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  1. Lets hope I'm by the door then, so I can keep warm..ish!
  2. Hi, The official answer is it's only the 0.5mm nozzle set that is supported on that brush. Will PM you with more info. Paul
  3. I've sent an email to the importers asking the question. I suspect the 0.35mm needle and nozzle will fit, but you would need to chance the nozzle cap and I don't know if there is one of those that would fit. The needle cap would be the same as the one on the DH-125. Paul
  4. Unfortunately It happens a lot at certain shows. Luckily the vast majority of modellers are normal decent & honest. Paul
  5. Not a problem Dave, that's what I'm there for. Paul
  6. Looks Brilliant to me. Glad the brush is doing the job for you. Paul
  7. will be there. Steve, Klassic Kits is normally there Kit Crazy is normally there.... Paul
  8. Simon, The instructions to drain would have been in the box with the compressor. You don't have to drain it every time you use it, but it's good to get into a routine of draining it regularly. Remembering to release the compressed air from the tank first. If you don't you can get a lot of the brown sludge in the air regulator when you remove the drain plug and the tank decompresses. Paul
  9. will be there as normal. Hope the weather is a little warmer next weekend, or I'll have to sell hot water bottles! Ta, Paul
  10. Just added a few more tools to the website. Small and Medium Berna clamps, and a set of three high quality swiss cut files, to complement the budget sets we have been stocking for the last umpteen years. ........... and for those waiting for it Ezline Black, Fine and Thick are now both in stock . We will be at the Huddersfield show this weekend and the Old Warden show the week after, Thanks, Paul
  11. Hi Chris, Although we have called it extreme weathering, I'm expecting all sorts of weathering to be on display. So the demos I'm looking for are for all types of weathering, painting and anything related. I'm hoping to talk to a few people at this shows in the next month to gauge interest & I'll talk to a few of the magazines to see if they are interested in getting involved. Paul
  12. Chris, I need to find people who would be willing to do the demos. I'm hoping to find a few locally, but if anyone would like to share their part of this dark art, please set in touch. Thanks, Paul
  13. Should have a good selection available to try. Paul
  14. Have added some nice new tools from RP Toolz. Firstly four leaf maker punches, Oal, Maple, Lime and Birch. Pick up some dried leaf, then punch leaf shapes out of them. Four different sizes on each punch. Available individually at £8 each, or £30 for all four Also, a new small conical roller Thanks,Paul