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  1. Wings & Things 2017

    This Sunday September 17 @ 10:00 am - 4:00 pm BST University Academy Holbeach, Park Road Holbeach Lincs, PE12 7PU IPMS Fenland & Spalding Present Wings & Things 2017 Sponsored by Models for Sale Exhibitions Club Displays, SIG’s, Traders, Open Competition Refreshments available Fundraising in support of local charities Admission: Adults £2.00 Over 65’s £1.00 Under 16’s £1.00 Modellingtools.co.uk, Modelsforsale.com and many more traders will be there as usual.
  2. Hello Paul,


    Am from Mombasa, Kenya and a modeler like so many here. My main interests are WWll 1:72 scale plastic kits from all over but mostly Airfix as that's the only ones available in Kenya (we do not have model shops in Kenya) but sometimes I order kits directly from Anticsonline or Eduard from their websites.


    Anyway to cut a long story short I recently purchased from AMMO MIG their new product line of Lucky Varnishes and recently painted one of my finishing model (and one previous before) this new product only to find it leaves dotty finish on the models. Does anyone or has anyone used this product - it says on the bottle "ready to use no thinning required" and guess what yes I use a H & S infinity CRplus airbrush also and its given me a hard time.


    Can you help or any suggestions - anything I can do to improve on my application - what may I be doing wrong?




    Sharpranger (Saif) Mombasa, Kenya,

    1. little-cars


      Hi, I haven't had any experiance with this range, only just getting them ordered. So don't know much about it.  All I would do would be to make sure the varnish if fully mixed, then spray through a large nozzle. probably a 0.4mm.    



      What problems are you having with the Infinity ?





  3. New: Product of the month.....

    Just an update to say we have cleared out our wholesaler of the Xuron Professional etch cutters. I've just found another supplier that has some in stock, so the etch cutter should be available to order from the website in a couple of days. Thanks, Paul
  4. Replacement Spray Booth Filter?

    I would suggest you go back to the company you bought it from for support. They should stock the correct filters for the unit / or material. Paul
  5. Suggestions for a Magnifying light

    The Optivisor is a great aid, but it is very expensive and extra lenses also cost a fair bit, the average modeller normally can't justify that sort of purchase.....with all the kits they want to buy! I have one in stock, people usually look at it, then see the price. We sell loads of modelcraft magnifiers at shows and mailorder. Five interchangeable lenses that can be swung up when not in use, twin led to light the subject if it's to dark, rubberised grips & fit like glasses and don't have the weight of Mike's preferred optics. And a snip at only £13 Modelcraft 5 lens magnifier set Paul
  6. New: Product of the month.....

    Stock (well a large box), just arrived, so back orders are going out today. Ta, Paul
  7. IPMS Farnborough Modelfest 2017

    modellingtools.co.uk will be there as usual. Ta, Paul
  8. New: Product of the month.....

    Sorry there is a slight delay to some orders for PE scissors. We ran out of them on Sunday due to the high demand. .... more ordered, should be with us tomorrow, so just a one day delay. Thanks, Paul
  9. New: Product of the month.....

    Tools are selling well, interestingly it's the PE Scissors that are outselling the Sprue cutters. Happy Shopping, Paul
  10. We are going to try something new for us, a product of the month. I'm looking to offer a different good quality tool at a very special price every month. For September we have two tools, I couldn't decide which to offer, so it's both! The tools are the Xuron Professional 2175 Professional Sprue cutters. We've been selling these for some time and they are very popular, so for this month only we have them at a special price. List price is £24.95, September only these are £17.50 Xuron Professional 2175 September Special The second tool is the Xuron Professional 9180ET Photo etch Scissors, this has longer and thinner blades compares with the standard tool, it's list price is £25.95, September price is £18.50 Xuron PE Professional Scissors 9180ET - September Special Xuron Professional Photo etch Scissors 9180ET & 2175 Professional Sprue Cutter Bundle - September Special And as this is our first offer of the month, if you buy the two together you save even more, £33.00 for both tools. Xuron Professional 2175  & 9180ET Bundle  list price over £50 September special only £33 Thanks, Paul
  11. H&S Evolution - Tip clogging very fast

    The manufacturers instructions are their recommendations, we all find workarounds that work for us. Putting it back in from the back, you have the needle chuck to align the needle with the needle seal O rings & nozzle, putting it in from the front, you have the flat back of the needle that has to fit through the needle seal without any guide to centre it.
  12. H&S Evolution - Tip clogging very fast

    It's the 0.4's with the notch in them that are most likely to damage the o ring. And I have hundreds of customers happily using the 0.2mm nozzle with acrylics of all different types. There are many variables, but flow enhanser and thinning the paint to the right amount is key.

    Not seen an up to date list for the show, but it's this Sunday, usual place , usual time, hopefully reasonable weather. Modellingtools.co.uk will be going, so hope to see a lot of you there. Paul
  14. IPMS Chiltern Show 3rd Sept 2017

    Can't see this one on the page & as it's this weekend, though I'd better post it. IPMS Chiltern Show September 3 @ 10:00 am - 4:30 pm BST The Weatherley Centre, The Weatherley Centre, Eagle Farm Road Biggleswade, Bedfordshire SG18 8JH Adult entry £3 Refreshments & competition Contact barrywood123.hotmail.com Not sure who the other traders are, but Modellingtools.co.uk will have a presence at the show. Thanks, Paul
  15. Scale Scotland 2017 (Edinburgh)

    From the shows I've been involved in you find that you need to get a flow around, so people don't clog up a single space. If one room were traders you'd probably have one warm room that would be even warmer and completely clogged up. Paul