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  1. Great photo! I was there that Day!!! In fact, it will be my next chosen selection of slides I will prepare for sharing here.
  2. Will there be room for some nose weight as with all that stuff at the back... well ...... it looks like a tail sitter at the moment
  3. I certainly hope for a Belfast!!!!!! XR367 for me! Plus the C-130 seeing as the Minicraft ones have all but disappeared.
  4. thanks for comments and corrections. Much appreciated. I was never and still not one for being fussy about sub types that much, unless it was / is important to know. But I should have noticed the B720 though.
  5. .... taken during September 1975. First some Gatwick ones: Jetstar N101AW Trident of BA Note the fuselage titles. I think this came in as a diversion. King Air 90 D-ILHA Lufthansa Fokker F.28 LN-SUN CC-109 RCAF 109159 Boeing CC-137 13704. Taken on same day as the Convair and Wardair 747 Wardair Boeing 747 CF-*** Exec jet version of BAC 1-11 Hermes fuselage G-ALDG. Now at Duxford. BN-2 islander. Note the Dan Air Cessna 150 to the right! This one taken on August 28th '75 TU-104 CCCP-42403 Always caused a stir when one of these came in. Maersk Fokker F-27 OY-APC Heathrow 03/09 1975: Boeing 707 LV-JGR Note the VC 10 title change on the on to the left of pic compared to the one on right. Boeing 707 SX-DBI ... I think. Boeing 707 YI-AGG Boeing 747 4X-AXC Darn lamp post always getting in the way.... VC-10 G-ARVF Boeing 737-200 D-ABEG Alitalia DC-8 I-DIWT I have many other s to do and will post once I sorted out the better ones.
  6. Reading the last post above, reminds me I have just scanned a bunch of slides from 1975 at UH. Lots of F-111's flying around. Will clean up the pics and post here later this week. By the way, I took the pics from near that railway bridge. No hassle from anyone.
  7. I look forward to see how your build goes. I started one years ago when the kit first appeared. It became one of my many stalled builds. Maybe I can pick up some inspiration to get on with mine. One point to make is that the hole s for the wing struts are not in the right place. They should be between a pair of ribs but, without looking, I can't tell you which but if you look up many of the on line photos of the DH 60 you will see what I mean... in case you didn't know that is.
  8. This build was part of the cause of me nearly giving up. Not the kit, it was and is a fine one to build. It was those decals but I turned to the set by Xtradecal which had this Cranwell example on and was also in my desired period finish of painted aluminium and dayglo. The dayglo paint is Revell thinned with cellulose thinners and airbrushed. A strange thing occured whle doing this . Long strands of flourescent 'spider web' like came out! It was easy enough to brush of but it was weird! Anyway here are the pics of my build of XN577/45 1960's. As for the remaining decals of the Airfix kit, they work beautifully. Its just those dayglo strips. I reckon they don't stick because there is no carrier film around the edges of them and so nothing to help them adhere to the model Also I experimented and found that a couple coats of Humbrol enamel clear gloss varnish helps and aided with pretty hot water. I found this when experimenting with them and trying them on an Airfix Chipmunk by cutting them to suit. ps: By the way, I left that centre frame to the canopy because a picture I have of the same period shows that this was the case!!
  9. Decision made. It will be a quickie to start with to see how I get on and persevere following my 'downtime'. As you will see, I have gone for the High Planes resin kit of this little gem. Not many bits and should be fairly quickly done. In the above pic is an A Model Vampire which could follow and Canuck Decals to dress it. A start made on Saturday night and this is how far I had progressed. Some very delicate parts like the joysticks that won't last long I can see. Today, Sunday afternoon. I had a couple three hours to spare and got on with this build and the above pic and below show how I progressed. As for final scheme, it will be ths overall silver doped one as I can simply change it to a Civvy easily if a suitable scheme comes up later. I scoured the net for suitable colour schemes but there are so few UK based examples. Most seem to be in Australia so I think it will remain finished as one of the kit options. More later this week.
  10. Only once whil, we toured all these and other bases, was I and my colleagues 'spoken to by US security from inside the fence and that was at Woodbridge. They asked what we were doing( though pretty obvious) and left us. But we thought the better of it and melted back in to Rendlesham forest. There wasn't a lot going on as it was a Sunday but we did get to see a couple HC-130 in the grey Rescue scheme and lots of Phantoms.
  11. Yeah , I was having a 'jape' Of course I realise it would be impractable to replicate those rivets. Regardless, I will still buy a few anyway as I love the little aeroplane. By the way, I have just been studying my book and it seems the main designation for RCAF Chipmunks was DHC-1B-2-S3 and S5 for late production aircraft for the RCAF that had various little mods. But no sign of the T30 being mentioned anywhere.
  12. Loving it! But no raised rivets uh? There loads on the real aeroplane. Hope they do the correct undercart legs for the RCAF ones and the slightly narrower chord rudders for early models. However there seem to be the anti spin strakes as separate parts for those that had them. Nice touch. But I still would like to know where they got the 'T30' designation from! I have the book 'DHC-1 Chipmunk, The poor man's Spitfire' by various authors with full history of the type but no mention of a T30 that I can see????? Oh, I hope that Xtradecal do some schemes with silver or LAG and dayglo strips like they did with the JP sheet.
  13. The wing root leading edge fillets as a separate part makes me think for sure there will be a B/C version to come as these earlier ones had shallower fillets but the 'D' undercart doors would need to be different too. However I too noticed the louvred breather plates . With those and the Aeroproducts prop, RAF ones would be on the cards. Overall though, it looks to be a very smart kit. By the way, regarding the filling of those panel lines on the wings, it will be really authentic for us modellers to fill 'em our selves ..." just like the real thing!"
  14. I'd love to see this but the pics don't open up.....
  15. Hmm. Just the kind of inspiration I need to get me out of the modelling doldrums. I'd like to join the ride too. Possibly with Tiger Moth or Mosssie or even from the DHC stable in Canada like a Beaver.