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  1. Just to put some context to Mike's post above, I have become a Patreon of Galactic Armory which allows me to sell printed versions of their 3D files. Most of the figures are Star Wars though there is a Master Chief figure from Halo as well. The files are scaled to 1:6 but I will be offering them in 1:12 initially, a few tasters for you! The 1:12 figures will be £25-£30 and will include a wooden picture frame base with a piece of expanded foam to allow you to add scenic material if you want. Will put more info on my trader page after this weekend's Smallspace show at Hanslope. Cheers,
  2. Hi Andy, no they don't come pre-supported, I use Chitibox to support and slice them. If you have a 3D printer you could borrow a file if any of the ones I have are of interest! Hi Mikey, I tried to help by putting the scale in the title but I guess not everyone reads that bit! That is the advantage of stl files, you can rescale to whatever size you want. Thanks both for the comments.
  3. Not been on here for what seems like ages. I have been resin printing for a while and recently came across an outfit called Galactic Armory who produce a range of SW figures as stl file downloads so I purchased a few and printed them out and through a bit of paint at them. The files are 1-6 scale but I reduced them before slicing and printing. Note: the Bob Ross figure in the first picture is a not from GA its a stop -motion puppet my daughter made! Highly recommended if you have access to a resin printer. Cheers,
  4. No official price yet, but expected to be about $60 so probably about £60 by the time it gets over here
  5. Looking at the trench depth on the Bandai Star destroyer they vary from 7mm to 2mm deep so at 1:5000 scale makes them between 35m and 10m deep. In 1:350 scale that would be 100mm to 28mm deep. HTH Warren
  6. I've always been fascinated by the De Havilland DH.88 after seeing a replica of it in the Comet hotel , Hatfield back in the mid 70's, it was on a pole as you drove into the car park and eagerly built Airfix's offering as a young modeller, when it was rereleased a few years back I bought a kit but looked at the quality of the old castings and put the box back in the stash somewhat disappointed. Having looked on google maps it still appears to be there in the car park. Fast forward to Scale Modelworld 2019 and walking round I came across SBS Models stall in a dark corner of the 'International' hall. The red plane jumped out at me straight away and after a quick chat and parting with £27 I brought a kit home. Having seen it a few weekends ago while looking for something else in the stash I decided it was time to through some glue and paint at it. The kit is multi-media with resin cast parts, white metal, crystal clear resin, PE and film, and I have to say the standard and detail in the resin casts is wonderful. With over 40 parts, not including the PE it should build into a very nice replica. So on to the contents. Box and parts laid out. Close up of wings Resin parts Photo-etch & film Canopy & nose bubble One touch I do like is that the Pitot tubes and aerials are moulded with protective sides so the don't get damaged. On to washing and cleaning up, not that there will be much as the casts are wonderful, did I already mention that! Thanks for looking.
  7. There doesn't appear to be an official size for the Razor Crest but general opinion has it at about 26.5m which would make it about 370mm or almost 15" for the imperialists out there.
  8. Round 2 have also announced at Wonderfest that they are retooling the 1/72 MPC Falcon, it will have to be a major retool to get that kit anything like accurate!
  9. To be fair to Round2 when they announced the Star Wars licence they did say they would be resurrecting some of the older MPC kits initially, with some enhancements. As for the cost, they will always be expensive anywhere outside of the USA due to import duties, the 1/1000 Discovery Enterprise is about £35 if bought in the US but if buying from a UK supplier expect to pay at least £55. Dragon never made any official announcement about stopping their Star Wars range there were some progress photos posted on social media which took a bit of a battering, particularly the AT-ST shown with its legs straight! They had 1/35 AT-AT, AT-ST and Snowspeeder as well as a range of 1/144 kits including a Falcon which with the plethora of 1/144 falcons already available and the usual issue with the mandible dimensions.
  10. With a retail price of about £14 it is definitely part of the Vehicle series, at 1/350 like the Falcon it should be about 75mm long. it comes in a silver plated version too due out in July. There is also a 1/12 kit of the Mandalorian in Beskar armour, again standard and plated versions.
  11. Question for you. has anyone tried using the car wrapping vinyl on a model car? just wondering if it is viable. Cheers, Warren
  12. I've only got a couple of 'grail' kits. 1/24 Tamiya Volvo BTCC Estate as listed by others 1/8 Promocon Ferrari 126 C2
  13. If you're going to introduce yourself to a forum, that's the way to do it! Fabulous build and attention to detail, I bet they didn't look that good straight off the production line.
  14. No problem Si. I use an airbrush which really helps with the finish as you can control the paint flow better than a rattle can. Saying that I do use rattle can primer! My method is 3 coats of primer, sanding between coats with 2000 grit wet and dry. That is followed by 4 coats of Zero colour-match paint, available from Hiroboy (they have over 800 matched colours ) you need a good primer base as the Zero paint can be quite aggressive to bare plastic. Again a quick sanding between coats but not after the final coat. The Zero paint dries matt so needs a clear gloss coat and I use Alclad Aquagloss, personally I find it gives a better scale gloss finish than 2 pack gloss, I usually apply 3 thin coats. Once it has dried hard, couple of days, I then polish the body shell with Autoglym Super Resin Polish. And its as simple as that!! Cheers, Warren
  15. Hi Si, sorry not looked on the site for a while, thanks for the comments, more than happy to answer any questions you might have. The TC looks great by the way. Cheers, Warren
  16. Thanks all for the comments. I had a look for a GT as well and didn't come up with anything. The South Eastern Finecast is out of production if the Price List is anything to go by. No the chassis is installed as the instructions.
  17. Hi Space Ranger, the kit only comes right hand drive I'm afraid. Thanks all for the kind words
  18. As others have said one of the best looking cars Ferrari built and driven but one of the best drivers. That is an excellent build and gorgeous detailing.
  19. The earlier version of the MBG from Aoshima, very nice kerbside kit with plenty of detail. Painted with Zero Paints Signal Red. Body stripe and windshield done using Chrome metal foil. And with the late version. Thanks for looking Warren
  20. That's as good an option as any, although the 3mm LEDs will probably be too big for the 14" Eagle. One of the reasons there aren't any lighting kits for the eagle is that on the show it didn't have any.
  21. With the exception of 7 kits that Revell have brought in you can only get these kits from Japan. Production has been hit by Covid-19 as has distribution so some are becoming difficult to get hold of at a reasonable price. Buying from Japan is safe enough, though you may have to factor in any import duties if your parcel is valued above the threshold by the sender.
  22. There is a WIP thread on here that might help you decide. Cheers,
  23. Having just recently finished watching Tales from the Loop on Prime, that wouldn't look out of place in that show. Lovely build.
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