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  1. Waiting for the tanks!!

    Thanks Jim, Ive mainly been building aircraft since I started modelling again and yes, the camera never lies, always picks things up you never see with the naked eye!! Cheers Simon
  2. Waiting for the tanks!!

    Hi Badder, Many thanks for your feedback, ive seen some stunning dioramas, not sure how people do it to that standard to be honest! The little leaves actually came in a Jarvis set of camo netting, but I have seen them on our road and wondered what they were, need to go out and gather some up lol The figures were also assembled sometime in the 90's as well, I just touched the paint up on them, see what you mean about the mould line on the neck though. Anyway, got an unbuilt Tamiya Churchill from the 90's lined up to do next, ill have another go at a base for that one as well. Cheers Simon
  3. Hi all, I originally built this model around 25 years ago and I found it in a box of bits at my mums house, thought I'd have a go at updating it and creating a small dio for it. This is really my first go at a diorama for years so really just a bit of fun, hopefully I'll be able to improve on the next one, and improve my figure painting!! The kit is a Dragon 1/35 Jagdtiger and the figures are Tamiya. The model was originally painted grey all over, so i've re-painted it in camo - theres some bits missing, in fact just found a few bits of spare track to go on the side. Its probably not that accurate, not sure if an MG would have been tripod mounted on a tank, but looks the part! Anyway, see what you think! Cheers Simon
  4. Looks great Pat, come out really well, love the scheme. Ive got same kit in the stash, took it out the other day but just can't get the enthusiasm to start a new build at the moment! Cheers Simon
  5. Cheers for the kind words guys :-) Des, build it - if I can do it I'm sure you can!! Thanks Russ, I've got a Sword T4 in the stash to make a nice trio at some point! Cheers Simon
  6. Well this really is my first RFI for ages, I've been battling with this mixed media kit for months and finally given in, definitely going to stick with injection kits now I've removed this from the loft lol! Ive had this kit for ages and finally decided to build it last Christmas to go with my Airfix F6 - to be fair the kit goes together ok, just my cack handed modelling that made it more difficult. The base kit was actually an F3 but I wanted to do an F1a as I had a spare Airfix F1 fin. So with that in mind its probably not 100% accurate, I shortened the ducting on the lower fuselage but theres probably more I should have done. The Eagle Eyes among you will probably notice the markings on the fin are not quite right for an F1 either, they are modified F3 decals kindly supplied by fellow Britmodeller Rob G (Cheers mate!). All OOB apart from the pitot tube. Paint used was Revell Aquacolour Aluminium & Silver and yellow and black for the spine and fin. Anyway, here is it, only managed to get a few passable photos :-)
  7. Yep, there is a church up there, both my grandparents and dad all reside there now alojng with quite a few airmen from WW2. And yes used to run up there as well in football training from braunton! cheers simon
  8. Great subject, I went to Pegasus Bridge over Easter, fascinating museum there and they have a full size replica Horsa there as well. I built this kit when I was a lad - look forward to seeing your progress! Cheers Simon
  9. F-35's to lakenheath

    The Eagles are a regular sight over Norwich so hopefully get a glimpse of an F35 at some point :-)
  10. They look the nuts! Almost at the finishing post now Steve 😁
  11. Beautifully done, love it Cheers Simon
  12. Yes, I remember Lawsons as well, used to go down to watch Argyle with my dad in the late 70's up to the early 90's and when I was a lad we always used to pay Lawsons a visit, and the one round the corner near Dewdneys, is that still there? (I'm now marooned in Norfolk!). There was a great Model shop in Barnstaple on the Strand in the late 70's (forget name) - I used to get loads of kits in there, its now Kingfisher tackle shop I think! Happy days :-)
  13. Airfix Victor

    If only my dad was around he would have known the answer to that as he spent a number of years on 57 Squadron at Honington in the sixties as an armourer :-( Great start Billy, will follow this with interest! Cheers Simon
  14. 1/48 BAC/EE Lightning decals

    Just to add the markings I'm after are the same as this: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Lightning_F1A_111Sqn.png Cheers Simon
  15. 1/48 BAC/EE Lightning decals

    Hi Rob & At sea, many thanks for your quick replies!! Yes, ideally I'm after the 111 version with yellow stripe (on black fin), so yes, Rob if you have any spare that would be superb! Cheers Simon