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  1. https://greenstrawberry.cz/star-wars/star-destroyer-hangar-bay--95.html https://greenstrawberry.cz/star-wars/star-destroyer-shield-generator--113.html
  2. with the day of cosmonautics! so it is called in Russia. first person in space - Yuri Alekseevich Gagarin, and everyone knows it ... but many people unfairly forget this day about the general designer - Korolev Sergey Pavlovich. Yuri Gagarin and Sergei Korolev are not separable in the importance of conquering space. this is the first cosmonaut detachment SP Korolev and the first detachment of Soviet cosmonauts, 1961, photo by Boris Kavashkin (From left to right, sit - P. Popovich, V. Gorbatko, S. Khrunov, Y. Gagarin, S.Korolev, N.Koroleva with daughter Popovich Natasha, 1st head of the Cosmonaut training center E.Karpov, N.Nikitin, chief Department of Central Research Institute of Ecology, Ye.Fedorov.The middle row: A.Leonov, A.Nikolaev, M.Rafikov, D.Zaikin, B.Volynov, G.Titov, G.Nelyubov, V.Bykovsky, G.Shonin. Filatiev, I.Anikeev, P.Belyaev) I congratulate everyone on the Cosmonautics Day! let the space of space will always be peaceful!
  3. Hello everyone! I congratulate you on the coming year! Revell X-WING 1/30. trial version of the cockpit lighting.
  4. 54371,73 rubles.... alas, I'm not ready to give almost his entire salary. maybe later.
  5. Yes, it is a set "Zvezda". thank you. for equipment information, so that only my crazy imagination . and Yes - because of the black color I chose this prototype.
  6. Further - the recent acquisition of "Venator". "Revell" the lower part of the body gives very close to the prototype, but the prototype is boring, so I decided to "stultify" this case a little And this is the original Well, and began to refine the nozzle - the idea with a corner from the "Everigin" - not exactly then, I'll think ...
  7. Anakin_Solo_(Imperial_II-class) Because the chosen prototype is equipped with an invisibility generator, projectors of gravity wells and generally heavily modernized version of the "Emperor-2", decided to allow some liberties in the work, well, and add small things. Especially since the attempt to cut and increase the height of the superstructure was not entirely successful. I still added to my work-it's all right now to putty, sketch out, cut the cutout ... Here they are the emitters of the invisibility generator Well, and added everyone to the front panel of the felling
  8. it's a shame that the Assembly time not included...
  9. totally agree with You - it's a beautiful design that is worthy of such a continue
  10. now watch the movie "2010: a space Odyssey". very similar to the Soviet ship, Leonov. someone who has a design idea borrowed?
  11. Bendinggrass You gave me a great idea for building!!!! it will be a "Anakin Solo", he's the "Black Annie"... I just love the color black and these ships are painted in white/light grey....
  12. very good at it! and the coloring and lighting is awesome! and I continue to do the detailing. 100% similarity does not work, but still interesting.
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