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  1. Hi It's quite a long shot but I'm after a 1/32 trumpeter lightning canopy. Does anyone have a spare they can supply. Cheers dave
  2. Help vehicle modeller's I'm building a 1/18 hobbyboss harrier. I've looked all over the internet for 1/18 brass etch seat belt buckles for my ejector seat and the only place I find them are abroad not here in the UK. Where in the UK do you guys get your's? I look forward to the barrage of replies. Cheers Dave.
  3. Which lightning kit are you building?
  4. Speedy extra decal do a serial number decal sheet that you can make any jet from including the tail letters in black & white. Dave.
  5. Hi Simon Yes I have loads of photos but none I can put on here. I cancelled my photobucket account because I couldn't get on it for adverts. I've took a photographic records of my builds to post on forums, facebook etc. And also shows that I have attended. PM me your email address if you want I could send you some if you like. Dave
  6. Hi Simon did you get yourself the Trumpeter lightning kit? I've built to date 6 trumpeter lightnings and I've lost count of the Echelon lightnings I've built over the years. Firstly the trumpeter kit does have serious accuracy issues BUT as it's the only 1/32 lightning kit readily available and you want a big lightning in your display cabinet then you have to get one. Secondly if you are not a rivet counter there is some lovely after market bits to up grade the kit in its poorly detailed areas. And thirdly with some nice paint work and gentle weathering a lovely model can be produced. So I say get you self the kit and create. Happy modelling my friend Dave.
  7. It will be a printing error. Their 1/32 scale low vis roundels for the lightning are way too big also. I use fantacy print shops low vis national insignia as a replacement. You could try them yourself . Dave
  8. thank you they are very helpful Dave
  9. Lovely pictures but not detailed enough. Close in clear photos so I can see what's what. Cheers.
  10. Thanks steve But I'm wanting photos of lightnings with their wing leading edge panels removed In maintenance.
  11. Hi fellow modellers. I'm looking for reference photos for the EE /BAC lightning's wing leading edges minus their panels. There is a lot of plumbing and stuff that runs down the entire wing leading edge this is what I'm wanting. I've surfed the net but come up blank hopefully someone on here will step up to the plate. Thank you Dave.
  12. Hi brit modellers Has anyone got the flightpath 1/32 EE lightning detail set and are not going to use the engine run up screen? I know this is a tall order but if you don't ask. Thank you in advance Dave.
  13. As the title suggests I'm looking for a surplus 1/32 Revell F104 or old F4 J79 engine. I'm going to start a new project soon and a engine is part of the plan. Thank you in advance. Dave
  14. Yes it would make it wrong if you camouflaged them. Overwing tanks were one colour overall. Which airframe are you doing?
  15. Hi tom how's the trumpeter lightning with the open engine bay coming along.
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