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  1. Or even a nice DH.89 , 90, 84, 80 and so on!!!
  2. West Jet B.737-800

    No work on it tonight... been watching re runs of the winter olympics. Can't wait to see the ski cross and ice hockey! But in meantime here are a couple pics of what I did last night.. Its up on its wheels and the tailplanes fitted and engines too. Almost ready for the fun time of decal applications!! And the weeny antenna fitted back on. Then its all over and on to the next.... The cockpit glazing definitely needs attending to I think..
  3. Every wanted to know how to burn or explode something

    Excellent stufff. Very inspiring. Thanks for the link!
  4. "In the year I was born" GB - anyone interested?

    Most certainly! And yes you are right '53 it is for me.
  5. "In the year I was born" GB - anyone interested?

    I could be interested. Gives a chance to do some research. Of the top of my head the Comet was going to service I think, the Coronation.
  6. West Jet B.737-800

    So we now get to painting stages. Initial pics show priming , masking, white applications and light grey for the flying surfaces. The slight imperfection of paint at the root was easy to remedy but the decal depicting the escape route would cover it any way. The winglets are whit to the nisides and out but on the outside the West Jet colours will go over it. Humbrol No. 11 for the silver leading Edges. Not highly polished but is Ok as I have seen at my work place l/e slats with silver painted l/e and not polished. Variations again abound! And this is where I'm at tonight. Gloss white applied. Silver leading edges to all the flying surfaces painted on free hand using the engraved panel lines as a guide.. and a steady hand!!!! Just the fin l/e to do before decals go on to it. Construction wise, the engines need fitting as do the u/cart, remaining aerials and u/c covers. Oh, and some tidying eup around the windshield. Tried to build a flight deck but messed up one of the side windows so it will have to be decal option.
  7. West Jet B.737-800

    Next instalment. form last week. Thursday I think. WiFi hump in place. I had to search through lots of pics of WJ 738s to find decent views that showed the position. Foud a really good one on Airliner dot net showing top view which helps in may ways . Such as the walk way markings, wing tips etc. But bes t of all the position of the hump. It worked out at being the 9th window from the rear most in line with the rear end of the hump. The view also reveals a shallow blade antemnna and another just aft of each other. Engines almost ready to go on. Lots more pics to come from Friday and Sunday night.
  8. West Jet B.737-800

    Lots of pics of work done so far. I'll keep the commentary to a minimum and only comment where I feel an explanation might help' Wing root joined up after being tortured in to place ..No filler needed! Just a gentle rub down. Winglets with short lengths of stiff wire inserted in to holes I drilled very tentatively.One to avoid bodging up the hole and two to prevent the drill from breaking. Success fully done! More in a bit in next post.
  9. Yeah, I'll join in. I am sure I'll be able to find something that would be OK. Plenty in mind Polish Canadian, Aussie NZ, ...
  10. Airfix 1/48th Sea Fury

    Had to come back and have another look! Great choice of colour scheme. Any thing Canadian draws my attention.
  11. West Jet B.737-800

    A small update. Just got in from spending a couple hours on this project. All main assembly done and main painting done . Pics to this effect will be up Monday night. Just need to fit the undercart, antenna, tailplanes and Engines. And a little work around the windshield. Of course not forgetting to decal it and final pics. Then its all done and move on to the other smaller 'Pig' .
  12. Airfix Sea Fury of the RCN

    Look forward to seeing another RCN 48th Sea Fury. No faulty parts on your kit by the look of it. I am going to wait for the next issue for mine which will include RCN decals.
  13. My build is at a stage where I coulld cobble up a flight deck. Just need the excuse to go to Dorking Models to see if he has any N gauge peeps. Or a visit to The Engine Shed at Ford.
  14. I Like the idea of adding some one in the cockpit' I think you have given me and many others a good idea on adding these to the Revell Cockpits.
  15. West Jet B.737-800

    Thanks for comments. Those engines will hopefully look the biz when painted. As for the WiFi 'bump' only one in the pack. I will have to choose an appropriate reggie for my build as not all of the fleet have this. And the location seems to be about forward of centre; roughly lining up with the spaced out windows. Re the cabin windows I also read that the kit ones are too low, but are the long panel lines either side of the windows in the wrong place too??