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Pratchett's Figurines

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I'm not sure if this is proper to this forum or the Figures...


Anyway, just a little figure but fun to paint. I was ordering some Vallejo metallics from an Ebay trader when I noticed that the guy also sold the Micro Art Discworld miniatures and decided to pop one into the shopping basket. I was very impressed it is a lovely sculpt and there was no flash whatsoever. Anyhow, my first step was to hot glue the figure to a piece of wooden dowel to cut down on handling whilst painting. It makes the figure easier to handle and when you are finished the figure can be easily popped off the dowel by just a firm twist.

Next step is to prime the figure. I use Artist's Gesso which gives a lovely surface for painting on with acrylics. It's strange stuff it shrinks into place so you cna slap it on fairly liberally and just leave it to dry when all the detail will be revealed. The next thing I do is give the figure a wash with thinned sepia ink with a dash of flow enhancer. This sinks into all the crevices and enhances the detail of the figure making it easier to paint but also if you miss a spot it is a nice dark brown so doesn't jump out like white primer would.




You can see here I have painted the basic fur colour and a little dab of flesh on the hands and face




Next a wash of Vallejo "Face Wash"




Now I add highlights to the fur, dashes of bright red and orange onto strands in the sculpt



Detail going on. Highlights added to the hands and face. The eyes are painted in and the feather and the ink pot are added.




The base that comes with the figure is a simple round "slottabase" in black plastic. I have added a large book from scrap plasticard for my Librarian sit upon to raise him up and add a bit of interest to a rather plain base.



Here you can see that the figure has simply been plonked onto the unfinished base but you can see the ink in the ink pot and the "arcane" writings in the Librarian's book.


More pictures to follow when I finish up.


Moderators please move this if I have hit the wrong forum!

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Replacing photos

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Nice one.

I have my Clarecraft Librarian beside

me here as I write this, along with

Greebo and of course Rincewind.

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Very nice! I've got one of these, half painted - there's a WIP on here somewhere from last year. It stalled when I got busy with a kit and I've never picked it back up. You might just have inspired me to do so! 

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The Clarecraft stuff was fantastic, I've recently been hitting a well known auction site to fill in the gaps in my collection (Magrat has been missing for years). Now I find out they do these too! Lovely job you are doing; the book on the base looks brilliant, is it by any chance going to be the "libre paginarium fulvarium"? 

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I know, I know - somebody had to mention it, though!



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Here is The Librarian sitting on his base. Not stuck on yet as I need to tidy up the pseudo-wood effect I am going for on the actual base and I'm going to change the colour of the book binding because (without thinking about it) I have managed to paint it almost the same colour as our bibliophile chum's fur. Grrrr.

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Posted (edited)

Ready For Inspection thread for "The Librarian"


I so enjoyed this simple little figure I've gone and bought another one!


Death with guitar as featured in the book "Soul Music" modelled on the art of Paul Kidby who for many years provided the covers for Sir Terry's books.


Here's "what's in the box"...



Not quite as clean a casting as "The Librarian" but nothing terrible, a bit of flash to clean off so out with the needle files





I think the simple round base won't suffice so I'm going to make something a little more appropriate


So we take some pieces of 80thou plasticard, two rectangles 2x4cm, a 2mm square strip which I then cut into 2x2mm chunks, eight of 'em.


Stick the chunks together. One for each corner of the base...


...use the strip to create a frame, then "chain drill" a series of holes to create a slot for old Death's base.




We need one more thing




An appropriate marker! This one goes up to 11. (Yes I know there would be two "L"s but hey it wouldn't fit!) This is a single piece of 80 plasticard with a frame of 20thou strip which is then filled in with white utlra fine milliput which is scribed with the moniker of "Marshal" using a dental probe. Needs a bit of sanding and a little distressing I think.


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Re-insert images

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Looks like my earlier posts have been scuppered by the nefarious ways of photobucket. Hmmm. If anyone wants those pictures I can put them onto my Flickr host account.


Anywho finally made "some" progress on Death. Here he is test assembled onto his new custom base.



I have made a few tweaks to an already lovely scuplt. I have raised his guitar to a more "playable" position it was down around his knees ala Peter Hook of New Order fame. If you look directly underneath his "axe" you can see the little bit of filler that removes the location pit for the guitar in its original position. I have also added a strap as it removes that "floating in mid air" look that it had without one. If anyone is wondering what it is. It is made of three strands of cat 5 cable stripped and twisted together into a "rope". It was then superglued into place before securing with two part epoxy for strength.


Next, as I do with all my figures I hot glue them onto a "handle"



Just so. this makes the figure a lot easier to handle and importantly you don't have to touch the figure at all until it is complete so no danger of contamination with greasy fingers"


The next step is to prime the figure. In the past I have sprayed them with Automotive rattle cans from Halfords. I am now a convert to Artists Gesso. Simply slather this stuff on with a brush, make sure you work it into all the crevices but you can be fairly crude in application..




...because rather wonderfully...




...it shrinks as it dries revealing again all the detail on the original model. Wonderful stuff, seems to give a good base it adheres well to metal and plastic as well as absorbent materials like wood or fabric (it is used to prepare canvas for painting after all!) I would prefer it was a more opaque white but hey, did I mention it is as cheap as chips? No well it is you can buy tubs of it from Artist's Suppliers for next to nowt there is no waste (like there is with a rattle can) and you cna clean your brushes in water.


Finally, for now, a black wash is applied. This shows all the detail on the scuplt and if by any chance you miss a bit it will be black rather than a brilliant accusatory look at me white.



More soon as I give our scythe-wielding chum a sun-burst finish flying V.

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Nice, I'd love to see the earlier photos. I'm a Pratchett fan & just seeing this thread. Finished reading Night Watch (again) just the other day.

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Looking good. I am in the process of painting 4 of the watch figures. Love these figures.



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Great start, like the idea of the Gesso, pinching that one!


Just finished reading the Hogfather while on holiday, brilliant books.

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8 hours ago, BubbaFett said:

I'd love to see the earlier photos

I have redirected a couple of the links to the same images on Flickr. I have also done the same to all the images in the "Ready For Inspection" thread for the Completed Librarian




Thanks for all the kind comments

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Ok, so here is Death in sort of a half way state




He has had his hands, feet and skull picked out in a bone colour. His robe is back with highlighting in shades of dark to medium grey.


I'm not 100% happy with his guitar. I wanted a worn sunburst finish so I painted concentric circles of yellow, orange and red then feathered them together. The neck was painted buff and the whole geetar was then given run over with Vallejo woodgrain, the details then picked out in gold. Hmmm...


Next up, boney bits. A wash of sepia ink then drybush bone and white on the knuckles and brow ridge, etc. and I may decide to have another go at getting the finish I have in my head for the guitar. I'm actually being held back by the texture on the guitar body and I'm toying with filling it in to remove the pronounced woodgrain. We'll see.


WhenI'm happy he will get an all over coat of matt varnish to reduce the shiny bits then possibly pick up the guitar in a semi-gloss and touch in the gold again to give it back the "glint". Then I need to get on with the base.


A tiny little figure but you get out what you put in.

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