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  1. This is looking good. I have a bit of a thing for the Balliol - would love one in 1/48.
  2. Very nice. I love first generation Harriers. Not sure why I've never built one.
  3. Great work! Really love seeing something so small done so well.
  4. Fantastic! There are some really good Flankers on here today!
  5. Great job RMCS. There seem to be some great Flanker models being made at the moment!
  6. Brewster F2A-3 Buffalo

    Great work. Very nice indeed!
  7. Nice work, beautifully finished. I like this one a lot. Zvezda seem to be making some very nice kits these days.
  8. Beautiful Gnat! Feeling inspired to dig mine out and get started.
  9. Tupolev Tu-2S Bat

    Engines are assembled, painted and installed. I really needn't have bothered painting them as nothing will be visible, but this is the Radial Engines Rock GB so I couldn't leave them unpainted. But didn't go overboard. So here's the first and last photo with the engines visible: I've now got the cowlings on and started masking. The cowlings didn't fit around the engines - I had to remove some material from the engines with a sanding stick to get them on. I'm using Eduard masks - well worth the money, masking the clear parts would drive me mad otherwise. Should get some primer on this week, then I'm really going to have to decide which colour scheme I'm doing - I think it's going to be a postwar Polish aircraft. Here's how it's looking tonight:
  10. Thanks everyone @F1xena - that must have been quite a storm!
  11. Minion's Finnish pencil

    Nice work Craig. This is going to be a stunner.
  12. Fantastic colour scheme! What were the decals like?
  13. Thanks Orion I think there are quite a few 146s and Avro RJs flying still. G-MIMA is now with Mahan Air in Iran and I think CityJet is the biggest operator in Europe now. The last one I saw was a Canadian fire bomber.
  14. Great work! Excellent finish, and the weathering looks very realistic.
  15. Here's my Revell 1/144 BAe 146-200 finished as G-MIMA of Manx Airlines, using F-DCAL decals. This was my entry in the Made In Britain II group build, WIP thread is here