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  1. Would they have flown with empty rocket rails? Or would those have been removed? This website doesn't have a reference for its information, but states that the Wyverns flew with unguided rockets during Musketeer. About half way down the page. http://www.letletlet-warplanes.com/2017/10/21/the-westland-wyvern-a-mighty-monster/nggallery/slideshow Apologies for the thread highjack, @Shelliecool!
  2. Great work. The weathering brings it to life.
  3. I've got the last boxing of the old-mould Buccaneer (S2b/S2d/SMk50). Is there anything worth saving from that box for this new kit before I give it away / bin it (half-rescribed it before the new kit arrived!).
  4. One more question before I let you go! Wing roundel sizes? Do they look to be the same size as they were on your model? Xtradecal's sheet 72105 recommends 48 inches for the PS852 after it's repaint into silver (after Powles departure). The remainders I have on the Kitsworld sheet are 28 and 54 inches.
  5. Hi, Antti. Very interesting. Are you able to share the higher res image? Or could you let me know what stencils are visible? Thanks very much for your help.
  6. Hi, Antti. I'm wondering about the stencils on the after after it was repainted into MSG and PRU-Blue. I presume that photo in your thread is probably before the aircraft was repainted?
  7. Complete repaint I believe. Whoops, good call on the sub-forum, but don't think I can move the thread, however.
  8. Kia ora, Britmodellers. I'm working on an Airfix PRXIX in 1/48. Specifically, I'm portraying PS852, the Spitfire that Edward Powles flew on spy flights over China. I'm interested in portraying it after it was repainted from a scheme of all-over PRU Blue to PRU Blue undersides with Medium Sea Grey top sides (wings and fuselage). What I'm not clear on is how many of the aircraft's stencils might have been carried over when it was repainted. I have the Kits-World sheet for the PRXIX and there's a plethora of stencils, but I'm not sure of the authenticity for the repainted aircraft. There are some great shots of PS852 and PS854 in Antti_K's thread here and he notes on one photo (presumably pre-repaint) the aircraft's "original wartime stenciling" below the cockpit, indicating that there would be fewer stencils post-repaint. Indeed, the Airfix instruction sheet for PS888 has no stencils, except for those on the propeller and the jack placement points under the wings. Not even any walk way lines on the wings, bar the big black bars adjacent to the cockpit on the wings. Any thoughts as to which, if any, stencils I should be using for my PRXIX? I'm leaning towards none, except those mentioned in the Airfix instructions for PS888 (jack points and the propeller only).
  9. Is there a picture of 3136 in his book? I think I need to visit my library. As with the P-40e, I assume the quarter panels would still be in OD rather than foliage green?
  10. Thanks, Alan. Safe to assume these aircraft would be olive drab and neutral grey? Both 3136 and 3081 (both no.4 OTU)?
  11. Hi, Alan, Was wondering if you could help with information for the Ohakea P-40 OTUs. The P-40E is just awaiting its flat coat, so I've got an Academy P-40M on order (and a replacement canopy too). I've built the Academy P-40M before as NZ3136 from the Ventura sheet V7207. I followed the instructions at the time, but noting your comments about dubious research, I'm not sure about the white stripes that almost cover the rear fuselage behind the letter 28 or the white bars to the roundels on the wings. In the few photos I've seen of the OTU aircraft in New Zealand, none had a white stripe that ran the full height of the fuselage like Ventura show below. A scan of the old Ventura instructions. There are two photos of 3136 in the Rukuhia P-40 pile here and here. I can't see the large white stripeon the rear of the fuselage or any bars to the roundels. It may be the case that these have worn off the airframe first? Or never existed as depicted by Ventura? The forward identification stripe is still visible and you can see a roundel under the wing in the first photo with no white bar to it. My other alternative is to model an aircraft which has period service photos, strangely enough from the Ventua website, NZ3081. What I'm wondering is if it's safe to assume this flew in olive drab and neutral gray? And I assume that stripe on the tail should be in red? I can use the Ventura sheet for this and bodge up a 1 instead of a 2 from some RAF red code letter decals. In fact you can see more photos of P-40Ms here and none have the full fuselage height white stripes. http://www.thescale.info/news/publish/P-40-RNZAF-training.shtml
  12. Sorry, I should have specified, I'm looking at the sheet for P-40Ns based in New Zealand. In which case I believe there was an "identity blue" used for the roundels for training aircraft. Or is this another misconception or something that's recently been corrected through research?
  13. Now that my P40e is nearing completion (I'll get some photos up when done), I'm eyeing up the P-40Ns I have in the stash. I'm using Ventura sheet V7277. Now, I notice compared to my Lockheed Ventura decals, the blue is much lighter on the roundel. I've got their Corsair sheet too, V7285, and on the Ventura website for those corsair decals they talk about NZ repainted roundels being a lighter shade (referencing Peter Mossong). I presume the same reasoning explains the P-40N sheet"s lighter shade of roundel. http://www.thescale.info/news/publish/RNZAF_Corsair-correct-blue-roundels.shtml I bring this up as I've seen other threads where people are adamant there was a single RNZAF roundel colour, in NZ and the islands. Any thoughts?
  14. The random Sword decals are the winner (or close enough). I think I'll raid my Ventura Lockheed Ventura decals for some 48 inch roundels. Will have to get the scissors out to get rid of those pesky white bars to get four decals. The blue in the Ventura Dauntless decals look a little light for my liking. Thanks again!
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