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  1. Evening, all. I've got an Academy B-17E on the go, which will be built as FK186. Two images linked below. https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205210450 http://zoom.iwm.org.uk/view/7513&cat=photographs&oid=object-205018261 I've been looking at the availability of decals for a Coastal Command Fortress, and I've got choices between Xtradecal and Kitsworld. What those sheets don't have are the lettering I need; the 8 inch serial, the large J on the fuselage (36"?) and the S up front (size unknown?). I haven't seen any recent threads on Coastal Command codes / serials, but it seems we have slim pickings? I understand the colour of the codes / serials should be light slate grey, but it seems the closest we have is either dark grey or medium sea grey. And even then, no 8 inch serials available at all in those colours. Dark. https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/AOD72C02 Medium sea. https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/X72145 Two questions. Are there any sheets in dark slate grey that I've overlooked? Any idea on the size of the "S" on the nose of my chosen aircraft?
  2. Very much. Thanks, Alan!
  3. Cheers, Alan. I'll look into it. I've got another question you might be able to help with (or perhaps the other forum can); do you know if the post-war 5 Squadron Catalinas flew with machine gun armament? This image of the recovery of NZ4051 seems to show the front turret blanked off. I don't see any armament on photos of 5 Squadron Catalinas on the ADF serials site either. I'm also curious if there were any changes to the fuselage blisters post-war? I know the Academy Catalina is pretty basic here, but wouldn't want to waste my time scratch building something that may have been modified further.
  4. Success (close enough). You won't be able to compare them together once they're on the wings. Before After
  5. Super glue on the wings and re-scribing of control surfaces has begun. Will try for primer tomorrow night to check my progress. I thought I was finished with the cowlings, when I noticed this. A bit of work to do to get the right one flat. I have been working on this kit off and on for a few years now, but I don't at all remember squaring off the cowling to the left! I wonder if that was dad's handy work long before he gave the kit to me?
  6. We continue to persevere. Gaps are being filled, uneven surfaces are being sanded, and we're getting ready for some basic scribing. Apart from the control surfaces, the bomb bay will be the only area I'll be scribing into the plastic and primer.
  7. Hi, BMers. Having recently finished an Academy PBY-2, I would like to move onto the PBY-5 in my collection. This will be a post-war RNZAF Catalina of 5 Squadron. The aircraft I have in mind were the Canadian built PB2B-1. All of the reference photos I have show an additional window on each side of the rear fuselage behind the blisters. Here's a photo. http://www.adf-gallery.com.au/gallery/Catalina-NZ4046/RNZAF_Consolidated_Catalina_5Sqn_KN_A_NZ4046_PB2B_1_ashore_Mechanics_Bay_NZ_ca_50_02 and the full set of images. http://www.adf-serials.com.au/nz-serials/nzcatalina.htm Does anyone have any information or plans regarding this window addition? E.g. location and size. I haven't yet found anything relevant online and would like to add this to my RNZAF example.
  8. Thanks, Dave. Is this from a book? Do you have a source we could find? Would be interested to see those photos. Another shot of mine from the Auckland War Memorial Museum.
  9. Thought I'd dig this thread up for another question. I notice that the Eduard kit uses duck egg green for the lettering, but the aircraft in the Auckland War Memorial Museum uses white. Image is my own. Is this another mistake from Eduard?
  10. I've got two spare Fujimi noses from their Blue Angels display team boxes (one fuselage, both a single and twin seat nose, and one set of wings). I was thinking of mating them to Airfix wings.
  11. Could you share a few shots of the Dak? Looks great on display.
  12. The results of all my sanding! It's looking pretty good under the primer. I think I'll need to give it a rub down with some 1000 grit to get it a bit smoother before another blast of primer. There are a few areas that need attention. Unsurprisingly, the underside of the tail-planes are a bit of a mess. This will be a job for PPP in the coming days. I was pleasantly surprised at how good the tails look as they took a lot of putty and sanding to blend in. I see I've got just one or two panel lines to reestablish there. The wings are coming along. I've got some more plastic card to add, fill, and sand for the ailerons. I might be able to give them a primer blast next weekend all going well. I do all my lacquer and rattle can work outdoors at my partner's parents' place. I primered their lawn today. I don't think they've noticed yet.
  13. Cheers, Alan. Be sure to add some photos of your build as it progresses. I'm interested to see how those new engines look. I'm tempted to spruce mine up with some lead wire. I've got my Hudson back on the work bench. I've started brushing Tamiya Fine Surface Primer over the marks left by my metal file and my gap filling around the ailerons. After looking at the images Trevor provided of the bomb bay doors, I bought a 120 grit sanding block and went to town on the middle and forward section of the fuselage. It probably won't have the correct profile, but it'll give me a better base to either scribe on new bomb bay doors or pencil or paint them in.
  14. As you're doing a fine job, I vote you stick with rotors. Let's see that Wessex take shape.
  15. Beautiful work. It's always so satisfying when you get that first layer of paint down.
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