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  1. We are the main UK stockist for Gator grip glue. The standard with the green label is the one to use for canopies. The thin version with the white label is meant for sticking fine pieces like PE to models. Paul
  2. Thanks for adding the show, I thought I'd already done it. Show preparations are going well. We have a number of retailers coming along mainly military models, Klassic kits,, Tony James ( ex comet miniatures), S & M Models, Mat Irvine-Kit clearance part 3! , with hopefully a couple more to announce soon. We also have a couple of kit swap tables left @ £10 each if anyone is interested. Parking is free, cafe open all day, Entry £1.....As last year, please pay Percy the Honesty Pig. Show is held at Hanslope Villiage Hall MK19 7NZ opens at 10:00. Thanks, Paul
  3. My first port of call would be to read through the manual. Paul
  4. You could also try Gator Grip Glue .... Paul
  5. Looking forwards to it. I'm hoping that we are in the same place as the first two years at the new venue. Paul
  6. Hi, Sizes, the filter is 37 by 49cm. Unit main box is 56.6 x 39 x 43cm. The standard hose that is fitted is a collapsible 2m long by 100mm diameter and takes standard tumble drier fittings, you can pay for extra length, up to 4m. The 2m hose squashes down quite well, it is a steel wire with a material outer, so will last many years. As you don't know how long the first filter is going to last we offer a bundle with a spare filter for £290 ans also have spare filters at shows to save people postage costs. I've had mine for more than 15 years and it's still going strong. Hope that helps, Paul
  7. Glad it sorted it out. I would give the brush a thorough clean before you put the new nozzle on. There must be some reason the nozzle broke. Could be some paint down there that caused it to stick Paul
  8. Several ways.... The nozzle removal tool if you have one to hand. But initially you can just try a cocktail stick. Paul
  9. Assuming the detail is the same both sides & you are going to paint them it doesn't matter which way rounds, as long as they fit. Paul
  10. Personally I wouldn't bother, looks very expensive & limiting. I would have a look around for a mid priced sparmax compressor and either a Harder & Steenbeck or Sparmax airbrush (probably the GP-35) to go with it. Paul
  11. I would point you to the Harder & Steenbeck Ultra (german made rather than chinese made brush). Easier to strip & clean and more flexible. And a compressor slightly higher up the Sparmax range. With all the bits and pieces £200 For £20 more you can get the two in one version of the Ultra which has an area and detail nozzle sets as well as a 2ml and 5ml paint cup. The standard 0.2mm nozzle set will paint down to about 1mm and up to 13mm, the 0.4mm nozzle set that is the addiriobal one supplied with the 2in1 set ia an area 0.4mm nozzle set, great for priming and area work Also, we have demo kit that you can try out at shows.. Paul
  12. It can be used for that, it is a fairly thick, so will stay where it's put. Paul
  13. Gator Grip - Thick clear drying resin for attaching canopies and other clear parts Gator Grip Thin - For attaching small PE parts Glue n Glaze - originally for spreading over and opening to create a window, so quite thin, Kristal Klear - Thicker than glue n glaze but is good for creating small windows, eg airliners Everyone has their favorites way of achieving the finish they want. Personally I would go for Gator Grip & Gator grip thin to cover the three things you are looking to achieve. Paul
  14. First place to look is on the manufacturers website. Plenty of information on there.. Paul
  15. Just wishing everyone a Happy New Year. Paul