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  1. Not sure if it's been mentioned already, but the tail wheel is on backwards.
  2. Looking forward to this build, Patrice. I've got two of the low back MkXIVs which I'll get to eventually.
  3. Do you mind if I ask what primer you were using?
  4. Lockdown progress. First; two steps forward, one step back. Having been following the Lancaster STGB I've seen a few comments about the angle of the outboard engines (for various kits). I decided to check my engines and ... oh my. So off came the outboard engines and plastic card was added, along with super glue, milliput and brushed on primer. Much better. Meanwhile, the scribing continues on the fuselage. And most importantly, paint! Finally! Note to self, use a grey primer or paint over th
  5. This is fantastic, Tony. I love when old kits get shown some love. They may have been superseded by newer kits, but they sure look the part with a bit of attention and detail work.
  6. With all this time on my hands during lockdown, I committed to some more improvements to the Lancaster wings. Having improved the wheel bays, the radiator(?) flap up front of the nacelle looked out of place. It's not even a flap on the Airfix kit. Out came the masking tape and drill, some plastic card, Tamiya Extra Thin, and the super glue. On went the paint. And some flaps were cut from plastic card and glue and sanded to fit. I also noticed that the engine exhausts needed a bit of work to look a bit
  7. I've got far too much on the go to join in. But then again, that Spitfire Mk.22 is just dying to be built... and I am stuck at home.
  8. Good idea, but unfortunately not. We're on full lock-down here in NZ. Essential businesses open only.
  9. Well, the lock-down is helping with the Lancaster's progression. First off, some surgery to the nose transparency led to this. The Lanc' I'm building didn't have a floor window, so this has been glued into place, the gaps super glued, and sanded back. Having been following the Lancaster STGB I'd noticed how empty the wheel wells are in the Airfix kit. Beyond the blanks I had placed forward and aft, there's only a bit of sidewall detail. This was rectified with plastic card. I've also whipped u
  10. Actually, some of the panel lines slant up towards the rear of the aircraft from the window 5th back from the end of the fuselage (panels in red note where the convergence begins). Or just forward of the turret in the instructions image above. I assume the panels slant from the vertical panel line (marked in orange) on the Airfix kit?
  11. More progress. Probably because this build has stretched out over four years, I've lost some of my transparencies. Specifically, the glass windows in the roof. My improvised solution was to cut larger holes in the Lanc's roof, and to roughly cut to shape some plastic from an old plastic CD case. These were super glued in place and have been sanded smooth. Once we come out of our lockdown in NZ, I'll grab some Tamiya polishing compound to sort them out. They look too large now, but will be masked to the correct diameter when it's time to paint. A query for
  12. My thoughts exactly. To help me finish the fuselage scribing I'm going to need a bit of advice from someone with an Airfix Lancaster in the stash. Will have a post with pictures and queries tonight my time.
  13. Friends! It may have been over two years, but this build still slowly progresses when I find the time and motivation. Hard to come by with a little one in the house (just over 1 year old). The wings have been scribed. The nacelles are together. And are attached to the wing. And I couldn't resist a dry fit to the fuselage.
  14. Would they have flown with empty rocket rails? Or would those have been removed? This website doesn't have a reference for its information, but states that the Wyverns flew with unguided rockets during Musketeer. About half way down the page. http://www.letletlet-warplanes.com/2017/10/21/the-westland-wyvern-a-mighty-monster/nggallery/slideshow Apologies for the thread highjack, @Shelliecool!
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