @Sgt.Squarehead I found someone who'd put the 1/72 Shinkai on the Aoshima 1/76 Type 73 trailer, and that looks similar-but-different - note the transporter trailer has the right shaped wheel arches, but is cut off at an angle to accomodate the ramp. It feels like it probably has bigger wheels too. There's a picture here of a 2 axle trailer which looks different again - https://www.nmeweb.jp/duties_probe_shinkai.html Aha: This is Shinkai 2000 though, and a different trailer again? https://www.sankairenzoku10cm.blue/entry/torakku-doboku Bingo! Top photo. https://www.jamstec.go.jp/shinkai6500/reports/yk14-03.html I found the text "しんかい 6500" helpful for finding more pictures. NB: I found my Bandai Chikyu while cleaning up the other day, I should really build it... Will
  13. Thanks Andy! I was a bit worried when I put it together that it's too much, and seriously considered overspraying the rocks with grey to tone them down a bit. For now I'm living with it (and I suspect I will continue to do so...) Will
  14. Wow, this is a blast from the past! Thanks for the kind comments. I don't recall seeing anything about land transport. I remember research was difficult owing to the language barrier, and also because there's a museum replica which isn't especially accurate. Or at least I think that's what I remember? There have been some modifications to the real thing (new thrusters) which Bandai and Hasegawa have reflected in updated kits. Cheers, Will
  15. Thanks for the nice comments folks! I like submarines for weathering, they have lots of room and nice lines. I have found the missing pictures and added them to the OP. I love that you always have a good reason for things Will
  16. Hi folks, I've been rather busy with work lately (and spent my one week off spring cleaning) but managed to finish off this review build. It's a definitely-not-Space Battleship Yamato submarine from Suyata. And to be fair it's actually pretty different in detail and overall shape from the Yamato Dimensional Submarine. I guess it's starting with the same idea (U-boats in space) and going in a different direction. (click for bigger) I particularly like that it's a nod to the IJN Seiran carriers, and even includes a scarily tiny "float" plane. I thought I'd uploaded a close-up of this, but apparently it's AWOL - will edit in later. The meteor armour and camouflaged torpedoes are specific to this version - they also do a minelayer which replaces the armour plates with dangly robot arms for placing mines. More here: https://www.themodellingnews.com/2021/11/soujou-combined-fleet-space-submarine-i.html And here it is in the majestic depths of Outer Space Edit: Found the pics of the plane - it's quite petite! Cheers! Will
  17. Now that's a labour of love! Instantly recognisable and amazingly airy and spindly for a scale model. Love the little flag
  18. That's very good, got a definitely Gerry Anderson Realspace feel to it.
  19. That first shot in particular is the bee's knees. I can't see any model tells in it at all. Second one is almost as good but maybe the foreground lighting is a bit off? I guess it could be illuminated by the ISS Will
  20. Cracking job and great attention to detail. The wear and tear on the earth spade is a lovely touch. And you're right, it is a really cool design. The walker pods can't really compare can they? Will
  21. Those are cool, the pink is really in right now and looks great, especially on the Deathmarks' eyes.
  22. That looks excellent, lots of motion and I like the restrained weathering and the contrast between the chrome bits and flat bits. W
  23. I can't really say "nice" about Mortarion because he's an avatar of yuck, so let's say "excellent work" I really like the shading to the teal-blue across the wings, and the way it picks up the smoke colours from elsewhere. The loincloth is beautifully highlighted too. Will
  24. I like the model and your paint job, the bright shiny metal will give lovely contrast against the grime to come. I really thought the TV series was a bit disappointing, though hard to put my finger on exactly why. But the music is cool Will
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