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  1. Lovely pics. Two thingsThe Mustang taxiing(or was it) withoiut cowls and spinner...Hmmm. Second The Stephenson Hanagr with viewing gallery. How lomg has that been the case?
  2. Excellent A nice kit to use. Thanks.
  3. Superb!1 Shame LEM isn't around much now to produce decals kie these for which LEM were renowned for.. Whose kit did you use and how did you come about the marking??
  4. That sounds just like what is happening with mine!!! I had an email saying they were going to charge me to renew my 'subscription' for the clean up stuff. I contacted them on an on line 'chat' with someone there I told them that I did not wish to proceed. They said OK (sort of) and then I noticed the same thing, slow running, longer to start and am even getting start up issues from when I first click on the 'ON button! All I get is a black screen and the mouse cursor. And it just 'hans' there. I have to turn it off and leave it about half a minute then try again and it sluggishly boots up and eventually gets to my desk top screen. I really need to do the same it sounds and dump AVG but how do I go about it and load up something better???
  5. and.... Reach for the DB!!
  6. Michael Caine... Other than Bof B, I recall he was in a film set in the jungles of Burma. Film title escapes me.
  7. John Mills was in the RAF flying Blenheims in The way to the stars too! very versatile. Anthony Quayle did another double agent type of thing in Operation Crossbow. Turned out he was Gestapo undercover.
  8. Another German actor sometimes playing the Gestapo man was Anton Diffring. John Gregson in Angels One Five, as 'Septic'. And the little Scottish chap who was in Great Escape and 633 Squadron as navigator to Cliff Robertson. Then there is / was a huge cast of well knowns in The Longest Day. A 'whose who' list there. If I recall right, Richard Todd played his boss in the Pegasus Bridge stage of t D-Day and was actually there!
  9. Yes, Another plus for the AZ kit. But no underwing pitot head!!!
  10. So far OK. The wing assembly to fuselage not great. Its done exactly like the Airfix one but not so good a fit. Some trimming needed. As I am going for a Canadian one I altered the tail plane tips for the extended elevator balance horns with those provided in the kit. ( You can see some black on the pics in post 1). Basically the main improvement over the Airfix one is the nicer wing surface detail rendition and an acceptable cockpit improvement. And the lack of the rivets though they could be represented with rivetting tools available. Otherwise not a lot of difference to the Airfix kit. I can see an easy crosskitting exercise by using AZ wings to an Airfix fuselage.
  11. Recently bought two of the newly released AZ Chipmunks. Looked forward to these for a long time! But on checking the parts and decals out was a bit disappointed when I found several errors. The decals first. The font style for 18044, the Canadian fuselage titles is not quite right and the spelling error that shouldn't have happened! 'Forces Armees........' being correct and not as printed on the sheet and box art. Also the font style the larger code numerals and letters are just not quite right but acceptable. Then this. The fin flash for 18079 is wrong too. The size for one thing and the centre white stripe should be narrow- like the ww2 C TYPE RAF fin flash. In addition for 18044, they show the position of the Canadian flag and serial too low to make way for the red panel above( which I think looks too big an area) them on the fin. As they would have you place it the serial drapes over the base of the fin, fillet and fuselage!!! Still with the RCAF markings, for the one coded UM079 The roundels provided are all wrong too. They show the current form and for the time scale, the fin flash marking the maple leaf is different! Those provided for O44 , the other option with the post 1968 Canadian flag is OK. At least the art work on the back of the box that shows marking positions has the underwing roundel for UM 079 facing opposite directions correctly with the codes facing each way!! Then we come to the plastic. All looks OK and showing strong resemblances to the Airfix kit. A nice interior for the size of this kit is provided but the coaming over the instrument panel for the rear seat should be different without the curved shape in picture below... A simple thing to correct as below, Just trim back level with the panel face. The completed modded central coaming. One external feature which is missing for this Canadian version is the extra scoop below the port side engine cowl below the panel line. This shows up on the line diagrams on the back of the box but incorrectly shows it both sides. Another simple solution... I made mine from a suitable scoop from another kit and cut it back to suit this one. Also the scissor links need to be added to the lower end of the undercart legs. The instructions show how to make these but I suspect there will be a etch set coming along soon. Etch seatbelts added. An example of how very similar AZ parts are to the Airfix ones. The AFX one has the paint. By the way, both are quite thick and don't fit to the model that well. It needs to be paired down on the inside faces to the frames to make it fit well enough!!! There are just a few other features but too small to really make a difference for a tiny kit but if you want to add them..... But one feature that does stick out is the baseline of the windshield portion of the canopy. It should have a longish flat base leading back to the main sliding section . As it is, it just has the curve. Airfix did the same on their kit but the shorter curve to the screen is only featured on all UK built Chipmunks. A study of pics on line or your refs will show what I am trying to explain. Cheers for now.
  12. DHC-6 Twin Otter CF-NAN of Nordair 1970's. Matchbox kit (from Revell boxing), Decals by Thunderbird Models, Other decals and bits from scratch and spares. eg Propellers by Aerclub.
  13. Final pics of the build ......... Added the aerials... One pic before aerials were done but the crew step which I had to reverse the way it faces... that is with the step facing aft. I should have improved the pitot heads too as they are a bit dodgy. This pic I am attempting to illustarte the balc exahust protection area around the engine nacells In the photo printed of wI have indicated teith black pen where I believe the black area actually covers more thabn I have depicted in the model. It seems to start r end just beind the vent or whatever it is on top of the engin area. If it is how I suspect then I will correct this on my model by quite simply adding more balck paint. All pics now over in gallery.... PS: I tried to improve the shape an look of the windshield by filling the join along the top and sides, filed/ sanded the filler carefully avoing messing up the paint work too much and painted the windows with thinned gloss black. The centre fram is white decal stripe. It looks better though my work is so so I suppose. But it is better tahn the kit has you fitting it which just does not look right with the side frames being too wide and fat!. Cheers
  14. Latest progress report. Almost there. Just a bit of tittivating and the adding of antennae and maybe the skis. Notice that I have 'twisted' the prop blades to a feathered position... as per real ones when parked up. I did the twising with care being as the white metal is quite soft. In this pic, you can see the addition of the small scoop that is missing from the kit. I made this from a piece of scrap. Final pic of final work to come and then of to the gallery!
  15. Looks fine so far. But I opted to go the sane way and not do the double rigging on my build. I used the wider strecthy stuff from Aeroclub to vaguely depict the double lines and and invisible mending thread for the few single lines and fin to tailplane rigging. Look forward how this ends up.