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  1. I've just seen this message mate, they look fantastic! Top work!
  2. Ju 88 g-6

    And another stunning JU88! Fantastic paintwork, and great job getting all those antennas on! I would have broken them all!
  3. Ju 88 s-1

    Awesome work, mate! The camo work is simply beautiful!
  4. Thank you! And yeah, why on earth did I put Hawker down?! No idea what I was thinking, edited as necessary! Cheers! Thanks mate, yeah we'd love to see how you are getting on
  5. Cheers! Yeah there were a few areas that required attention. The glass section which fitted on the underside of the nose was too wide for the fuselage too. I had to do quite a bit of filling and sanding around the wheel well area too. I had a real fight putting the flaps on too! Just keep filling and sanding buddy, you'll get there in the end Thanks! It was a very well detailed cockpit. Too detailed for 1/72? I would have said not so when I first put it together, but by the time you have the glasswork on you can see very little of it, so probably is I guess. It took a long time to do the cockpit!
  6. Thanks mate Yes, basically. I primed, then painted them entirely with Vallejo Metal Color Aluminium. Then a dabbed on liquid mask (Vallejo) randomly with a roughly cut sponge before overcoating Thank you everyone!
  7. Oh yes, I know the panel line you mean. I did a less than brilliant job on it myself.... I have tried to hide it with weathering!!
  8. Cheers everyone! It's really appreciated! I'm sure you'll do a great job, no worries! I can recommend the kit, it's really nice. It's just typical Revell, fit is fine, just needs a bit of sanding here and there. Only filling I did was some plasticard strips on one of the wing roots and the some styrene-extra thin mix on the wing tips. It's very well detailed.
  9. Thanks Phil, yes I might try that. I have the other half of the rod left if it goes wrong!
  10. She's looking great (there is a plugin for Firefox and Chrome that will allow you to see the pictures, for the time being at least!)
  11. Thank you everyone for your kind words! It is much appreciated! Yes mate, I think 2 or 3 years old? It's a great kit! Yes it's a really nice kit, recommended! According to the instructions and kit there is only one. Although with me there is always a chance I have lost it! I didn't bother filling the other hole as there is plenty of lumps and bumps on the back of the harrier. The kit does suggest you can. Think I've got that kit too... Is it the old Hasagawa kit?
  12. Thanks mate. Good point, they do on the photos! I hadn't noticed, but they are fine in real life. I guess it's a trick of the light. I did have a problem with a touch of fog in one or two minor places as I used Tamiya extra thin, but only in the corners of clear parts. Not really noticeable if you're not looking for them, and certainly not like the pics suggest.
  13. Thanks Jason, it was a lot of fun! That is an interesting question and I didn't know any of that. The model is based on JU 88A-4 of 9./KG 30 "Alder-Geschwader", Catania, Sicily, Italy, June 1941. The only think added from the OOB decals was a swastika. To be completely honest I followed the Revell instructions without any personal research so I do not know how accurate they are at all. And if I interpreted the colour callouts correctly! It was also the aircraft on the box. Val
  14. Thanks mate! To be honest, I've been back modelling for a few years now and I've never been too worried about tanks. However, after seeing some awesome tank builds on here and Flory's forums, I have a couple that have made their way into the stash! They do look fun, so will get stuck in soon
  15. Thanks everyone for your kind words! Thanks mate. To be fair, it's not so much difficult, but you've just got a seam to fill and sand. This in itself of course isn't a problem, it's just that you've got some lovely panel detail and rivetting around this seam which unfortunately will be lost and quite hard (for me) to put back in. The panels aren't a square shape so is needs a bit of care. It's more of a problem on the underside which will be less seen so it's not the end of the world.