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  1. November Tools of the Month...... promotions

    Stocks getting low, get them while you can........... Paul
  2. Nose Ballast

    http://www.modellingtools.co.uk/liquid-steel-200g-12735-p.asp This is our offering, this is steel, rather than lead, didn;t like the cloud of lead dust as I used to process the lead version, so changed to steel some years ago. Paul
  3. Spray booths

    We'll have two with us at Telford next week if anyone is interested in getting one. Also have spare filters with us. Thanks, Paul
  4. Spray booths

    I will have a couple of the A300S-D extractors (and spare Filters) for sale at Telford, if anyone is interested and would like to see what they are like. Thanks, Paul
  5. Our offers this month are the wonderful Modelcraft pick and place tools. These are a pen size tool with a blob on the end that will allow you to pick up small parts and put them in place. When the blob gets clogged with dust, just wash it under the tap and it's sticky again. There are three sizes, fine, medium and large. The list price is £5.75 per tool, our normal price is £5.00, this month they are only £3.50 each. We also have a limited number of bundles of all three tools for only £10. Links to the tools: Pick & Place Small Pick & Place Medium Pick & Place Large Pick & Place Full SET Thanks, Paul
  6. Just to let everyone know that we are now fully stocked for Ezline.... Ezline all shades and both sizes available..... Ta, Paul
  7. SMW now enforcing liability insurance

    Stallholder insurance specialists would be the ones to contact. They will have seen this problem before.
  8. SMW now enforcing liability insurance

    Did you try the specialist market trader insurance companies or just general insurers Market traders association only deals with people living in the UK. But there are specialist market trader insurance companies out there at the end of a quick google search.
  9. SMW now enforcing liability insurance

    It's not really anything to do with the IPMS. As a business exhibiting you should have PLI. If you are intending to attend shows in another country, you check that your insurance covers you for that when you take it out. It normally doesn't cost very much, especially if you compare it with the bill you could be facing if the worst happens. I'm not really sure why this is all of a sudden an issue, it's been the norm for a long time, but they have only just asked for proof. I'm putting on some small none model show, shows at a village hall and we are asking everyone for proof of their PLI. We also have to take out PLI for the event as a whole. Paul
  10. Glasgow IPMS show

    Hi, Sorry I couldn't make this years show. I had been feeling under the weather all week, so thought it was better to cancel, than to risk it. Feeling a bit better now and actually got a little bit of modelling done over the weekend. My apologies I completely forgot to post it on here. If there are things that people wanted to buy at the show, but couldn't, please drop me an email and I'll sort something out for you. Thanks, Paul
  11. Hamex Kit swap and 2018 shows...

    This will be our ninth Kit swap. The usual mix of kit swappers, a couple of traders, bacon butties and hot tea. Prices the same as usual Kitswap table £5, Trade tables £10. Open from 10:00 until 16:00, but usually closes a little earlier when all the bargains have gone ! Entry £2 as normal. We have dates for some of our 2018 shows. The post Christmas Model Market, is scheduled for Sunday the 4th Feb 18. We have a new show that takes the date of the old automodellismo show. Media Modelling is for models of anything that has appeared in films, TV, Books, Comics even video games. I've seen club displays in the past with a similar theme, but think it would make a great theme for a model show. Hopefully we can get some outside exhibits for this one as well ! We don't have a date for the extreme weathering show yet. But do have a date for the smallspace show - 1st July 18 http://www.hamex.co.uk/ Thanks, Paul
  12. Mig Ammo restock.....

    Hi, We've just received a restock from Mig.Ammo. There are a number of new products in with the general restocks. 20 new oil brusher colours, plus seven oilbrusher sets. Mig.ammo oilbrushers  - Sets & individual colours. Will hopefully have the 2 new RAF, muds and waters on the site tomorrow. Paul
  13. Cutting Small Tubes

    The JLC saw will do the job without a problem. They also product jigs if you need repetative cuts.... JLC Saws, jigs etc... Ta,Paul
  14. What fans can I use with a spray booth?

    Hi, I've replied by PM. Ta, Paul
  15. What fans can I use with a spray booth?

    I've known a couple of people that it happened to & you aren't covered by your home insurance if you aren't using a motor that is certified for the job you are doing. Paul