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  1. Quick release fittings

    Don;t forget that we have them mail order and at shows. Also have a as well as well as a hose builder section so you can order a complete hose with the connector you want. Hose Builder.... Hose fittings & Quick release connectors Ta, Paul

    True, but we'd probably have been able to get Arthur as a guest ! Kubrick was a little bit of a recluse.. Paul
  3. Airbrush Needle sizes explained please

    I think the needle you want is on this site: http://www.barwellbodyworks-shop.com/202-200-nh Paul

    As a side note, the smallspace show in July will be celebrating the 50th anniversary as well. Shame Mr Clarke isn't still around, Mat could have got him involved. Paul
  5. H&S service and deep clean.

    Yes, O rings are available for all the Iwata brushes, but not sets. They do cost a lot more than H&S, around £5-6 per o ring, so you normally just change the failed ones. Airbrushes.com have all the spares listed & priced on their site. Paul
  6. SW Model Show at The Tank Museum Feb 2018

    Anyone wondering which day to go, I would check with their favorite trader which days they are attending. I would guess a number of of the traders will be attending the Huddersfield show on the Sunday and not many can split stock for two shows. Paul
  7. H&S service and deep clean.

    Air valve probably only needs some lube on the top. Paul
  8. H&S service and deep clean.

    Personally I don't bother with the reamer, it can cause more problems than it solves if you aren't careful. I tend to use micro brushes and a magnifier for cleaning and checking inside the nozzle. I would buy the full O ring set , 123910 O ring set The screwdriver to change the needle seal O ring 123933 Needle Seal Screwdriver Plus any other parts that are looking old or are damaged, such as needle caps, needles, nozzles. If you are doing a lit of fine work, it may be the right time to invest in the infinity pinch clean aircap for the 0.2mm nozzle. There shouldn't be much more than that unless you find something else like a damaged spring. The brush strips down very simply and logically, just check & clean each part, then put it back together. Paul
  9. The Model Market - Sunday 4th Feb 2018

    Model Market Show is this Sunday, and this year it's bigger than ever before. Model Market Hanslope MK19 7NZ Sunday 4th Feb 18 from 10 am Entrance fee is £2 for Adults, K-9 Cake will be open all day! Just to let everyone know that the show prep is going nicely & we have a main hall bulging with traders & hopefully bargains! Traders attending this time: modellingtools.co.uk - Tools & Supplies Mat Irvine - will be selling off some of his stash. Mainly Military Models - Oodles of New Kits Valiant Wings Publishing - Book sale - Selling off their Seconds - Get the book you want cheap! Freightdog Models - Aircraft Kits, decals and accessories Rikki Wolfe with a selection of ex-space models 1/48th scale resin kits and probably the prototype resin Hawker P-1214 resin kit. Tony James Timeless Hobbies ( Ex Commet Miniatures) will have a great selection of SF kits, books etc.. piled high to tempt you. Chris Mitchel with a selection of second hand kits. Mel Bromley S&M Models, Kits galore ! Steve will be along with a large selection of 'Klassic Kits' as usual. Richard Harris - Stash Reduction ! Plus two late additions. Richard Franks, Second hand kits & a mountain of knowledge on aircraft, so I'm sure he'll be happy to discuss any of his Valiant Wings books with people. And for the first time MAN Models will have a stand at the show. More details on www.hamex.co.uk Looks like it's going to be a great show, hope to see loads of you there. Thanks, Paul New City Model Club will be putting a nice display of the clubs models. Catering, teas coffee, Bacon butties etc served all day. Usual Venue: Hanslope Village Hall, Newport Road MK19 7NZ - Just north of Milton Keynes, a short drive from M1 J 14 and 15 Show opens Sunday 4th Feb 18 at 10am and is due to close at 4pm. More info on www.hamex.co.uk
  10. Decent MAC valves and quick release connectors anywhere?

    You do only get what you pay for, but give it a punt if you feel lucky. We only stock the ones made by Harder & steenbeck. Prices, air valve part £4, Quick release adaptor for hose £9 or £16 with an air regulator. http://www.modellingtools.co.uk/connectors-hoses--fittings-136-c.asp Paul
  11. JLC have just delivered a nice large parcel filled with saws and jigs, so all are now back in stock on the website, Thanks, Paul
  12. Very big Batmobile

    One of the best little tools, simple and does what it says on the box. We've been stocking them for some years and they are still a best seller. Paul
  13. Airbrush newbie

    When you are starting , I recommend you use the paint manufacturers thinner, cleaner and flow enhanser. These should all work together, if you were to use a different product, you don't know if it is compatible with the paint. Once you've mastered it using vallejo products, then you can start experimenting. Paul
  14. The Model Market - Sunday 4th Feb 2018

    Just to let everyone know that the show is full of traders now, plus a display from New City Scale Model Club. Will post the full list of traders early next week, but looks like it's going to be a good one this year ! Yours for just £2 on the door ! Ta, Paul

    Went round to Mat Irvine's at lunchtime to borrow a lump hammer and he was photographing the completed Mobius Discovery. On the negative side...it is big. On the plus side it's impressive on it's stands and the surface detail isn't over done and is the same scale as the space clipper. No internal detail, but the interior is probably to big to fit in scale anyway ! Looks to be accurate on the outside and easy to build, there is a metal spar that runs through the majority of the model & it can split into three pieces for storage/transportation. I'm sure Mat's review will be on scalemodelnews.com in the next few days. As smallspace is going to be featuring the anniversaries of Blake's 7 and 2001, I'm sure it will be on display in July. Any lighting kits on the horizon ?? Paul