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  1. Nice, I'd love to see the earlier photos. I'm a Pratchett fan & just seeing this thread. Finished reading Night Watch (again) just the other day.
  2. Wow, I love that you are building an EU capital ship in the Anakin Solo. Is there source material for your cloaking/gravity well devices or are you letting your imagination run wild? Also, are you planning to go for a black exterior paint or standard ISD colors? Watching this one!
  3. Kallisti, I really like the paint you used on the thruster pieces, do you remember what type it was? Also, can that kind of paint be mixed for a partially metallic sheen? I have Google searched it a bit but I have not been able to find the answer to what I have in mind.
  4. Well, what with one thing and another I did more coloring than gap filling this weekend. Still working on my vision for the final design. I should mention that anything approaching art is not mine; I "borrowed" a schematic for color testing purposes. This one might be a little too...al dente? I can't find a pin-up style I like enough for the dorsal wing, but I am considering Marvin the Martian in a "Freed Mars" sort of concept. I did make a first pass at filling seams though, after a little experimentation. I'm hoping to avoid as much sanding as possible (classic over-sander), so I chose Milliput based on being able to sculpt it a little more, adding water and such. Scraped & shaped it with these high-tech instruments. Not much progress, but any progress is forward progress...we hope.
  5. Your thread on that build is what led to my discovery of these forums I'm a bit intimidated by, as you say, "modern modeling techniques"--but we shall see. Opened up my Milliput & began experimenting last night, may start work on the wing seams today.
  6. Actually, they are in stock now...mine came in today Feel welcome, but don't expect too much...been a long time since I tried this and I was never good at it But I just like Babylon 5 and want to have fun with it, so we'll see what happens.
  7. I suppose construction has begun in earnest. Fitted all of two pieces together today...waiting to put on the back plate of the fuselage until my pin vise comes in (going to drill out the rear gun barrels (?) first). Hoping my eyesight is up to the task of the detail work on this. Don't remember caring so much about removing parts from the sprue as a kid I suppose if worse comes to worst, I can spring for some magnification, maybe one of those headband types. Looks like some dimples already that will need filling, is that normal? One thing I did NOT realize is that even the manufacturer seemed to realize how gappy the kit is--the instructions are rife with putty recommendations. I did also dry-fit the lower wing assembly, and while I see the gaps everyone mentions it isn't as bad as I feared. Pics of that next time. Exciting times...
  8. Wow--I guess you warned me but I did not see that coming.
  9. As much as I'd like to eventually have a same-scale Star Wars fleet of my own, the 1/144 is so intimidating to me. I feel like my eyesight may not be good enough for the 1/72 scale, and these are so much smaller! That said, yours look great! Looking forward to seeing the U-wing completed.
  10. Interesting, I have not seen a TOS Enterprise with panel lines like that. I have always preferred the movie Enterprise Refit/A, but I'd like to see how this turns out.
  11. What a great idea! Looks great & built in storage for your models. Hope to see many more.
  12. Recently back to the modeling world after many years absence, more on that here. Aiming high with this one. Couldn't pass this one up on eBay, sold as opened box but sealed package. First thoughts upon opening my mailer: Wow, someone was a smoker. I'm guessing our late collector. Heart skipped a beat when I couldn't find the clear plastic cockpit, but it was just hiding. Whew. So far all I've done is wash the parts in some warm soap and water as well as collecting some basic tools. I am on a limited budget, but I'm also in no hurry. I do know this project is going to need filling and I have been researching those products, looking hard at Milliput. I will say that I am going for something a big different as far as results--a lot of the finished models I have seen pictures of seems to be--quite naturally--an attempt to replicate what was seen on-screen. I'd like to instead go for what I think is the spirit of what was intended, and not just what was limited by early/mid 90's CGI & broadcasting constraints...namely, the kind of nebulous gray mottled finish. I may fail miserably, but I enjoy putting in a slice of my own pizazz into things, whether it's work or play. In that vein, I have been playing with some non-canon designs. This one is inspired by the brown uniforms that some of the marines wear on the show, as well as real aircraft of course. Just something different. Thoughts/advice appreciated!
  13. Greetings all, Like many of you, I slapped together many a model kit in my childhood (and in my case, I do mean slapped together). I enjoyed building them but even then I knew they looked rough, I just didn't know how to learn & didn't have anyone to show me. What a resource the internet is! I was mainly interested in the Star Trek line at that time, but I built a few cars too; the only one I remember was Corvette Stingray III concept. My favorite (and best turn-out) was a small Klingon Bird of Prey that came with the Romulan Warbird & Ferengi Marauder. Wish I still had some of them. Recently I was able to buy a Babylon 5 Starfury kit on eBay for a steal. From what I've researched it's not the best kit to get back into modeling, but I have done some other hobby work and have some of the tools already--and I'm in no hurry. So we shall see. I may try to build some Star Wars kits, perhaps the Bandai ones--but I have a TON of Star Wars memorabilia, whereas Babylon 5 stuff is hard to come by, so I'm less inspired on Star Wars at the moment. Anyway, in researching the kit I have found several useful form threads on britmodeller. Having had several forums in the past that I enjoyed being a part of, I figured I'd join up and share my experience. Perhaps I'll be inspired to build more. Thanks for reading, BubbaFett
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