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  1. Anybody have a good way of creating the surface of modern carrier decks. I think even in 48th this will be a visible feature and a smooth surface wont quite do it? TIA for you input Ken
  2. I'd 2nd this one, expensive but pretty much covers everything you'll need. FAQ Scale Figures Book AK Interactive by Kirill Kanaev. This is a lot cheaper but obviously covers less - Flesh and Skin AK Learning Series 6 Book; there are also other books in this series which are good. Encyclopedia Of Figures Modelling Techniques by Ammo. A lot of this depends on how much you are moving into figure painting? Youtube, check out Sideshow Sqidmar SWM, There's loads out there, best be a magpie and just pick bits from all of them. Ah then there is always for your particular subject matter - SIM 8 Btw, I'm in the same place and am going through a lot of stuff, but am moving away from Space stuff for a change into more based figure paiting. Cheers, Ken
  3. Try Archive X there's a an associated Facebook group as well. Cheers, Ken
  4. Beautiful looking plane; you have really done it justice.
  5. For the date and model I'd go with RLM 66 for the cockpit and RLM 02 for the rest of the interior. Gear bays etc will also be RLM02. Instrument panels were generally grey (see below) Instruments themselves were black with the bezels following the usual Luftwaffe standard format.
  6. Yes, best book on painting anything I own. Can translate the skills across all genres. Check this review out - Review
  7. Greetings from Hull, UK; I think your story will chime with many people Ken
  8. Picked up a couple of figures; aim to get some experience with basic techniques. Really not quite sure what I've let myself in for but hopefully both will provide good learning experiences. Will start with Dianne them move onto Cleopatra.
  9. - What are the best sources for articles and videos of other people's builds? Facebook group, there's quite a few some dedicated to the studio models which are great for reference and some to the model itself . lots of good ones with helpful hints and tips Everything I've seen suggests that no-one paints this with brushes, it's all sprayed. Is this right? Use both, You can't replicate all the weathering with an airbrush. - And everyone seems to assemble then spray (rather than spray parts before assembly). Is this right too? I'd assemble then spray/paint - Do people use the waterslide decals or do they paint instead? Why? Really is optional, depends on your painting skill for the panels - Does anyone use the included stickers? No, waterslide or paint - Does anyone use the included photo-etched metal parts or do they upgrade? Yes, though not massively visible in 1/72; original cockpits in models were pretty sparse as well - What are the best 3rd party add-on's? Are they necessary? Shapeways, don't need too much though - Greeblies - The plastic means that you can only use acrylic paints. Any brand/range recommendations? You can use enamels but prime well first. Don't flood plastic with washes, this will cause problems. Archive X paint if you want the ultimate finish. Archive X
  10. This is pretty good the Emil g
  11. Yes, I bought them form cults3d. Vincent has since added update files for both the CSM and LM for free which you can use with the purchased. packages.
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