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  1. Great looking P-38, very subtle weathering, love it.
  2. Hello Pascal Very informative, i will try it out next time, coz i have ever problems with the white balance, as one can see on my yellow F-86 Sabre of Montana ANG. The background is not really white but greyish.
  3. Great painted and weathered Plastikbomber, as we called this car................
  4. Thank you so much guys for your kind comments. Much appreciated Yes Volker youre right, its not easy to get a nice result on these little scale, the risk is, to overdone it, i want really avoid it, especially because it was just a training Boat.
  5. Hi friends Today i want share to you my recently work, a ex Type XXI U-Boat transfered to new class 241 ,,Wilhelm Bauer,, Well i love to build submarines, because you come very fast to the painting and weathering job, what i really like, its my passion Wilhelm Bauer (originally designated U-2540) is a Type XXI U-boat of Nazi Germany's navy (Kriegsmarine), completed shortly before the end of World War II. It was scuttled at the end of the war, having never gone on patrol. In 1957, it was raised from the seabed off Flensburg Firth, refurbished and recommission
  6. Great start, i will follow your build thread. I like Jagdpanther much.
  7. A brilliant 190. I like your paint and weathering work a lot
  8. Yes. ...a big yes i can confirm it. Martin Kovac alias,,Night Shift,, is one of the best modeler on youtube. His works are superb.
  9. Thank you so much for your explanation
  10. What about your build? Did you give up?
  11. Can you tell us how did you managed this weathering effects? What colours did you used?
  12. Absolutely perfect finish. I love how you archieved the used look, so typical for danish F-104 G. You get the highest rank........you make my day
  13. I only see it just now. Outstanding work. I love your paint and weathering job much
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