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  1. Great model, but i must say, with a better photographing it would be look much more realistic
  2. Excellent model, so amazing. Exorbitant............Congratulation
  3. Another fantastic work from you. Its a joy to watch it.
  4. Looks so real, especially pic #2, fantastic. well done mate
  5. Hallo Andy Thank you so much for your kind comment, much appreciated. Danke schön Gruß aus Oldenburg
  6. Also my Italeri F-104 Starfighter in 1/32 was took at natural lights at Oldenburg air base
  7. Hi friends here some pics of my HH-34 which took at natural lights.
  8. Hi friends Its never to late for a kind comment. Thank you so much.
  9. Again lovely work by your dad. I think it could be nice idea to show the whole collection of all 262 your daddy have.
  10. Excellent work, your paint and weathering job is outstanding, well done mate.
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