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  1. Nothing arrived yet..... But I am waiting on the 1/72 kit of the PanAm Space Clipper..... that will be nice.
  2. It is a beautiful job you are doing.
  3. You, sir, are a very gifted artist. I very much enjoy looking at everything you are doing. Thank you so much. I am very inspired by what you are doing. Randy
  4. I would love to see a Fireball XL-5 model made.
  5. Very nice model. I like the control surfaces in this kit. Looks very detailed.
  6. Sounds like a nice kit, interesting. I tend to like kits of similar scale so you can compare them, so the Aries in 1/72 would be interesting to go with the Orion shuttle. I know that is not always possible. Years ago I visited the Smithsonian museum and viewed a 1/72 kit of the USS Enterprise, US navy. It was massive, beautiful, detailed. Covered with 1/72 Tomcats also. Wonder how much a kit of that Enterprise would cost?
  7. I will try for the 1/72 shuttle. Why not... after the great collapse of civilization, my savings will not be worth anything anyway.... At least I will have something special to work on while I tend to my potato fields. I know... watching way too much SF, listening to too much doom and gloom news. But seriously, I'm almost 70, so I am going to treat myself a bit more while I am still here. I have played with the idea of getting a small Discovery, and then using that as a template and guide to building a bigger version.... not 1/72 though. I hope you can get that shuttle too. Happy New year. Randy
  8. Has anyone heard or read anything about this? Is this supposed to be a new kit? How long is it?
  9. You are so blessed to have your daughter building with you. The pictures of her building are very, very touching and sweet. I am so happy for you and her. And it is looking like a great build also. Merry Christmas. Randolph (Randy)
  10. Bertie, that is a fantastic build record from this year, beautiful detail, lovely work. I am looking forward to watching absolutely anything you build. Oh... and I love the rat... where did you get him (a guy, right?)? Randy
  11. This is a wonderful, fascinating build. Hope you are safe and well in Austria. Randy
  12. That is funny, Martin. It looks great even now. Randy
  13. I would love to see a Hindenburg in this scale. And how about one in 1/72 also? Great build, Martin.
  14. I was looking at the various Bismark kits in 1/350, and there are a few.... Trumpeter, Revel, Tamiya, Academy. I am wondering if, from your own building experience, you could choose a "best" kit of Bismark, for fit, detail, etc.? And perhaps you could comment on Bismark in 1/700 kits also. Many thanks.
  15. Beautiful ship. I think I read somewhere there were many military considerations in her design and build. I would love a 1/350 kit of this and Mauritania, and the old Queen Mary. I don't like the modern "liners."
  16. There is a fish and chips place in St. John's (yes, that is how it's spelled, believe it or not) called Chess's which provides the worlds best fish and chips, in a very generous amount, for a decent price. Me and Mom often share a meal from there on holidays. I would eat it every day, except for the 2 working brain cells that are trying to keep me alive.
  17. I sometimes mix up putty with glue, Testors bottle, for example. Sticks really well, sands very smooth.
  18. Hello. This is a great write-up, thank you so much. I just wanted to remind you of something I learned at another site, Hyperscale perhaps. If the decals are yellow, it helps a lot to put them on a window in the sunlight. The sun removes the yellow, and restores the colour. I think I did this some time (a long time) ago and found it to be effective. Worth trying, perhaps others know more about this.
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