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  1. Great model, but i must say, with a better photographing it would be look much more realistic
  2. Excellent model, so amazing. Exorbitant............Congratulation
  3. Another fantastic work from you. Its a joy to watch it.
  4. Looks so real, especially pic #2, fantastic. well done mate
  5. Hallo Andy Thank you so much for your kind comment, much appreciated. Danke schön Gruß aus Oldenburg
  6. Also my Italeri F-104 Starfighter in 1/32 was took at natural lights at Oldenburg air base
  7. Hi friends here some pics of my HH-34 which took at natural lights.
  8. Hi friends Its never to late for a kind comment. Thank you so much.
  9. Again lovely work by your dad. I think it could be nice idea to show the whole collection of all 262 your daddy have.
  10. Excellent work, your paint and weathering job is outstanding, well done mate.
  11. Thats high engineering, its a joy to watch all your pics, so amazing work
  12. The Leopard II would be a better choice. Its still one of the best tank world wide.
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