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  1. I picked one of these up yesterday - looks very nice. As @Scott Garard says, the windows look fiddly.
  2. Pet hates.

    It can sometimes be hard to tell whether your lights are on. Once had an electrical failure in a well lit area at night and didn't realise the headlights were on - despite being clearly switched on and every indication on the dashboard that they were - until I got into an unlit area. Then it got interesting.
  3. Zebra's Airfix Walrus

    Thanks Crisp. Not a lot of tips to give though, it's been a pretty much trouble free build. My only tips for anyone building this kit are to make sure key structural bits like the internal bulkheads are very firmly in place due to the tight tolerances, and only worry about he ejector pin marks that are going to be visible because most of them can't be seen! i might have said this a few times before - it's a lovely kit. Looking forward to getting back to it next weekend.
  4. Great work Crisp, it's looking very good indeed.
  5. Supermarine Seagull ASR-1

    I think it's looking great. Don't be disheartened, you're well on the way to a good looking model (of an odd-looking aeroplane!).
  6. Zebra's Airfix Walrus

    Thanks Ian and John. Very pleased with my first go at rigging! Ian - the clear parts in this kit are very nice. As you say, crisp and clear. Not too bad to mask either - it's all straight lines. Didn't get any more done today. Didn't get a lot of sleep last night (my own fault - decided to watch an episode of Stranger Things before bed - 3 hours later it's 1am and I've just finished season 1!) and decided I needed to be more alert and less uncoordinated to fit and rig the floats. So this will get finished when I get back from the UK in a couple of weeks.
  7. Zebra's Airfix Walrus

    Wings on and rigged! First time I've rigged a biplane. Also the first time I've assembled a biplane in a very long time - I think I probably stopped about the time I realised biplanes needed rigging, which would have put me off back then. Since then I've thought about building biplanes from time to time and went as far as buying some thread from Aeroclub the last time I was at Telford (2010 I think). This is the first time I've got around to trying it. It was fiddly, a few strands really didn't want to stick or stay stuck, but I learned as I went and it did seem to get easier. Feels like a bit of an achievement! Not necessarily going to seek out opportunities for more rigging, but won't be put off by it in future. Should get the floats on and rigged tomorrow. There are a few other bits to do - radio aerials, fitting the guns, smoke bombs and so on - and I'll get as much as I can done tomorrow but probably won't get it finished. After that there's no modelling for a couple of weeks as I'm off to the UK for a conference on Friday.
  8. Fantastic Viscount John. This will always be one of my favourite aeroplanes. I'm tempted by the S&M kit and the F-RSIN kit (not sure which is better) but I'd really love an 800 in 1/72.
  9. Zebra's Airfix Walrus

    Last weekend I tried the method Kahunaminor suggested - it's improved the chipping situation, although it looks better from a distance! I've made a start on the decals today - most of the decals on the fuselage are done (just need to do the serial on the starboard side), roundels on the wings, no stencils done yet - these are walkways on the lower wings and walkways denoted as boot prints on the upper wings. So should get them done tomorrow. The yellow codes are made up from the codes for the RAF option in the kit, cut up and rearranged - PV-W started out as AQ-M! Its a good thing I've got 2 kits as I needed both kits' decal sheets for this. Quite happy with how they've worked out. 4 day weekend this weekend, and I'm trying to get this finished. May or may not get it done. Tomorrow I'll finish the decals, hopefully get a bit more weathering and a matt coat on. Then it's rigging, final assembly, and a few detail bits to do.
  10. Disappointed to see this one lagging behind in the poll. It's a great subject with loads of good modelling options - come on folks, vote for Brits Abroad!
  11. Groupbuild poll for 2018

    I found voting in this poll very difficult! 7 of the current top 9 work for me, but so do 4 of the bottom 7. So I think I'll be participating in some group builds next year. Many thanks Enzo!
  12. I'd like to contact Patrick Padovan of Olympia, WA, USA if he's on here or anyone knows him. I ordered some decals from Hannants a couple of weeks ago. The postal service being what it seems to be these days (seems to take 2 weeks or more these days, not so long ago things would take a week or less), so I'd only just started wondering when the decals would get here. So wasn't surprised to get a delivery today. What did surprise me is that they'd gone the long way round - they seem to have got stuck to Patrick's delivery and made their way to him. Patrick very kindly sent them on. So I'd like to contact Patrick to thank him, if anyone knows him can you put me in touch please? thanks Z
  13. GB idea: conscripted and demobbed

    That's why I think the rules need to be broad! Definitely! It's got a RAF serial and roundels, it counts.
  14. GB idea...Winter War/Continuation War

    I know very little about the Winter War/Continuation War but I'd be interested in this one. There's a new Blenheim coming next year after all.
  15. Fantastic! I love a good conversion, this is just the kind of thing I like to see. There must be quite a lot of the Su-24 kit in your spares box now!