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  1. Hi everyone Yes, I know there is already a QM2 build on the go, but it was because of that one and the AMAZING Johnny Akes build that I HAD to *find and build one of my own - *which was not an easy task BTW The QM2 is such a beautiful looking ship for a floating hotel and the more I research her, the more I like her. I know that sounds suspiciously like I am Fake Book stalking a girl, but I promise it's not like that.... I have bought the GMM PE set and the Artwox deck set - both of which are here in front of me. HOWEVER, I somehow managed to buy a second PE set by accident - in the same order. I have no idea how I didn't notice that but I didn't. So:.....The spare set is now up for sale if anyone wants it? (shameless plug) I am also going to light this sucker up using the 5m Warm White LED strip that I got in the mail on Monday (thank you for that awesome suggestion Warren!!!! You are the man!) and also the implementation of many various coloured SMD's and Fiber Optics. I have seen a few lit QM2's on the net and they are very nice, but I hope to avoid making the same mistake a couple of them seemed to have made which is to use those massive 3mm LED's on the OUTSIDE of the ship (it looks terrible when the lights are out). So, a little bit abut the actual kit for those who have never heard of it until now (like me 4 weeks ago). It is a massive but beautiful beast made by Revell (kit #05223) that is sadly now out of production. My copy has a fair amount of flash on it, but nothing a file won't fix. There is a LOT to do on it but I do believe that the end result will be so worth it. It measures out to be an impressive 85cm long and has all the necessary details to make a decent replica of the QM2. There is a noticeable lack of windows behind the upper and lower decks but this is nothing some clear plastic sheet won't cure. I am intending on cutting some clear sheet up and spray it flat clear to help disperse the LED lighting behind it. It will also help to stop it looking like a void behind the spaces. So that's it for now - I'm sorry I haven't posted any pictures, but I promise I will do this once I get home from work and it's not dark outside (ie, Saturday) As always, thanks for stopping in! Regards, Si
  2. glad to see you back at this again - and it is starting to really come alive now - even though you have only really just started painting
  3. After watching this video, I can not in good consciousness (or taste) bring myself to use the sounds board on this kit: It's almost as bad as the Revell Lights and Sounds Star Destroyer Here are the engines:
  4. hahahaha - yeah me too. I thought I was being very restrained but after my Google searching last night for images of the new show I got so inspired that I caved and bought one today. No one else has refitted the bridge because everyone wants to stay true to the show - which is fine -but I just can't accept that bridge design - no matter how hard I try I will begin it later on this year once I have finished the QM2 and I will most likely be calling on Warren to sort me out with a new lighting board for it. The kit one just won't do and it looks to toy like for my tastes The engine nozzle will also need to be reworked as it looks a little bit too basic. And some extra body panels to boot ..... I have issues
  5. not much else I can say that hasn't already been said - this is utterly brilliant. I am not much of a WW1 fan but this is very inspirational Great WIP and a fantastic result Well done! Simon
  6. I don't know what's wrong with me - I must have some kind of plastic addiction but I just bought the Andromeda with a view to changing the bridge and adding some surface detail to it. I need my Paypal account striped away from me before I go broke.....
  7. I have been trawling the net again looking at more SBY stuff and found this unique search from Yahoo Japan: https://translate.google.com.au/translate?hl=en&sl=ja&u=https://search.yahoo.co.jp/image/search%3Fp%3D%E5%AE%87%E5%AE%99%E6%88%A6%E8%89%A6%E3%83%A4%E3%83%9E%E3%83%882202%2B%E4%B8%BB%E5%8A%9B%E6%88%A6%E8%89%A6%26rkf%3D1%26atview%3D1%26ei%3DUTF-8%26imw%3D0%26imh%3D0%26dim%3Dwidewallpaper%26ctype%3D%26imt%3Dspecific%26imcolor%3Dblack&prev=search well worth a look through at some serious talent! Also found this dude who has done some pretty cool SBY inspired ships: http://blog.goo.ne.jp/myedf/c/bfc8486fd4b962b17e73cbe62246d8a5
  8. oh yeah!!! Nice work Thom! I've seen a few of those art works from the 'alternative' SBY designs - including some newer ships like the SBB-277 North Carolina (a very mean looking ship and much harder looking that the Andromeda) or the Super Carrier SVC-08 Eridanus I'd love to have a crack at building either one of those ships and maybe one day when I am feeling a little more adventurous I might. Until then, I shall enjoy watching you bring this one to life! Si
  9. yay! More SBY goodness My Zero arrived yesterday and I've been thinking of alternative schemes for it all day long. I love it when something is not 'canon' and I really like the sounds of your colours. My EDF Kirishima's going to be blue up top, dark grey underneath and metallic trim Looking forward to more of this Thom!
  10. I love the colour scheme on the Falcon - it looks so right. Not sure about the SUFA tanks though - I think it would look better without them but that's just me Great work all round!!
  11. interesting but fitting colour schemes on an ugly aircraft - nice work!
  12. that came out really nicely Thom! Great to see the end result after an interesting WIP. I'd never heard of this aircraft until your build, so thanks for bringing me something new
  13. way cool - it looks a lot bigger than it is. Maybe its a different type of plastic so it won't crack?
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