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  1. Hi Markus Yes Kinetic made a big step forward, good for us modellers. Some years back i had the same opinion about anniversary paint jobs like you, but i dont know why i change my mind, can't explain it. Now i like them........
  2. Nice to hear to inspired you to buy Kinetic 104. The Hasegawa one is not bad, except your mentioned rivets. But not state of the art anymore. The Kinetic one is simply top notch
  3. so, here was bad weather all day, windy, rainy and cold. What can we do at those weather? Right...........modelling. now I'll show you what I've been doing all afternoon. by the way, the fit is superb....is that really Kinetic? front wheel well front part of lower fuselage really nicely mould nozzle front lower part and wheel well fit perfect main gear wheel well nice idea by Kinetic with the flaps, if you want show flaps down, you
  4. So, the vikings have the fault I have sold all my Hasegawa 104s, just to earn money to buy two Kinetic ones. I have built several kinetic kits,i was not so happy with, but this 104 kit is really great.
  5. Hehehehe yes maybe, i wonder they didnt call it Memmnigshire or Memmingborough. Anyway, thank you so much Bob
  6. Hi friends For my second build report here at britmodeller, I'll be using the new F-104G by Kinetic in 1:48. I heard so many good things about this kit, so i wanna make my own experience with. But instead of a camouflage painting, it will be a special painting for the 25th anniversary of JaboG 34 and 50th Anniversary of Memmingen air base, ( Cutting Edge call it Memmingham, maybe they think thats anywhere in Great Britain hehehehe )because i just received the decals of Cutting Edge from ebay seller, the decals are 20 years old, hope they will still working. I will build t
  7. Absolute brilliant, never seen this model before
  8. Excellent work, one of the best B-17 i ever seen. You make my dayyyy.
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