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  1. Nice work so far Iain, are the instrument decals the ones out of the kit? Al
  2. Warris

    RAF VC10 XR808

    Thanks Dave, that's really useful i'll get the kit and the decals ordered tomorrow.
  3. Warris

    RAF VC10 XR808

    I'm wanting to build XR808 using one of the Roden Kits, as its a C1 which one would be the best to use having the minimum amount of fuss? Also i'm looking at the RAM Models decals, these are for the Airfix kit I believe, will they fit ok onto the Roden kit? Thanks Al
  4. Hi Selwyn, I'm need the size of each bit of the tail and how much to add/remove material from these bombs I have here. Al
  5. Does anyone know is there are any of these bombs with 118 tails in any museums that you can get close to or is the any detailed plans out there, i'm struggling to find anything. Al
  6. That is typical, if you ever think of doing a 2nd edition give me a shout Al
  7. I've found the 540's using the measurements above, i'm looking at a scale length of 45.4mm and diameter of 6.9mm These are going to need some fettling to make them accurate Will hopefully get them look like these
  8. Thanks Bobski, i'll dig out my Buccaneer. Thanks Nick, once i find the Buccaneer, i'll measure the up. Al
  9. Evening everyone, I'm trying to find a 1/48 540lb bomb and 540lb with 960 fuze for my Herrick Harrier, does anyone know if these are availble? Al
  10. Thanks, I was fortunate to work with the Harriers in Afghan just before they were replaced with the Tonka, one of them was ZD433, it was one of the lucky ones that stayed in the UK after their retirement in 2010 and now resides at the Fleet Air Arm museum.
  11. Oh this is nice, amazing work on something so small, the weathering looks spot on.
  12. Great work so far Flipper, that carbon work looks amazing.
  13. I had to do a double take of this picture, I thought it was the real think. Nice one Si
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