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  1. Mikro-Mir 1/144 HP Victor XA920 with Orange Putter radar. I used all the kit parts needed including the very flimsy undercarriage, pitots and managed to fit the jet tail pipes with a lot of rubbing down and boring out. The extra nose pitot was made buy using guitar wire Finished in Vallejo Air Aluminium with Hataka light grey panels and Xtradecals. Finally a coat of Klear added. Dave. Victor XA920 by ravodavo, on Flickr IMG_0955 by ravodavo, on Flickr IMG_0956 by ravodavo, on Flickr IMG_0957 by ravodavo, on Flickr IMG_0958 by ravodavo, on Flickr IMG_0959 by ravodavo, on Flickr IMG_0960 by ravodavo, on Flickr
  2. That is right. It was only partially recessed. As it states on David's link "non-cranked front spar making the missile less recessed into the bomb bay." I would just try to make it sit further away from the bomb bay. Dave
  3. Nice one. I got one to do myself. I love these kits he does. May I ask what blue you used? Dave
  4. Yes a Mikro-Mir. No I just normally post when they're finished. Takes me months to do a kit whilst juggling other things.
  5. XA920 in progress. I'm no expert and not one for taking photos whilst building. In process of painting, silver is done and just need to add the touches of grey and other bits. I managed to use the original jet pipes that go with the kit but were so much sanded down they became really thin. I deleted the extended wing nose flap look as it looked more like the B2 wing leading edge. Dave IMG_0843 by ravodavo, on Flickr IMG_0845 by ravodavo, on Flickr IMG_0844 by ravodavo, on Flickr
  6. I'm doing XA920 in silver at moment and as you can see that the serials on this machine are like the Valiant - squared. Victor XA920 by ravodavo, on Flickr
  7. Oh I certainly hope so, my S&M Models one is gash and shot.
  8. It does look like it. This photo from online shows how the decals should have come. Untitled by ravodavo, on Flickr So hard to tell. It is hard to tell even on the flesh. It does look continuous to be and the the brand name printed again on top.
  9. Hi all, I have a question, I've had a AIM 1/72 Vickers Valiant Conversion set for some time now but keep forgetting to ask this question. I've added a photo of the decals supplied and I'm a little confused on whether the serial number is printed white or whether it has been printed black on white decal paper? Other sets I've seen don't seem to have this Any advice? Dave IMG_0785 by ravodavo, on Flickr
  10. wavodavo

    Telford 2019

    Any reason why the Bomber Command 1936-1968 haven't had any V-bombers on display for the last couple of years?
  11. I believe they were removed but don't know when. WB215 only seemed to have them when in the unpainted polished finish than the later duller silver. Dave
  12. Saw it too with another just outside of Clevedon.
  13. x2 F-15 low over Bridgwater at 15.30 this afternoon.
  14. I'm not to sure of the paint code, but I have these as reference if you haven't already seen them. IMG_0320 by ravodavo, on Flickr IMG_0319 by ravodavo, on Flickr IMG_0318 by ravodavo, on Flickr IMG_0317 by ravodavo, on Flickr
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