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  1. Couple of pictures of the Steve Neisen B-wing, well cast and includes decals
  2. My Nice-n-design B-wng arrived as well as Archive-x paints for several Star Wars kits in the stash. The B-wing is brilliant, well cast with little flash; it comes with a metal armature and decals. I'll post some pics when I can. Maybe time to get rid of my Blue Moon B-wing now, the studio scale kit is a lot nicer.
  3. mekon

    Moebius 1/144 XD1 Discovery: RELEASED!

    Just wish you could get the Stargazer interior from the UK, rather than shipping in from US. Guess he has it all cast out there, but it does bump up cost for us here.
  4. I have an LUT kit, maybe the only one that escaped from Vista Replicas; only issue is no isrutctions to date and unlikely there ever will be. Have a few hundred pages of diagrams I got off John Duncan(?) many years ago. Am in the prcess of boxing up for moving house but will be able to get some copies to you around July/August if you still need them? Have around 1100 photographs of LUT and original plans I can put on a disc and post though now. Ken
  5. Received these today, how have 50 years passed - Also got the Big D from Moebius, smalll box, big kit? Ken
  6. If it's like the Mr Procon Boy LWA Trigger Airbrush. it's worth noting you can use the Iwata Custom grip handle with it... Handle
  7. Yes and Thunderbird 3 from Bensmodel world, really amazing work http://bensmodelworld.jouwweb.nl/
  8. All my childhood dreams in a box Feeling super lucky today.
  9. mekon

    Archive-X paint

    Your're right; they weren't easy to get at the time, I think a couple of Railway dealers held stocks over here. I had a stash from visits to the States, but only a couple of these are the formulation (and colour) that was used at the time of the original model making. I only recently learned that the Floquil changed their paints at some points and the new formulation were not exact colour matches too the old ones. The old stuff can sell for a pretty penny on Ebay, if and when they come, especially if you need a useful quantity. cheers, Ken
  10. mekon

    Archive-X paint

    trooper try this Mike. Cheers. Ken
  11. Hi, Just ordered a few bottles of this; anybody else using or aiming to try it? Guy, the owner/producer, has reproduced the original Floquil colours used on the Star Wars fleet. Some amazing results, worth checking out the facebook page for the references alone. a Cheers, Ken Archive- X
  12. Arrived in the past couple of days the new Star Wars Chronicles Episode IV, V & VI vehicles. Today the Bandai PG Falcon (Bought from Amazon.com) Ok price and quick shipping.
  13. Hobbico Not looking good?
  14. If it goes to another 24th scale kit, I'd say the Beaufighter; if 48th Lanc then Vulcan
  15. mekon

    John Young dies

    John relating the tale of why his heart rate didn't go over 70 on during the launch of Apollo 16 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KezwDfFcFhU Not sure they make then like him anymore