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  1. Trumpeter new tool Avro Vulcan

    This does look very similar to the Airfix to me too, not that I'm that familiar with it. Wonder if anyone here is clever enough to scale the photo from the thickness of the plastic on the undercarriage doors?
  2. Stunning work on the re-rivetting! Top work!
  3. One hour of masking... And the Mr Hobby RAF WWII Dark Green... I have slightly lightened the colours in places to give a bit of variation, but only slighting, she's going to be relatively clean. Black and aluminium next, and then we can decal! More soon! Val
  4. Harrier Gr1 - finished

    Beautiful work!
  5. That's a great model, top work!
  6. Very quick update, she's been painted with Mr Color RAF Dark Earth. Nothing more to report at this time, other than a giant thumb print in the tail which had to be sanded out and repainted... Green up next, underside, decals and she's nearly done. I will give her a panel line wash. I know these birds were kept clean, the debate of panel line washes will rage on far beyond this thread, but I like to see the detail and brake up the paintwork a bit, a bit of 3d effect! More soon! Val
  7. Brilliant, stunning, amazing build! And wonderfully detailed build thread as well, thanks!
  8. FRS.1 Sea Harrier

    Coming along nicely!
  9. Thanks! Ok, this brings us up to date. Here she is primed with Vallejo Polyurethane Primer. I like this stuff, goes down really smooth provided you're in no rush to sand the model afterwards. There were one or two minor areas that needed a rub with a sanding sponge, but other than that, she's ready to go. The white work is down! Good ol' Tamiya XF-2 (or 1? whatever the white one is!) mixed with Mr Color Levelling Thinners. Just wait for that to go off and I can get the brown in the top. I did do a bit of post shading just around the aileron, but didn't like it so went back over with the white. More soon! Val
  10. Hi all! Thank you all for your help. Tim, the info you sent me is invaluable! Sorry it's been a while. I've been busy getting married over Easter! So, not much time at the bench... I have edited my previous post as some pics were missing. Hopefully that's all solved now. I have also done a little more to this kit. All going fine really, just getting ready for paint. First thing as a little Mr Surfacer to the tail to fuselage join, a bit gappy but an easy fix. Front windscreen fitted: Next job was the exhausts, painted with Vallejo Exhaust Manifold. A nice colour, dark metal but with that goldy warm look. I didn't want to go down the rusted iron look, I want this bird to look quite new and clean (but used) after the very interesting chats above. Ready for paint! Seams check, all looks good! Next step is the primer. This actually has been done but not photod them yet. The idea is to get the white painted on, then do the top side, then the underside in black and get the aluminium colour on last of all. I'm hoping if I get the black colour down nice and smooth, an acrylic metal colour will work fine. More soon!
  11. Oh, sorry @Troy Smith, meant to say I am indeed doing 111 Sq bird. LI584 from the box front.
  12. So, wings are attached to the main body. It was a little fiddly getting the joysick threaded into the pit as the wings come together with the fuselage, but the fit is near on perfect. I have rescribed where required, but not much was needed in truth due to the lack of panels on a hurricane. With that done, the pump thing was installed into the where well. I was not sure why this was not installed earlier in the build, but I thought 'follow the instructions, must be a reason'. I can confirm there was no reason and it would have been a heck of a lot easier to have installed it earlier! I have also applied Mr Surfacer 500 to the areas where I thought seams might have been an issue. Waiting for that to dry now before sanding back. Also masked the light on the underside off with some Vallejo masking fluid. And for those wondering, yes I have left a nice finger print where I held the radiator together whilst gluing! The rear control surfaces have been installed, with a great, positive fit. The rudder has no locating points, just a flush surface to glue on to. I have given the rudder a slight angle to give it a bit of life, and I thought a slight error in fitting will be less obvious than if it was straight. I have also masked the canopy. That was a predictable pain! Basically ready for primer now, and I continue to be very impressed with this little kit. Cheers, Val
  13. It certainly does, Troy, thank you! It's quite striking the colour difference on the wings between the fabric and metal areas! Yeah I plan to keep her clean, but we'll see how I get on!