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  1. Has Airfix gone Hollywood?

    I had been wondering when that would start. Must be a very unwelcome bit of extra admin for you. This is going way off topic for the rumourmonger forum and risking straying into the realm of politics but it’s aimed at pacifying some big local retailers who made a lot of noise about overseas online retailers and GST a couple of years ago but who should look at their own businesses to understand why we buy from overseas - their problem isn’t GST, it’s that we’re buying things from overseas because we can’t get them here or because we’re saving a lot more than 10% we often get them quicker than we would within Australia (like the oven I bought from Hungary which, including delivery, cost half what it would here and I had it in five days). David, I’be been buying from Hannants for many years and the GST impost won’t stop that. It’ll probably still be cheaper and anyway most of what I get from you isn’t readily available here.
  2. Airfix 1/48 Sea Hurricane

    Thanks Steve. Not decided which scheme yet - if you've got a preference, go with it and I'll do the other one. I've made some fairly swift progress - fuselage and wings are now together - but as the cockpit will be closed I didn't spend a lot of time painting the interior. Everything has gone together fairly well - no trouble at all getting the cockpit framework into the fuselage - and the wing has gone on ok but left a blooming great step where the front of the lower wing meets the fuselage. The sanding stick has dealt with the step, I've accepted a loss of surface detail in a place where it isn't going to be all that noticeable so I can live with that. I like the cockpit framework - here's how it looked before the fuselage went on. The seatbelts are Eduard steel ones - first time I've used these, much better than the standard PE. The detail is nice, but it would be nice if the detail on the sidewalls was a little better. And here's how it's looking tonight:
  3. Airfix 1/48 Sea Hurricane.

    Nice work Steve. I'm slightly ahead of you with mine - I've got the fuselage and wings together. I think "with care should be fine" sums it up pretty well. The plastic is definitely different - due to warped wings in my Sea Hurricane kit I'm combining the wings from the first release with the Sea Hurricane kit and the difference is noticeable. Interestingly different sprues in my Sea Hurricane kit are in slightly different shades of grey as well. As you say, not 100% without its issues, but with a little care and a little fettling I think it's going to come together quite nicely.
  4. John that looks fantastic. The polished aluminium has come out really well. Photocopying the decals is such a great idea - seems so obvious as well, why didn’t I think of that?
  5. It's a Ten from Len

    Great to see another VC10 in the group build, looking forward to this.
  6. Zebra's Mil Mi-10

    Thanks @Romeo Alpha Yankee and @Vultures1. Ray, the MiG is the Eduard kit - very nice little kit.
  7. Zebra's Mil Mi-10

    Wheels are on. The rear wheels might just be the biggest wheels I've ever come across on a 1/72 aircraft model! Here it is with the MiG on the platform underneath - not attached, just to see how it looks:
  8. Anything but injection molding

    Count me in. I don’t have much in the stash that would fit the bill but there are a couple of Welsh Models kits I have my eye on.
  9. Tyabb Aishow

    Great shots Bruce. I took a few hundred myself - still working through them. Tyabb is a great show - you don’t get that close to the display at many shows these days. I’ll never tire of seeing that Hudson!
  10. Has Airfix gone Hollywood?

    Agree regarding postage costs - it does seem to negate the benefit of buying overseas, and you don’t have to buy a lot from Hannants to breach the size limit for normal parcel post. A couple of times now I’ve saved up my Hannants purchases and put in one big order, and did get some economy of scale - everything worked out a fair bit cheaper than it would have been here. There’s also Luckymodel’s $2 postage specials from tine to time, as someone else has pointed out, but they don’t seem to keep a lot of stock of some brands. There does seem to be an odd attitude to pricing in Australia - used to be able to save 10-20% in the Melbourne CBD by walking 5 minutes between shops - it’s as if they don’t think people will compare prices.
  11. Airfix 1/48 Meteor

    I'll be getting (at least) one of these, without a doubt. Hopefully someone will produce some decals - I like the 8 Sqn markings.
  12. Interesting model and a fantastic finish, well done
  13. Nice pair of JPs Martin. The grey and dayglo is a nice colour scheme.
  14. Nice work Mark. I agree with Col about those wheels - a work of art.