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  1. Finishing has stalled momentarily but will be back on it this week. Just the reggie decals to do and some small bits of tidyiing up.
  2. Managed to sell most of the above the other day. Got fair prices for them. Not a lot but am hahppy. Also happy to see favourable comments here. I have some more to do soon.
  3. Love the VC-10. My dear mum bought me one for Christmas at the time the kit appeared. It cost a huge amount back then....19/11d that is 19 shillings and 11 pence in real old money or a penny short of a pound as it was back then No idea what that equates to nowadays, But, when I built it, I got the lights to work reasonably well but I messed up the build horribly.... I always felt upset that I mucked it up at the time after mum sent a lot of money on it. Still feel upset about it now . I still have one of the engine pods and instruction sheet of it though!!! I did see one, complete and unbuilt in original box for sale a couple years ago for £100.00!!! And I had the Novo version without all those lighting bits and modded fuselage without the cutaway belly for the bulbs.. sold it for £30.00!
  4. Found my old FROG catalogue from an earlier period than my later ones. Pics: My fave wants would be the Beaver and Sealand as starters!! A lot of these were on sale over in Canada back in my 2006 trip when I visited the RCAF Museum at Trenton. I bougt the Hampden for $15.00CDN. Sold it a couple years later. In this bottom pic, the kits on left were all odd scale fit the box kits except for the big airliners that were 1/96 and Herald at 1/72. Those on right were all mainly 1/72nd.
  5. Hi. Yes, The idea is to sell most of the stuff seen above. I have enjoyed owning them but feel its time to give a chance to others who will appreciate and give them a good home. Lots more in my shed that need going through.... ( agree on your view of Section Officer Harvey....... By the way, thats Colin , her hubby in the postcard on left.) The BoB album plus the Wings of Speed and History of Aviation are all complete.
  6. Follow up to post number one! This is a centre spread from a Sunday newspaper magazine from 1969/70, Nice view of the camera ship B-25. Not sure about the '109' so close to the the CASA /He111 from which this pic was taken though. More catalogues. This time my little collection of Corgi Dink and Matchbox catalogues. Dinky toy price list for 1965!! My sole remaining Corgi Toy car. The Bentley continental. Here you can just make out the other colour option of the Bentley in two tone green shades. The one on the left lacks a cover but the subject is Naval Aviation in WW2 A piece of fabric from a genuine Fi156 Storch. (Obtained from an ATC camp at Coltishall when the Storch was stored there dismantled and looking very tatty!) Some B.O.A.C stuff.... I recently spied one of these on ebay for £49.95!!! A glimpse inside the above booklet which came with Ranger Boys comic/magazine. Jigsaw puzzle. I don't have the box but its complete. I used to write to aircraft manufacturers for literature. BAC sent me the above. I also received stuff from Cessna Hawker Siddeley and Beechcraft. A look inside the company newspaper. One of those 3-D type postcards. Lord knows how long I have had this and all the other items here but all must be just over 50 years old!!!!!!!!!!!!! And just to finish off for now and a bit of a teaser. the BOAc leaflets with a recent finisher from the shelf of doom. The Roden Super -10 with 26 Decals. I have a few more pics of the above if you want to see more of whats inside them. Meanwhile hope you have enjoyed seeing these and aroused your interests.
  7. Some items I have come across while preparing for disposal. But I thought I would share themn here with you before they go... 1940 edition of Low cartoons... ... and a sample page. More to come....
  8. Hi all. And thanks for kind comments. The Tiger is of course the new tool Airfix kit and the Piper Cub is by AZ Models The civvy reg from my decal bank and the trim is in the kit decals for the civilian issue of the kit. Have a nice Easter weekend all!!
  9. Update pics. I lost a few somewhere along the way so it will seem that some of my wrork describe will not have pics. So anyway here are the latest: As can be seen, grey primer applied. Since the above pics I have airbrushed Xtracrylix SILBER to give me the dull silver paint of the real aeroplane as I saw and flew in back in 1978. I just need to rummage through my decal bank of black lettering to find the civvy reg of G-AIDL.
  10. Wow! 45 years ago to the day, April 16th 1972, is when I flew in these two charming little aeroplanes. Tiger Moth G-ACDC and Piper PA-18 Super Cub G-AVPT The location was Redhill aerodrome and the weather wasn't unlike this weekend as I recall. The pilot was a Ken Smith of the TIger Club who I had met one day and we talked models. The flights came about as an agrrement that I would build him a couple models for a single flight but the bonus on the day was a 12 minute trip in the Super Cub. which was preceded about a half hour earlier in the Tiger Moth. So, as an anniversary special I present once again two builds one very recent as you will recognise and the other from a few months back representing 'CDc and 'VPT in 1/72nd Happy Easter everyone!
  11. Done a bit more on and off the last few nights. Will post pics later. Basically all painted up now and sorting out black lettering for the reggie. Then its on to the finish.
  12. That is rather splendid. Nice work!
  13. Hi Steve. been busy building scale stuff of late but will resume my slide selection postings again soon. Have so may to share.
  14. Appreciate the comments. Re the building of the kit ,its not too bad. The wing to fuel tank join ought to be better as the very short pegs are not really enough. I cut them off and replaced with dress making pins but drilling the holes accurately is essential so that the lining up is good. The cockpit assembly with the floor to the fuselage needs test fitting and slight adjustments too, as too, does the bottom wing to fuselage fit need reinforcing with a length of stiff wire or your preferred methods. I still need to have a go and add the control runs from the tail fin and elevators really as in this scale they do need them. The main wing sturt positions are wrong and need to be moved to one side and in the centre between ribs and not on rib lines as marked on the kit parts. Referring to the many photos on line will reveal which way the struts need to be moved. On the whole not a bad kit but it is the only one in 1/48th at the moment so no real choice. I wouldn't mind doing another sometime but more eagerly await the promised 48th Tiger from Special Hobby....
  15. Thanks for looking. Not sure but on looking at the pics now, I think the axle to the u/c is a bit too long. I thought that at the time but didn't worry about it. Now I'm not so sure.