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  1. It sounds like the air valve is sticking open and needs lubricating. If it's the CN or BCN model you can unscrew the air valve from the bottom of the brush and check its action on the hose. Also check for dried on paint the the brush body by the trigger. It may be that the shaft of the air valve just need a little lubrication with super lube or sewing machine oil. Paul
  2. Spare cups for H&S are reasonably priced,so not a major issue. If you are buying the Infinity crplus 0.2, you will get a 2ml cup and lid in the set. I would get the 5ml cup and possibly lid as well for large areas and priming. And if you are looking for ultra fine detail the micro cup can be useful. Paul
  3. Show update.. The Extreme weathering show organising is now in progress. I did a dummy setup of the main hall last night and we can get 6 demo tables with space for people to stand / sit to watch/interact with the demos in the main hall and possibly another couple in the back room. We will also have a few traders there selling their wares. will be there, hopefully Valiant Wing will have a lot of bargains there. I'm also looking for a general kit seller to come along. There will hopefully be a few club display / demos in the back room. Catering with the bacon butties will be there as usual and there should be plenty of free parking. Show opening times will be the normal 10:00 until 16:00. This first show is a bit of an experiment as people haven't given any real indication what they want to know. We are hoping the first show will give us a lot of feedback, so we can put on a more targeted event in 2018 ! Thanks, Paul
  4. Which brush you go for depends on what you are looking to paint..... If you are looking to paint fiddle camo, then a brush with a large 0.5mm nozzle is not the one to go for and if you want area work then a 0.2mm nozzle will similarly frustrate you. The Iwata revolution is normally sold as a brush with a 0.5mm nozzle or 0.3mm, The Evolution is sold as a 0.2mm nozzle that is sort of equivalent to the 0.3mm in the Iwata. The Harder & steenbeck brush is more flexible & futureproof. Different sized cups and 4 different nozzle sets that can be changed in seconds without any tools. The Iwata is a solid dependable brush. So I would say if you are looking to move from detail work to area work & priming, then the H&S would be the best bet longer term due to it's flexibility in configuration. Have a look at the UK prices for the H&S Evolution, export price on our's is about $100. I would also suggest looking at the Evolution Silverline as it has a preset handle as standard. Paul
  5. I booked my hotel ( if you can call it that!) yesterday, so should be there as normal. Next week we work out how K-9 is going to get up there. Would be nice if he could sit in the cab with me ! Paul
  6. Little update on the show...... It looks like tis is going to be a cross between a show, a self help group, and a general modellers get together. A few of the demonstrators I can now publish. Richard Franks will be coming up to the show to demonstrate how he airbrushes. He should be there with the Valliant Wings stand, with lots of his books and some more goodies on it. Mat Irvine will be demonstrating weathering of civilian vehicles. Kev Green will also be demonstrate some airbrushing techniques, one he mentioned was using paint masks to give the effect you want. I'm hoping to also have some of the local clubs along showing off their models and explaining how they obtained various effects. I'll be there with my airbrush demo are for people to try their hand at airbrushing. Also, hoping to have a local kit seller along so you can load up on plastic to practice on. More to hopefully announce soon, but I'm still looking for someone to demonstrate using enamel washes over acrylic paints. Basics/ advanced/ tips etc....... If anyone fancies passing on any weathering techniques please get in touch with me: 01234 711980 Thanks, Paul
  7. A new body if you can find one will cost you something like £50 with vat & postage. You can pick up a second hand 200 fairly cheap...(depending on the version,) and use the parts from that and keep the rest for spares. The other option is to use it as an excuse to upgrade to a new brush. Paul
  8. We were completely out of the large monolane jig, these have finally got here and available on the web site. JH Model Jigs Thanks, Paul
  9. If anyone has a problem with the event postcode of LE10 1BZ on their satnav, It looks like LE10 1AG takes you to the hospital next door.. Paul
  10. Just a bump for Sunday's show. Hopefully it will be as busy as previous years. New venue, not to far from the old one, so car parking should be about the same, although possibly a little bit further to walk. Hope to see a few of you there. Paul
  11. Just to let everyone know that th JLC Range are now fully back in stock. Modelling Saws Thanks, Paul
  12. Hi, I think you need to post this in the airbrush part of the tools& tips section. Paul
  13. Hi will send you a PM. Paul
  14. That's a standard sparmax unit, available under a number of names, usually at £200. We have two versions of the compresor for sales, The standards one is the little-tank compressor at £180, comes complete with a hose and a 2 year warranty. little-jet compressor offer price What airbrush are you looking to attach to your compressor ??? Paul
  15. They are also pre-thinned for airbrushing. For polished finishes use their metal color gloss black under the same as you would with Alclad, Paul