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    WWII Luftwaffe, USN (modernish), Experimental and Research, Space and Sci Fi
  1. A really good man, truly inspirational. It's going to take some time to process this one. Ad astra Geno
  2. Working today, 8 til 8, then same tomorrow. Working Over New Year's Eve night 8 til 8 as well. My job is not so bad, but thinking of all those who are preparing Christmas dinners today and all the work that involves. Best wishes to all BMer's and their families.
  3. Hmmm, ED-209 ?
  4. A thing of beauty, love the early hi-viz turkeys
  5. Was wondering the same myself; I have dropped an email to Crecy to see if they have any news. Will report back if I hear anything..
  6. Just to report 16 months later still getting great service, Many thanks again.
  7. I had the good fortune to meet Dr Mitchell on several occasions. Not only was he a real hero, but a true gentleman who was very gracious to myself and my son. Blue skies Ed.
  8. Hi, any one had a play with one of these at all. After watching Paul Budzik's excellent videos. I thought I may try using a spray gun. Is this any compatible with a Iwata RG-3 or in anyway suitable for using in a similar style for applying primers and block colours? Kind regards, Ken
  9. Like the idea of a VF-143 scheme, maybe early 80's? VF-211 not seen that often for hi-viz. V-14 from circa 2000 CAG (Anniversary markings). Gosh, there are really loads to choose from, always like VF-142 markings, any era Oh and then there's VF-101!
  10. Hmm 1/24 Beaufighter would be nice?
  11. Picked this one up yesterday from our local Tesco. It's a really nice little magazine and well worth the money. Still can't believe it's 50 years though..... Ken
  12. Just routing through some old boxes and found a hundred plus bottles of these (enamel). Can't ever remember using them as I mainly shot acrylics. Was wondering if this line good for colour fidelity and did it airbrush well? Kind regards, Ken PS, found loads of oddites - Anyone remember DBI paint?
  13. Just seen on Facebook also available will be a delux accessory pack with metal oleos and turned engine bells Cheers, Ken
  14. US are releasing an all region collection of Blu-rays in the original aspect ratio on June 9th. Only way to get this previously was the rather expensive Japanese addition. Available from from for $44 at the moment. Cheers, Ken