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  1. Checked up on those extended elevator horns in my hefty Chipmunk book, It seems that mainly the Canadian operated ones had them. ( Not a mod by civvy operators /owners). Hence the bottom image shows the all clear blown canopy hood! Still very much look forward to seeing a new 1/48th one as well as the 1/72nd ones.
  2. And I found this one in my recent slide scans too. Taken at the Paris Air Show / Salon in 1977 showing a NASA Convair serialled/reggie N712NA: Though not the main feature in this second pic(being of the Boeing T-43A) it shows the tail of '712.
  3. Lovely build of a vintage kit. I saw a couple Swissair ones oberflying my house in West Sussex many years ago outbound from LHR. But I also saw the Spantax ones at LGW and then there was this one: Not sure of the year but was sometime for 1975 to 77.. It was impounded having built up a 'parking fine' so I understood back then. I have a couple more pics of it with snow ploughs and other heavy vehicles to stop it from being 'liberated'. Its reg was N880JT as it was a CV-880 ex Cathay Pacific. This is reflected in the colour scheme but replacing the green and white of Cathay with dark blue and yellow. And below, I think this is a Spantax one on approach. But it might be a 707 or DC-8????
  4. Those elevator tips look very suspect to me. I just hope they are not reflected in the actual kit.
  5. Gonna have to make room to build a few of these thats for certain sure!
  6. Found some more pics of the 83 show and will sort them out to add here later in week. And some from August 1985 with formation of two B-17!!
  7. Thanks Tom. I had a feeling about the name but didn't want to get it wrong. Have found my records and the year was 1983. So my main post has been updated.
  8. Some more West Malling GWAD pics of September 18th 1983. Beech C-45 G-BKGL Spitfire XIV G-MXIV/NH749 Bu 131. Note how low to the ground its belly is!!! reg: N500LN CASA 352 N9012P MH- Broussard Pilatus P-2 B-17 "Sally B" wearing TV film markings for We'll meet Again". Note that all the main aircraft wearing a yellow Teddy bear sticker in tribute to the loss of A warbird pilot. Very sorry but the name escapes me.
  9. ANd me too!!! And for the Norseman and Dak! Any chance of some Hobbycraft Beaver ones with the bigger rear window instead of the round portholes???
  10. Is that so you can hide your stash inside it!!
  11. Cheers Gary and 'polo...'. But I should add all the red sun burst and fuselage flash are all decals from the kit
  12. .... to herald the start of Spring! A little something I completed over the past few weeks in between DH Gb and things. A 1/72nd Stampe SV-4B . G-ATKC of the Tiger Club. Built straight from the FRROM/AZUR kit. Love this little aeroplane alongside the TIger Moth due to its similarities. The Tiger Club had three all in the same scheme. The other two were G-ASHS and G-AWEF. Sadly 'TKC came to grief as well as the two persons a few years ago. But I recall seeing these perform at many early Shoreham displays laid on by the Tiger Club when they were based at Redhill. As for the kit, its a very nice one to build but tricky on getting the top wing on. I rigged it as much as I dare. There are a few more to add but I won't be to avoid wrecking what I have done to get it to this finished stage. Kit decals are great to apply and very thin. I will be building a couple more and will do them as the display team 'Les Manchots' of the Belgian Air Force ones as I saw them at the 1967 and 68 Biggin Hill Air Fairs. Enjoy: I used invisible mending thread for the main rigging and strands of stripped down electrical wire for the wires between the struts!!! Humbrol Gloss yellow 69 used and gloss black from a Revell tin. I had grief with the Humbrol gloss black as it just would not dry!!! By the way, I used the tiny Tiger Club decals from the Airfix Tiger Moth as they are much much better than the ones on the kit decal sheet. Another 'by the way' the kit includes the Renault engine and the covered cockpit canopies for alternative versions in separate kits. This one having the Gipsy Major engine.
  13. Ah yes, The Italian "B-17" Very nice piece of work!
  14. Thanks all. Steve,(and others) I do have a couple other sets of West Malling and will work on those as well as North Weald and a 1977 Duxford recently discovered in my boxes of slides!!!
  15. The forward float attachment points are just visible on the inside fuselage halves. You can just make them out in your top photo . They are just below the forward doors as little circles. But it looks like you are getting along swimmingly so far.