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  1. Oh my God! I'm afraid to watch this topic. I want to throw away all my models and never disgrace myself...
  2. of course - once I acquired their 1/72 scale Millennium Falcon, they decided to make this version in 1/144. are they kidding? I hope at least corrected their mistakes, and not just added a plate.
  3. no no. perhaps the translator incorrectly translated some phrase. I wrote that from this booklet it is absolutely unclear the purpose of transparent parts.
  4. review 1/5000&1/2700 ISD my comparative review ISD Bandai and Zwezda. it's in Russian, but the Google translator isn't bad.
  5. Poe initially inclined to the dark side. after all, he flew a black fighter. my cat just totally seduced him. go to the dark side of the force - we have cats and cookies!
  6. I'll tell you a secret-Poe also went to the dark side...
  7. https://greenstrawberry.cz/star-wars/star-destroyer-hangar-bay--95.html https://greenstrawberry.cz/star-wars/star-destroyer-shield-generator--113.html
  8. with the day of cosmonautics! so it is called in Russia. first person in space - Yuri Alekseevich Gagarin, and everyone knows it ... but many people unfairly forget this day about the general designer - Korolev Sergey Pavlovich. Yuri Gagarin and Sergei Korolev are not separable in the importance of conquering space. this is the first cosmonaut detachment SP Korolev and the first detachment of Soviet cosmonauts, 1961, photo by Boris Kavashkin (From left to right, sit - P. Popovich, V. Gorbatko, S. Khrunov, Y. Gagarin, S.Kor
  9. Hello everyone! I congratulate you on the coming year! Revell X-WING 1/30. trial version of the cockpit lighting.
  10. 54371,73 rubles.... alas, I'm not ready to give almost his entire salary. maybe later.
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