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  1. I believe they were removed but don't know when. WB215 only seemed to have them when in the unpainted polished finish than the later duller silver. Dave
  2. Saw it too with another just outside of Clevedon.
  3. x2 F-15 low over Bridgwater at 15.30 this afternoon.
  4. I'm not to sure of the paint code, but I have these as reference if you haven't already seen them. IMG_0320 by ravodavo, on Flickr IMG_0319 by ravodavo, on Flickr IMG_0318 by ravodavo, on Flickr IMG_0317 by ravodavo, on Flickr
  5. To basically have an early B.2, you will need this conversion here:- https://air-graphics.co.uk/shop?keywords=victor&olsPage=products%2Fac-032-hp-victor-b2-early-mod-fin-conversion Dave
  6. He still sells, if you just email him with your requirements and your address to calculate postage. You'll be able to pay by Paypal. All decals he does are print to order..
  7. Hi, I got the decals from here - http://www.jbot.ca/aircraft/50/fd2-b.shtml They are nice but are a bit thin and very difficult to move once on the surface. Dave
  8. Not a well done model for me. IMG_0236 by ravodavo, on Flickr IMG_0237 by ravodavo, on Flickr IMG_0238 by ravodavo, on Flickr IMG_0239 by ravodavo, on Flickr IMG_0240 by ravodavo, on Flickr IMG_0242 by ravodavo, on Flickr IMG_0241 by ravodavo, on Flickr
  9. Hello, not at all. It is the Airfix kit but with the Alleycat conversion that's available for it. All 3 RAE Javelins are available in the conversion sets but I didn't want to attempt them so I had someone else build them for me Dave
  10. OK, I've had the 2 kits of the 1/144 Mikro-Mir Tu-22 Blinder since Christmas. I'm a bit stuck with them, I've only been doing odds and sods on them as I can't get used to how it all goes together. Some of the things I can't understand is that like the instructions only tells you to use 2 seats where as the aircraft itself is a 3 seater and some parts say not to use but clearly have to be, such as more parts to the cockpit. There is also no instructions where to place the cockpit instrument decals (I know you probably won't see them but not the point). Has anyone else done these kits and any advise you have? I've only done 1 Mikro-Mir kit and that went ok. Dave
  11. Cloned from my 1/72 model to 1/144 with modifiction to rear fuselage. Last photo - 1/48, 1/72 and 1/144 together. IMG_0229 by ravodavo, on Flickr IMG_0230 by ravodavo, on Flickr IMG_0231 by ravodavo, on Flickr IMG_0233 by ravodavo, on Flickr IMG_0232 by ravodavo, on Flickr
  12. IMG_0225 by ravodavo, on Flickr IMG_0226 by ravodavo, on Flickr IMG_0227 by ravodavo, on Flickr IMG_0228 by ravodavo, on Flickr
  13. Can you get 1/32 Panavia Tornado decals for TWCU circa 1982? Dave
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