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  1. I keep forgetting about lead wire, worth a try, we have it in sizes from 0.2 to 1.0mm widths. Pau
  2. Not tried anything except CA. Non enamelled ones are normally PVC, Kynar or PTFE. I can't see these sticking well, but always worth a try. The only ones that may glue easily are cotton covered wires. Have you tried using one of the tools for delivering small amounts of CA like the Glue Louper ? Paul
  3. Hopefully will be at this one as usual. Ta, Paul
  4. The shows I have attended there as a trader have always been very well attended, by the public. Massive queues out of the doors and down the steps. They must have made a fair bit of money from entry fees, shop, simulators etc.. So it looks like a well engineered cancellation justification to me...... piddle your trade, club and public customers off at one show, then use the poor attendance figures to justify cancelling the event. It's a shame it was an event that we all looked forwards to attending, even with the Friday afternoon delays on the A303 to contend with. Let's hope they re-think the decision in the future. Paul
  5. Thanks for the post Colin. Unfortunately, usual service will be a little slow for the next few days. Was in Hospital on Thursday for a little cardioversion procedure, so am resting for a few days. Will hopefully get most of the back orders in the post on Monday. Thanks, Paul
  6. As-18 chinese compressor. You can get spares for some of the chinese units, but need to know what is wrong. These now retail for about £60, so probably not worth the time and hassle of investigating and sorting it, unless you have someone locally that can give it a check over. These now retail for around £60, but check the warranty you get with them, so are only short ! They have recently gone up to this price as I guess they are paid for in US Dollars. Paul
  7. If the hose & brush are not leaking, then it must be something on the compressor. If it's a cheap one then it'll probably cost you more than it's worth to fix...if it is fixable. Which make/model compressor is it ? Paul
  8. Full details are available about the warranty here: Just note down when you change the filters. I've not heard of one failing, once installed, but there is always a first time. Paul
  9. Before you buy, check the instructions. A lot of the cheap ones state, do not use anything flammable through the booth and leave on for ten minutes after use. As my house insurance wouldn't cover anything damaged in a flashback fire from one of these, my personal choice would be either a cardboard box ( no problem and they are cheap to replace.) Or something made for the job. I bought a graphicair one getting on for 20 years ago and it's still going strong. And has a lifetime warranty as long as you replace the filters when needed. Paul
  10. We have been low on some sanders for the last couple of weeks. They have been very popular at shows recently. Expecting a top up from the US in a week or so, so should have them topped up for Telford. The show was busier this year then last year, the content was a little different, but plenty to see as usual. Paul
  11. PaShame, I liked that space, it has decent lighting......
  12. Hi, Sorry I can't help you directly as it's not a range I have used or stock. But I suspect it can be treated similar to Vallejo, Ammo or AK Interactive paints. Also, I think you should post this in the paint section to get the best response. Paul
  13. If the compressor is holding it's pressure, then connect the brush to the hose and put it & the first part of the hose in some water and look for bubbles. If nothing seen start the air flowing a little and see if you can see it escaping anywhere it shouldn't. Paul
  14. You can check all the joints for leaks....
  15. Haynes Motor Museum would make an interesting venue for a model show........