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  1. It definitely does. I've been looking more into it (the kit I actually have) and all parts are there despite their numbering changes. Like I say, this was the first time I have had a kit like this but all in order. Thanks for your help though and hopefully others might benefit from my lack of knowledge now
  2. Hi everyone, A question to the floor from a returnee to the hobby. I recently bought an Airfix Mk 8 Lynx from eBay and it arrived today with everything appearing in tact. I have heard of kits coming with new / updated sprues to provide new / re-modelled pieces. My question is this though, the instructions appear to have differing piece numbers to some of the sprue parts. I have looked and they appear to match the diagram, appear to be the right scale but it's the differing number that has thrown me. That coupled with the difference in the new sprue's colour. I
  3. Thanks @Corsairfoxfouruncle @dnl42 and Pete in Lincs. It's nice to hear from like minded folks and always nice to be appreciated for my service. I'll have a few pics from my first two builds up soon and look forward to the feedback. Again, thanks for your replies and I'll no doubt bump into you at some point.
  4. This is superb!!! I'm a great fan of weathered aircraft and the chipped paint / smoke and grime. How did you accomplish the exposed metal effect and engine filler grime?
  5. Hi all, I thought that I'd pop on and say hello, seen as I'll no doubt be picking your minds about various techniques, hints and tips. As a young teen I absolutely loved building model aircraft and hanging them from my bedroom ceiling (usually to return from school to find one line had came loose and the aircraft was in a flat spin ). Back then I had no insight into simple things like thinning enamels and decal solutions (amen for those parts of the internet) and now want to try and see just how good I can get. There are some absolute masters out there from what
  6. Seeing examples like this is what has made me try my hand at the craft again... excellent work!
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