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  1. What a beast, beautiful build and tribute.
  2. Built this when it came out; really nice kit. Will get it again when it comes out and give it another go 50 years later
  3. Judy has posted on Facebook that Jerry died of Covid at home after a short illness. Anyone who has an Eagle Editions, Eagle Cal or Eagle parts know what a loss this is to our hobby. Jerry was one if a kind and will be missed. Happy trails Jerry, Ken
  4. Really nice build. Watched the real one being built long it's Argentinian sister ships. Of interest a section of Sheffield's hull was replaced with one from the ARA Hercules during construction whilst she was still on the stocks.
  5. Well reading this (below) and looking at the sprues, there's a whole host of goodies on sprues. Choice of tails, canopies, cowls, trop filter, wheels, armament.... And of course in this series, ‘‘G-2’’ ‘‘G-4’’ ‘‘G-6 Early Type’’ ‘‘G-6 Late Type’’ ‘‘G-14’’ and ‘‘G-6/U4’’ will be released followingly, please keep an eye out for our updates~~~~!! Besides, there are some parts and runners in this Hartmann kit will not be used, but will be needed as part of the assembly for the following types, so why not save them while you enjoy waiting for the following releases?
  6. Thing about this finish, it's not blotches. it squiggles. See the photo of the NASM's 219. The example you have posted is completed using the same process.
  7. Believe Proper Plane are also Ukraine based. I only hope all these good people get through to the other side of this safely. My thoughts are with them tonight and in the coming days. Ken
  8. Hobby elements make pretty useful small/micro files; I have a few sets and can attest to there quality. Well worth checking out their website. Hobby Elements
  9. Anybody have a good way of creating the surface of modern carrier decks. I think even in 48th this will be a visible feature and a smooth surface wont quite do it? TIA for you input Ken
  10. I'd 2nd this one, expensive but pretty much covers everything you'll need. FAQ Scale Figures Book AK Interactive by Kirill Kanaev. This is a lot cheaper but obviously covers less - Flesh and Skin AK Learning Series 6 Book; there are also other books in this series which are good. Encyclopedia Of Figures Modelling Techniques by Ammo. A lot of this depends on how much you are moving into figure painting? Youtube, check out Sideshow Sqidmar SWM, There's loads out there, best be a magpie and just pick bits from all of them. Ah then there is always for your particular subject matter - SIM 8 Btw, I'm in the same place and am going through a lot of stuff, but am moving away from Space stuff for a change into more based figure paiting. Cheers, Ken
  11. Try Archive X there's a an associated Facebook group as well. Cheers, Ken
  12. Beautiful looking plane; you have really done it justice.
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