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  1. Personaly I would stick with H&S. 0.15, 0.2, 0.4 & 0.6mm nozzles covers a wide range. But I would go to the Evolution Silverline 2in1 or the Infinity cr+ 2in1 .
  2. After you remove the needle from the back, the air cap and paint nozzle unscrew from the from of the brush as a unit and the nozzle just lips out for cleaning. This is the same for the Ultra, Evolution & infinity range. H&S also produce their own cheap cleaning brushes that can clean the inside of the nozzlle and the front of the brush. Paul
  3. As you say H&S is a lot more modular, different cups, nozzles, needles, pick & mix to get the brush you need for the job. The entry level brush is a bit of a compromise, you can't add all the extras on it. The mid range Evolution Silverline 2in1 has everything that most people need. 0.2mm nozzle for fine work and a 0.4mm for large area work. It also has a preset handle to set the maximum flow. The hose should fit, if not there are adapters available. Paul
  4. If it's the CN/BCN, I found the nozzles delicate and not cheap to replace. I would get the broken bit out by getting some cleaner in the front of the brush to soften up the dried paint, then use a cocktail stick in the middle of the loosened nozzle to remove it. For a good introductory brush, I would look at Iwata's sister company Sparmax, they have a good range of brushes around the £50-60 mark MAX- 3 & Max-4 are good general brushes. If you fancy a trigger brush the GP-35 at at around £100 is a great all round brush. Progressive double action trigger, preset handle at the back & spares are lot cheaper than their sister range. Paul
  5. Just buy the correct sized, Air cap for the Infinity & shouldn't have any problem. Paul
  6. Are these the H&S bagged product? If you aren't sure, email H&S with the photo and product number and ask them, or go back to the dealer you bought them from. Paul
  7. Hope you have a good turnout at the weekend. Paul
  8. Some of you may know that we are not currently trading. This is partly due to various health issues, long covid / arrythmia & not having a holiday in 20 years. I'm currently looking at our options going forwards, but need to get all our paperwork up to date and then having at least one long holiday..probably more & build some kits! Thanks, Paul
  9. Looked at them when they were announced. Not sure who makes them or how long they will be around, but would personally wouldn't touch them I would look at the Sparmax range. A wide variety of airbrushes for different applications, attractively priced, all spares available and part of the larger Harder & Steenbeck / Iwata group. Paul
  10. Hi, I would contact the importer, they should know which of their resellers keeps airbrush spares http://hobbycompany.co.uk/ Paul
  11. NO, but we have three+Frank as a frequent visitor email addresss is info@little-cars.co.uk
  12. Hi, Just to let everyone know that our online shop is currently closed. We are taking a break from online trading while we regroup & remove slow selling &drplicate lines. We will be attending a number of shows this year, but won't be taking our full range, so get in touch if there is something specific you need. info@little-cats.co.uk Thanks, Paul
  13. Which model airbrush do you have ?
  14. I would have a look at the Sparmax range. They have a range of brushes that covers most of the modelling range for around £50. My personal favorite in the range is the GP-35 at about £90-£100 It's a brush with hand grip and a trigger. To open the air valve, pull the tigger back until you canf feel resistance , then as you pull back more the paint starts to flow. For a standard double action start look at the max3 or max 4. Paul
  15. If you are looking for a good quality. quiet compressor we normally suggest the little-jet compressor. £140, no tank, but can output 30psi without a problem. They are made by the same group as your airbrush & I've been selling them for getting on for 20 years. I've had only one duff compressor in that time ( something inside had broken). 2 years guarentee price will be going up shortly, currently £140. Little-jet compressor. Will haveone at the Shuttleworth Show Tomorrow. Paul
  16. Hi, The show is filling up very quickly this year, we only have a couple of spaces left. I'm not sure what covid related restrictions will be in place, but they will be posted on our website : HaMeX.co.uk closer to the show date.
  17. Or if you are vegan you can use PTFE tape !
  18. Hi Tony, I'm not to far from you (Olney about 30 mins drive) I have some demo air brushes that you can try out. You need one that feels right for you. I have sparmax & Harder & steenbeck double action airbrushes as well as Sparmax double action & trigger grip style brushes. (email info@little-cars.co.uk)
  19. A shame, but at least you have some notice, I'm hoping to be there whatever date it is. Paul
  20. The problem with pulling the needle forwards is that the new needles have an etched back end that could damage the O rings by chipping bits of the O ring away, or filling the entry air hole can get full of paint if you pull the needle forwards & let paint get in the front of the brush. Personally I always take them out the back of the brush, but it's personal choice. Paul
  21. Drop me a line info@little-cars.co.uk. There are a number if quick release connectors available, depending on the fittings you have & what you want to achieve. We usually have them all in stock. Paul, modellingtools.co.uk
  22. If you have a glass window that is handily placed, then you can get a sheet of glass/Perspex with the right sized hole cut in it. Then put a louvered front on the outside to keep insects etc on the outside when it's not in use. Paul
  23. We have sold a number of people a setup and it works OK. It looks like the compressor has a 1/8th output coming out and an adapter to a 1/4 fitting for the hose you have. All you need are the same two connectors that you have on the other end of the hose duplicated A £4 male quick release to screw onto the compressor output and a hose connector the 6mm clear hose ( (£9). Cut the old connector off the compressor end of the hose. slip the locking collar over the hose. Push the pointy bit at the back of the quick release adapter into the hose & screw the locking nut up. Doesn't need to be very tight. Paul
  24. We are all different and one companies approach to the brush will suit some a different one for other people. The Sparmax brushes I would look at the Max-4 , traditional airbrush 0.4mm nozzle, 7ml paint cup . Gives you a brush for larger area and preset handle on the back. The other is the Sparmax GP-35. o.35mm nozzle, side fed cups. It's a trigger brush with an amazing range from fine detail to reasonable area work, & has a preset handle at the back. Very simple to use pull the trigger back until you feel resistance, this opens the air valve, then pull it more to start the paint flowing. There are also larger nozzle versions 0.5 & 0.7mm. Paul Sparmax GP-35 Sparmax Max-4
  25. Looks like £190 with 30 paints on amazon at the moment. Sounds a bit steep to me and you probably won't use all the paints. Separately £65 for the brush, £10 to £20 for the hose depending on spec. Then you can buy the paints you need,..... Paul
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