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Rick Brown

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  1. I find it best not to like anything. Saves running out. Rick
  2. Very sad, miss him dearly. Glad to have met him and spend the time of day with him. Very interesting, knowledgeable chap. Rick.
  3. I must admit, I did find it difficult last night. I have to keep a straight face though, my daughter loves it. If I passed any bad comment I wouldn't be able to type this.. I do love the titles that say "Based on the novels of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle"! Eh...? Only in names and lodging address! Rick.
  4. WHAT?! It's NOT real??!!!! Rick.
  5. That's so much more interesting a paint job than the standard camo! I always thought the Javelin looked boring until seeing this. Rick.
  6. Very Nice! I have one waiting on the shelf.. Rick
  7. That's a weird one Paul. When I have a large post to do I generally write it out in NotePad++ first then copy/paste it into forums. It gets round any weird posting problems that do appear at times. Rick.
  8. I must say I'm finding it a little slow too. Mike knows how many bits of IT'ery I use, but tis the same across devices. Can't say I've looked into why if it's my end though, too busy moaning about other things elsewhere! Rick. PS, Chrome ain't the slickest browser out there, Firefox is certainly quicker for me.
  9. I popped in ere cause I thought someone said "Best Thong". Sorry, I completely got the wrong idea! Rick.
  10. The cheapest I can find here is about £30. Not too bad, but like kits below £20! Rick
  11. I'm after one of those too. They seem to fetch silly money though. I was given a built one that had been smashed by a moggy, but it's kinda too far gone, the model, not the moggy. Rick.
  12. It'd look nice in the garden. They must have been kept elsewhere on the airfield as I haven't seen them in open storage on my previous visits. Rick. BTW, the Canberra is XH135, you can't see it too well in the picture.
  13. Chaps. found theses two looking sorry for themselves outside in the ice this morning. sad to see. whats the story so far with these? rick.
  14. Have a good un chaps! Rick.