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  1. CurrantBunbury

    Not happy

    They also did one on whether you can polish a turd.
  2. CurrantBunbury

    Not happy

    Struth. I'm glad you didn't go through anything critical. Get well soon. I have a scar on my thumb from the time I slipped with a very sharp knife while slicing a loaf of bread, of all things. The bone and nail stopped the blade, so I had a lovely offset groove in the nail for months as it grew out. A few days later my housemate, preparing the pheasant I would have been doing if I'd had use of both hands, did the same thing to her thumb. It's a dangerous business, feeding yourself.
  3. CurrantBunbury

    Pet hates.

    Goes beautifully with sliced banana as well.
  4. CurrantBunbury

    Hello there!

    Greetings! Welcome back. What have you ordered?
  5. CurrantBunbury

    Pet hates.

    When I was eight, my grandparents saw me carefully scraping Marmite onto my toast and decided I needed teaching how to use a knife. Being of a generation that didn't make a habit of listening to children, they ignored my attempts to explain and conducted a spreading lesson, smothering the toast in a layer of Marmite so thick it was almost inedible. I'm sure the experience has had a lasting effect on me.
  6. CurrantBunbury

    Trumpeter 1/48 MiG-19PM Farmer E

    Very nice.
  7. CurrantBunbury

    Mistercraft Hunter F.6, 1/72.

    This looks interesting. Looks like you've got quite a job with that cockpit.
  8. CurrantBunbury

    Endurance, Ernest Shackleton's ship any kits?

    His diary of the expedition is a fantastic read. It's called South: The Story of Shackleton's 1914-1917 Expedition and is available for nowt if you've got a Kindle. It's definitely worth the £7.50 for the paperback if not. I know that doesn't help with your original question, but I thought you might be interested! I've been interested in this story for years - since my time in the Falkands, actually - and oddly it's never occurred to me to look for a kit. Good idea.
  9. CurrantBunbury

    Hello there.

    You're definitely not alone with the computer problems, or with the low build rate! I've completed a total of two models this year, and one of them was already in progress at the start of the year. Life gets in the way for most of us from time to time ... but we always come back.
  10. CurrantBunbury

    What's flying over your house? Thread #2

    @Christer A, that'll be a sight to see.
  11. CurrantBunbury


    That is sad. No age at all.
  12. CurrantBunbury

    Pet hates.

    I stand corrected! And slightly sad. Sic transit gloria Hunniford mundi.
  13. CurrantBunbury

    Pet hates.

    I'm with you, Beardie, and I've never heard another Scottish person pronounce loch as they would lock. To dredge up what I can remember of phonetics, the end sound is a fricative, where air passes between the tongue and the palate, not a stop, where there's a break in the airflow. There seems to be a difference of opinion between the two Irish people who've commented, so that's interesting. I didn't mean to start an argument, though, so maybe we'd better leave this one. I'm standing by the UK/England thing, but I'll wind my neck in on the pronunciation point.
  14. Thanks for the encouragement, Steve. I got the decals on yesterday, then the varnish last night and this morning, so ... she's finished! What I said about further drama was appropriate, as it happened. I now understand what people mean when they talk about poor-quality decals - these ones went on, but they tried their damnedest to fall off again. I think I'd recommend getting some alternative ones if you're thinking of building this kit. They did not succeed in falling off, however, and none of them broke up, so it all turned out OK in the end. I've also ended up with a pretty rubbishy finish thanks to the varnish not drying evenly. I think this is my fault - should have thinned it more - so I'll take that one on the chin and do a better job next time. What we have ended up with, however, is a Mosquito. A slightly twisted, streaky Mosquito with one knackered undercarriage leg, but a Mosquito nonetheless ... and I love it. I've really enjoyed the build, in spite of all its trials, and I've learnt a few things, so that's a success for me. The Mossie is currently on the windowsill in front of me, so I can enjoy looking at it in what's left of the daylight before I put it in the display cabinet later. Here are a few pictures of the finished product.
  15. CurrantBunbury

    Pet hates.

    Last month I worked with somebody who had a really odd way of pronouncing 'eligible.' We had a lot of people who were illegible for certain funding.