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  1. Still have Scott's Pod and smaller Aries; he owes me a big Aries as well. At least Moebius will deliver, hopefully, a large scale Aries. Al I can say is happy days
  2. Looks beautiful; I still remember seeing it on the lake
  3. Humbrol 80 is a good match, I've also heard of the Ford Apple Jack colour. Question is whether this was on the original Thunderbird 2 builds or a later rebuild, have heard that Apple Jack was not used on all the studio models. Derek Meddings chose all the colours, Thunderbird 2 was originally Blue before he saw the light
  4. Saw the flyer on the Gaspatch table at Telford. Really intrigued to see what it'll be like.
  5. Aries listed as 45mm in height, so these are not big. Ken
  6. Try eBay, otherwise look at the Trumpeter version. This looks to be suspiciously similar to the DSPIAE one, this is available in the UK. https://www.emodels.co.uk//trumpeter-single-blade-nippers-for-plastic-parts-09990.html?utm_source=scalemates&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=marketplace
  7. Evilbay goodies and at a good price Also managed to get the Thunderbirds (Pink) book at a not so good price lols. Seems Ebay has some good stuff at a reasonable price at the moment which is happily surprising and worth looking out for. Ken
  8. Pretty good selection to be fair; bit nostalgic but love to see the old Roy Cross artwork again. Will probably pick up some of the older stuff, the Jetstream in particular. New tools, the Moth, must sort a JBOT, Thunderbird 6 sheet At the present time, just glad to see the new toolings and new boxings; something is really so much better than nothing. Ken
  9. Well i hazard a 2 seat meatbox and after the Defiant, how about a new tool Battle?
  10. Have the Falcon 3d parts sets and they are excellent as is the Greenstrawberry etch. There are a few options for lighting but I went with Falcon 3d parts and again I'm quite happy with the choice I made.
  11. Well I guess it was on the cards, only question is where do you put it when finished? (if finished?)
  12. Couple of pictures of the Steve Neisen B-wing, well cast and includes decals
  13. My Nice-n-design B-wng arrived as well as Archive-x paints for several Star Wars kits in the stash. The B-wing is brilliant, well cast with little flash; it comes with a metal armature and decals. I'll post some pics when I can. Maybe time to get rid of my Blue Moon B-wing now, the studio scale kit is a lot nicer.
  14. Just wish you could get the Stargazer interior from the UK, rather than shipping in from US. Guess he has it all cast out there, but it does bump up cost for us here.
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