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  1. Magua87

    Meteor NF engine nacelle size

    Morning, all. I was wondering if there was an easy way to determine what nacelle size a particular night fighter Meteor was fitted with? I've got a Matchbox build on the go (NF14) and I have an option of narrow or enlarged intakes. I'm currently looking at airframes WS800, WS830, and WS833 from Modeldecal sheet 92. Actually, while we're on the topic of Meteors, regarding airframe WS800, the decal sheet reads "60 Sqn. machines are believe to have had aluminium silver undersides". Can anyone confirm?
  2. Magua87

    High Speed Siver

    Also, I've also found Gunze (Mr Hobby) silver 8 Lacquer to be a good choice. It comes in a bottle, so no decanting required for airbrushing.
  3. Magua87

    High Speed Siver

    Tamiya AS-12 Lacquer in the spray can is a good choice. You can either spray direct from the can or decant for spraying from an airbrush (my preferred method).
  4. Props for perseverance! Looking forward to the next update.
  5. Magua87

    Airfix Dutch Sea Fury

    Beautiful work. Nice to see British aircraft in foreign markings.
  6. Magua87

    Xtrakit 1/72 Swift FR5

    I had some minor cracking on the nacelles of a recent meteor which were painted with Gunze's shine red and coated in klear. Unfortunately I hadn't made the association before I started brushing the whole of the Swift with the same bottle! I can't comment on Humbrol's oil paints other than their gloss black, which seemed to airbrush nicely. The acrylic 230 was ... inconsistent. I couldn't get a good thinned ratio. It would seem to dry up in the paint cup and require constant re-thinning and playing with the air pressure.
  7. Magua87

    Xtrakit Swift 1/72

    Gents, she's finally finished. Thanks for joining me for this build.
  8. Hi, all. I'm glad to be sharing this RFI with you all. This kit almost didn't make it across the finishing line. It never quite reached the shelf of doom, but it was certainly on the back burner for a while. This model was to be airframe WK293. Xtrakit incorrectly label the belly as being PRU blue when it was actually silver. Wanting to add a PRU blue Swift to my collection I changed course and grabbed some Airfix decals from @FZ6. This required a few touch ups of the disruptive camouflage on the top sides to match the new aircraft, WK281. When I got to the gloss stage I promptly dropped the aircraft and had to repair to nose. That wasn't too hard to fix. Following the repairs I decided to brush on a coat of klear, rather than airbrush my Tamiya X22. However, this coat of klear caused cracking all over the model! After some attempts to fix the issue I eventually stripped the whole aircraft with thinner and sandpaper. And for my last disaster, as I approached the finishing line I drilled a hole right through the starboard wing trying to make a secure footing for the landing gear. Despite all the trials, I'm very happy with the finished product. I've lost a few panel lines along the way (mostly on the upper side of the main wings), but it's not a glaring omission. This fills a niche in my collection and demonstrates my commitment to getting things right! Paints: PRU Blue: Humbrol Acrylic 230 (horrendous paint) Dark Green: H330 Dark Sea Grey: H331 Gloss: Tamiya Flat: Gunze Decals are Airfix, except for the roundels (Xtradecal) and the squadron markings (Xtrakit).
  9. I'm enjoying these builds. They'll prove very helpful as I hear S&M have announced a PR3 for next year (it's on the wishlist).
  10. Magua87

    Triple Mustang build - 1/72

    I had similar issues with my Airfix F-51s. I had wonky panel lines on one wing and again on the fuselage under the cockpit. Those burrs on your fuselage are something different again!
  11. Hi, all. On the hunt for a single seat Skyhawk in 1/72 I bought one of the Fujimi Blue Angels boxings. This is the A-4F / TA-4J box and contains parts to build either a single or two seat aircraft. I actually managed to grab two of these and I plan to build one as a single-seater and the other as a two-seater. This will leave me with a spare nose section for the single-seater which I'd like to put to use elsewhere. I've seen a Fujimi A-4KU for sale, which I understand to be basically an A-4M. I'm wondering if I could take my spare parts from the A-4F boxing and use these on the A-4M. As far as I can see the only new parts for the A-4M / A-4KU is the nose itself, which would be replaced. Although I see the intakes are given a different part number, but I can't find any references online about the A-4M having larger intakes than the earlier skyhawks. Is anyone able to speak with confidence of the differences between the A-4M / A-4KU boxings and how they differ from the various A-4E/Fs models that Fujimi have kitted? I'm hoping you'll tell me it's just the nose section and I can go ahead with this idea.
  12. Colin Grey was on the list. Now that I'm aware of Rosie I think a Typhoon Tempest will be in order.
  13. Magua87

    1:72 Special Hobby Avro Anson Mk.I

    I've been thinking about buying one of these for a while. Bill's builds are always great as I'll be able to see what challenges lay ahead and how to tackle them (though not with the same level of finesse!) With all the Anson experts in one thread, what's the difference between the early and late boxings of the Special Hobby kit?
  14. None that I'm aware of. See below. It wasn't too much work, but it was easier having the Eduard spare and not having to cut out the rear canopy section as well.
  15. Thanks, all for your comments. Tamiya X22 for the decals and Tamiya XF86 to finish. The Hurricane had a coat of Microscale flat. I might need to lay down a few more coats in the future for a flatter finish. Although the kits don't stand out in the cabinet, so I think the light was just at the right angle in these photos to make them shine. Whoops. Oh well, only a small error. This was Xtradecal sheet 72221. Is there a reference we could pass on to them?