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  1. Very sad news and a nice guy. He bought us many kits/conversions that no one else has done.
  2. Hello, What's the best casting product to make a mold for casting small parts such as undercarriage legs etc? Cheers Dave
  3. Hi all, I just want ask what is the best 2-part putty that is the softest to work with as I have found some to tough when making a certain shape? Plus, is there any difference when working with standard Milliput and the Super Fine milliput? Dave
  4. Hello, Does anyone know when AIM will be releasing their 1/144 version of the Vickers Valiant B2 conversion? I had an email back in February 2019 that work had been started on it but has never changed on Hannants website. Dave
  5. IMG_1559 by ravodavo, on Flickr IMG_1560 by ravodavo, on Flickr IMG_1561 by ravodavo, on Flickr
  6. Small update. Engine nacelles joins have been filled and sanded. Now glued onto the fuselage. These had to firmly clamped in place to make sure they met the fuselage join properly. Nose cones and also now on. If you do put weight in them, make sure it doesn't go further than the peg holes as it would not go on otherwise. I have also test fitted the clear canopies, which have a plug on them that fits nicely within the gap on the fuselage to join onto the spine. IMG_1522 by ravodavo, on Flickr IMG_1523 by ravodavo, on Flickr IMG_1524 by ravodavo, on Flickr IM
  7. Which Hastings are you looking to portray? I've built a 1/144 one and had to look for different decals, so might be able to point you in the right direction. Dave
  8. wavodavo

    Soviet decals

    Hello, Apart from custom printing or making myself, does any do 1/144 scale numerals for Soviet Cold War aircraft in different sizes and perhaps the "Excellence Badge" that you see on the side of soviet bombers? The "Excellence Badge" comes in some of the kits but for some reason only for the right hand side twice (apart from the Revell Tupolev Tu-95 I've noticed). Dave
  9. The halves have come together. Wheel weights add to the fuselage and liquid gravity to the nose cone. You can see the difference between them and the Mikro-Mir kits. IMG_1511 by ravodavo, on Flickr IMG_1512 by ravodavo, on Flickr IMG_1513 by ravodavo, on Flickr
  10. Whats the best variety of silver paint to use for different panel colours of bare metal Soviet aircraft? I use Vallejo Air aluminium, silver and high speed silver but there does not seem to be any difference in the shades. Dave
  11. Started some small amount assembling after cleaning all the parts. I must say it is well designed and thought out. Engine parts have been put in. These have a small notch at them to indicate for the top and fit in nicely. Front wheel well glued in ready for some sort of colour for the interior and for the two halves of the fuselage to go together. IMG_1485 by ravodavo, on Flickr IMG_1486 by ravodavo, on Flickr IMG_1487 by ravodavo, on Flickr IMG_1488 by ravodavo, on Flickr IMG_1489 by ravodavo, on Flickr
  12. I don't normally do WIP threads as it takes me so long to complete any models but I thought I might start with this one as this is a new model. I am already doing the two Mikro-Mir Blinders but I ccan honestly say that they are a poor kit for me with too many small parts for the size of the kit (more like a shrunken version of 1/72) and construction of it just seems to be bottom backwards, plus some of the parts were molded in a way which caused like a double layer effect. Anyway, if you want to order these AWM models, here is a link:- https://pas-decals.com/category_5/ But be
  13. IMG_1472 by ravodavo, on Flickr IMG_1474 by ravodavo, on Flickr IMG_1475 by ravodavo, on Flickr IMG_1476 by ravodavo, on Flickr IMG_1477 by ravodavo, on Flickr IMG_1478 by ravodavo, on Flickr
  14. I've got a few problems with paint at the moment. I'm trying to paint a RAF Medium Sea Grey but I have a few makes which are different shades. They are Humbrol, Revell, Hataka and Alclad II. I'm not too sure which one is the more accurate shade. The Alclad looks more like dark sea grey and I bought this as it didn't require thinning for the airbrush. The rest just seam too light with the Humbrol being the better but a pain to thin for the airbrush. Is there any better ones like Xtracolor? Plus, the Alclad paint have loads of bits in it and keep clogging up the airbrush. Was trying to do s
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