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  1. Depends on the type of acrylic. Vallejo Model air can gel when you put IPA through the brush to clean it. Always best to start with the manufacturers recommended thinner / cleaner to start with. You then know there isn't any compatibility problem. The fact that you are seeing tiny beads of paint sounds like it's gelling, you need to go down that route and clean out the brush completely and use the appropriate cleaner. Ta, Paul
  2. Quick question, should you be using IPA with Stynylres primers ? Do they not have their own thinner & Cleaner ? Paul
  3. Glad I could help. I did meet Cassie Brown on Shesto's stand at the CHSI show a few years ago and was glad to say she also ended up with red hands after demoing airbrushes with her brand of airbrushable food colourings. Thanks, Paul Pa
  4. Looking good & looking forwards to it as usual. Paul
  5. Tim, Drop me a line and I'll send you a couple of our new ones, you can let me know what you think of them. Paul
  6. We've been looking at various paint brush ranges over the last few months, looking for the one that passes all our tests. We've settled on a Kolibri Synthetic range that has a range of nearly 50 brushes that will be useful in different types of modelling. Will hopefully be on our website in the next day or so and magazine reviews should be appearing shortly. Prices start from a little over £2 for small standard brushes, up to over £6 for one of the comb and fan brushes. We've tried some slightly cheaper ranges but they didn't pass our destruction testing, Will post the link up once they are live. Paul
  7. New paint brushes are now here and had their first outing at the MK show today. A lot of interest, they should be on the website in the next few days. Will have them at the Scottish Nationals next weekend Paul
  8. Needles & Nozzles are compatible. The Evo 0.4mm needle, nozzle aircap set should work on the Ultra The only thing to remember with the Ultra is the spring behind the trigger is a little stiffer than the the Evo due to the design. For most beginners this is a good thing as it gives a bit more control over the paint flow. But probably not a major problem. I've been looking at the craft & cake markets, shame the show was this weekend, or I may have gone. I'll have to see how much the November one is ! One of my suppliers was at this weekends show, I'll ask them how it went... Paul
  9. Less than a month to go now, it's going to be an interesting show. We want this to very much be an audience participation event, so make a note of techniques you are unsure of and things you would like to understand in more depth. This year is just scratching the surface of finishing and weathering, so if it's not covered this time we will try and include it next time. Update... We may not have Mike Tucker along this time, but you never know. We do now have a couple of new names to add to the list of demonstrators :-. Ian Peacock - legendary modeller and author of several modelling books. Geoff Coughlin of Scale Modelling Now Thanks, Paul
  10. / little-cars will be in our normal place..... Main hall, far wall on the left when you go into the hall from the reception area. Ta, Paul
  11. Unfortunately we couldn't get the guests we wanted on our original date & this weekend should allow all the guests to attend. If you come in from the east or via the M1, there shouldn't be much of a problem. M1 come off at Jn 14 or 15. I'd avoid A43 around Silverstone area and Buckingham will probably be clogged up on the Sunday. On the plus side, there aren't any local closures showing up that weekend. Ta, Paul
  12. In the paint section there is a tab marked Vallejo Metal Color. Third down in the first column. Need to check the stock levels are up to date, we should have them all in stock. Ta, Paul
  13. Hi, Needles and nozzles are the same throughout the range. Paint cups are all the same fitting. The Infinity aircap is the same fitting as the evolution aircap, but has the pincer end, rather than the standard end. The Infinity is normally the crplus is has a heavy duty chrome plate, rather than the nickel plating of the Evolution. So may look slightly brighter. If you are just going to be using the Evo for area work with the 0.4mm nozzle set and also have the 0.2mm set,(2in1set) then I would get the Infinity crplus with the 015mm nozzle set. You can then used the 0.2mm needle & nozzle from the Evolution in the detailing brush, as the aircap is the same for 0.15 and 0.2mm nozzle sets. Paul
  14. Steve, Two things that I know people put in it. Water, then the paint its on the top and you pour it all out..... but that will get the pot dirty very quickly. Of scrumpled up kitchen paper, which is removed after each session. Some stuff will build up over time, but there is less to do if you want to clean it. I suspect most people would just put it back in the plastic case and put it in the cupboard ! Paul
  15. Have just added another new product onto the website. little nippers are small 2"/5cm long spring loaded clamps. They have enough grip to keep themselves in position and apply force, but not enough that they squash the parts like clothes pegs can. We are selling them in a pack of 6 for £1.50 and should also have them on our little-lenses rack at shows.