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  1. Airfix 1/72 Phantom FG1

    I think Rad was humorously exaggerating millions of holes I feel a lot of pedantic comments coming...
  2. P-51 landing gear

    The reason the wheel cover doors are down is due to Hydraulic pressure bleeding after shut down. They would close once started up. As you say one can't really do much without cutting on the Tamiya kit. You could represent the model as about to start with a pilot figure in cockpit and have the doors up and flaps up.
  3. B.C. Beaver, CF-HGZ

    Update time. Some pics of progress. Engine fitted and a touch of filler for the upper cowl intake not fitted to this subject. A trial test fit with the chin intake. I found one in my spares that looked OK but has since come off as it was too wide... after I reshaped the part to make it look right... Floats in assembly. And to bring us up to date, last night I sprayed on the white primer... after I fettled a new chin intake from laminates of plastic card (see below).This matches better to a few pics I have seen . There is quite a variation I found on various Beavers. But the my scratch made one closest resembles the one I can see in pics of my actual suject 'HGZ. I need to add wheels to the floats and I did start this on another build I haven't quite finished. Soooo.... what I plan to do, is rob the slightly started floats minus amphibious wheels form that build and transfer it across to this one.
  4. PBY-5A Catalina Rescue

    Hi Mike, Nice to see you do another 144 Catalina/Canso for this GB. If you go the fire bomber way, what will you do for scheme /decals?? Having just completed my 'Peas and Carrots' Buffalo Air/NWT one I was wondering....
  5. I'll have to join in but will need to find the pics of my old builds some where for posting here.
  6. Middle Wallop

    Had a good day too. But unable to wander around and study the other tables for long as I was on my own and had to mind ny tables( between West Middx and another club on my left. (Don't recall who) Quite surprised at the interest shown by many at my collection of 1/72 gliders! May not be one next year due to the refurb/revamp according to organiser.
  7. Another Canadian Newbie

    Welcome. I have stayed in Calgary and Canmore on a couple of my 5 visits to Canada. Just a short drive to the Rockies...how wonderful. How is the museum getting on these days? I only managed one visit n my very first trip to Canada.
  8. P-51D canopy variations - a quick guide

    Very handy and useful link that! Cheers.
  9. B.C. Beaver, CF-HGZ

    No time to do pics for the weekend, but I have it all assembled less floats. They need something a little different doing to them. There is a clue in post one introductory pic. Also I need to prime in white for an overrall gloss white finish .. but all this will be done soon....
  10. CH-46 / KV-107 STGB

    Cheers for the website link. Quite helpful. But I think the APU mod to the later ones to enter RCAF service may be a little tricky to do on the Kits.... unless someone else knows better. I have seen all the Fujimi issues and none have that APU in the kit. The version I have is with the Japanese decals but will go with the Belcher bits decals. I quite fancy doing one of the Army ones but they all seem to have the APU so I may wel go with the colourful red white blue one.
  11. Middle Wallop

    I'll be loading my disposals and display stuff tomorrow morning ready for Sunday! Look forward to seeing you all there.
  12. Model of a model club display 1/12

    I like it!!! I recalll just a couple years ago, around the early 1970s, there was one on display at an early IPMS Nationals at Hendon. It was a model of a Model competition. There was a black and white photo of it in a Scale Models magazine of the time!
  13. I'm up for it. Plenty to think about between now and start.
  14. P51b Question

    The Academy one is a nice kit. I've built a few in various schemes. My favoured choice.