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  1. HK Lancaster ?.

    I read somewhere they're tooling up for it, hopefully someone will be along soon with firm news.
  2. Sigh. Anyone want to buy a started old-tool Special Hobby Pucara?
  3. Airfix 1/48th Sea Fury

    Beauty for sure. Utterly gorgeous.
  4. Look at it go! I love it! I think this is the first SC.1 model I've ever seen. I love how you've done it with the tethers, fantastic. Great job!
  5. I didn't expect it as I've not got much interest in or knowledge of the type but that's breathtaking. Beautiful work.
  6. I still don't understand the title but I love the build. Gorgeous work! Camouflage Lightnings are my favourite, and this is just spot on.
  7. 1-72 Heinkel He-280 V2

    Oh wow, that scheme is gorgeous! I want one!
  8. 1/72 Airfix Phantom FG.1 (R.A.F.)

    I'm sad I missed that as an option. What an interesting project!
  9. I don't know enough about the subject to react as others have, but the pictures are telling me a fascinating story!
  10. That looks brilliant. It's getting harder to resist.
  11. I'm another follower of the WIP and it's amazing to see your end result after the work you've shared so far. Beautiful. I'd be proud! If ever there was an aircraft that deserved to be modelled gear-up I think the B-2 is that aircraft.
  12. Westland Sea King HU5

    And you say this is 1/72?! Wow! I'm sorry I've missed this, but at least that means I can digest the previous 18 pages and really enjoy it. I really, really like the red (orange?) - very eye-catching, but not as retina-scorching as day-glo.
  13. Now there's an idea for a really weird "What If?" model! I've only recently discovered the charms of the Raiden so I'm keen to follow along too.
  14. F4U Royal New Zealand Air Force

    As a Kiwi modeller I have to confess I was unaware of the state of affairs around Corsair colours too! This thread is eye-opening but very welcome. It's also a subject of great interest to modellers worldwide - I swear that about 2/3 of the RNZAF Corsair builds I see online are of the half-and-half machine. There are so many I actually stopped clicking on RNZAF Corsair threads for a while fear I'd find yet another of it. I know I've seen a Ventura sheet with RNZAF roundels painted over the star but I have a feeling it was a Dauntless one.
  15. I'm midway through a similar nostalgia "Dad and I" build - Monogram's 1/48 Huey Hog chopper - but Dad also built a more recent version of this kit for me too, so seeing these parts is bringing back all sorts of memories! Thanks for sharing!