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  1. Thanks for the rotor pointer Andy. I will probably repaint them and remove those tabs(was unaware of those being a later fit)But I will draw the line there. It was a battle to rebuild it to the finish stage a few months back as it is. Glad its pleased members here regarding the early scheme. I feel all the UK air arms need to be represented in the heyday eras.
  2. Finished this after a lengthy rebuild using and cannibalising its from a spare kit. Don't ask what happened but basically not much of the original build was left. Anyhow this is how it looks and recently taken images. Just while I am in a semi modelling mood. Revell kit, Modeldecal decals a very few decals from said Revell kit. There are some anomalies and inaccuracies such as main rotor colours and its stripes( easily corrected though) but I wanted to do an early Sea King HAS.1 in the original dark blue grey. For the main colour I used Xtracrylix Gloss Sea Blue mixed with some ocean grey airbrushed. So here is XV684/588/CU
  3. Thanks for the comments everyone. In answer to the question by 'aircraft kit' the Auster 5 is the AZ kit. It didn't last long in the shops as I wnated a nother couple but getting them is hard. I built it last spring.
  4. Me too. Suitable for a number of RCAF/RCN Aeroplanes.
  5. Well. Its been a while since I last posted an RFI build and due to my loss of mojo etc. But here is something I started around 3- 4 months ago. It was being worked when I had the right frame of mind and they were few and far between but I persevered and here is the result. Its the KP kit to 1/72nd. Kit decals except the reggie letters which are from Aeroclub. The tiny 'Tiger Club' logos are from the Airfix Tiger Moth 'CDC. The upper cowl red colour is the Xtracrylix Red Arrow red but is too orange for the Reds but OK for other uses. I have depicted G-AVPT of the Tiger Club April 1972. The date is when I had a flight in the very same real aeroplane following a flight in Tiger Moth G-ACDC the same day. There is a tale to the flights but its a bit long but it was as a result of meeting with a nice man who wanted a couple of built models for himself and as payment he offered me a flight which resulted in going up in the two mentioned here. So, on to my recent finisher: Here its in company with Auster 5 G-ANHR in which I made my very first flight. I have updated the markings on my Auster with the red cheat lines as I found a suitable pair on the decals sheet from the Super Cub kit that needed slight modifying to make a pointed end to reasonably closely match the original. And there we have it. I now have another model of a type I have flown in my 1/72nd collection. PS: There are a couple anomalies to this build and one is fairly noticeable which is the tail wheel. It should be more like the Auster with a long leg thingy. But the KP kit does not do this and I could or should fix it somehow and the wing leading edge landing light is actually a piece of silver coloured sprue with a flat back and was trimmed to fit the recess 'cos I lost the clear part! Oh, and one other thing, the very thin mid strut stays are from nail brush bristles as the kit ones looked too 'heavy'. Tomorrow night I will post something else that was also completed some time ago following a major rebuild but only just got around to doing pics. Cheers for now.
  6. Seems a lot of cutting and trial fitting. I built a T7 from the Academy kit with Aeroclub conversion set some years ago.. a whole lot more simpler to do. But, I suppose the lack of availability of the Aeroclub set forces one to use what is available. Look forward to seeing how this 'shapes' up.
  7. Just a few tonight of my old slides. This was at a time when Blackbushe seemed to attract ex Spanish aircraft like there was no tomorrow!
  8. Nice job. But you missed out the centre frame to the windshield. Easy to add still.
  9. I mentioned this in my Airfix catalogue post. Has any one else seen the odd position of the fin on the box top art work It looks like its fitted directly behind cockpit. Also The port intake looks too prominent in the angle shown. Remember the Lightning F^ artwork error!!
  10. As far as I can see from the 2017 catalogue these are missing: 1/72: Gladiator,Gnat ,Spit IX, F-51D Mustang, Tiger Moth, Lancaster B2 , Dornier 17, Lightning F6, Harrier GR3, and more but not sure which ones. 1/48th: Gnat, Spit 19, plus a couple others I can't think of. Also Nearly all the armour, figures , warships.
  11. Ah yes. Forgot that one but I only selected a few to describe. Both appear to be in TSS schemes. One is RAF AQ code I think 276 or 277 ASR squadron with late roundels the C types and the other with earlier roundels A types and may be a Royal Navy one. Can't tell really as the views are quite small.
  12. A few more this evening. Same timescale and venue. Some more from the bus: And for Phantom Phans: Spot the pilots favourite tipple.... More tomorrow night with some flying shots and the big aeroplanes.....
  13. Received my new Catalogue today. Had a quick flick through and after going through the opening pages which focus on Gift Sets, starter stes the Quickbuild kits and other blurb I notice the absence of a great many kits that has been discussed here. Such as no Korean War F-51D, Lightning F6, Lanc B.2 Spit IX etc. But while I was admiring the cover picture with the art work for the Phantom I see there is some thing weird going on. Main thing that sticks out is the fin which looks like its fitted directly behind the cockpit!. And the port intake looks to be just too prominent from the angle depicted!! Remember the Lightning F6 box art with the missing tailplane.! Further in there are a couple typos such as "exiting kits.." instead of 'exciting...' On other points, the Swordfish schemes look nice prewar G5K (one I have done from the Xtradecal set) but the camo one looks good.. The 48th P-51 has a couple nice schemes, an Air Commando examle in the Pacific and Jersey Jerk of the 8thAF. while the SeaFury has a overall DSG over sky scheme and the later familiar extended sky fuselage paintwork. The Sea Hurricane looks to include the Shuttleworth example as an option too. Only 3 tanks, Sherman, Tiger and Cromwell, the Jeep set Cars remain about the same, and only the 'Lusty' for modern warships. 'Tis a shame that armour, nautical and motoring modellers don't get a lot. All in all a nice booklet and one that fits in with the rest of my Airfix Catalogues from 1961/2.
  14. Turned out rather nice. Did not the LAG follow the silver / dayglo scheme? My one issue with the kit decals is it is a shame thye printed the 2 digit code with the dayglo strips. It makes it difficult to do a different machine.
  15. Re Fairford From what i hear/see of the content nowadays it certainly don't compare to the colourful variety of 25 years ago or more> I feel rather fortunate to have seen all this stuff during late 60's to the early noughties.