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Rick Brown

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  1. What's your car used to go buying models

    ROFL! Rick.
  2. C130J Hercules

    Got to love a J! Nice job. BTW, whats the story with the removed port Para door? Rick.
  3. Falklands C130 Hercules what type ?

    C1's were short and C3's were long when I worked on them. Rick.
  4. The most beautiful looking Merlin Spit ever! Lovely! Rick.
  5. Spot of the day!

    I've also just been txted by a mate up in Shrewsbury. There was an XJ220, on trade plates, written off today in Bayston Hill. Ouch. Rick.
  6. What have you purchased 9

    At last a little compensation came my way after last years suicide attack by an unguided Renault Cleo. Stocked up on boring stuff like airbrush cleaner, thinners glue and a box of #10A scalpel blades. Even bought a couple of cheep kits, SMER 1/48 Piper Cub and Airfix 1/72 Harrier. Rest of the compo paid for last years enforced holiday rearrangements, brought on by the accident. You certainly don't make money out of none fault accidents.... Rick. just happy to be alive.
  7. Got to love a Widgeon! very nice indeed. Rick.
  8. What music are you playing? Pt III

    Not so much of what I'm playing, more what all the bands at the "Upton Blues Festival" are playing! Not sure what makes music "Blues", but I'm sure She Sells Sanctuary ain't Blues! There's also a radio station popped up for it. I haven't heard one harmonica since switching it on! Weird. Great festival though, huge this year! Great to see the town so busy with happy people. I recommend it for anyone next year. Oh, forgot to mention, IT'S FREE! Rick.
  9. My town from the air.

    It was ten years ago yesterday since our great flood of 2007. This picture is nothing compared to then as we now have flood defences. I may have some pictures kicking around. I'll try and find some. Its our Blues Festival this weekend. I do feel sorry for all the campers, the weather is awful! Rick.
  10. Hand puppet

    Apparently the teacher was amazed that a 12 year old would come up with that when the rest of the class did the usual animals or beasties! They also found it very funny. thats my boy! Rick.
  11. Hand puppet

    Blast! That was too easy then! Rick.
  12. Hand puppet

    My lads class was tasked to produce some hand puppets. Can you guess who it is? Rick.
  13. My town from the air.

    That'll suit me fine Dave! Rick.
  14. Any models shops in Wales...?

    Thanks chaps. I saw the one in Abergavenny, but couldn't park easily and was running late. I'm back down there next week so will try again. Rick.
  15. Any models shops in Wales...?

    Anything in Brecon or Abergavenny? Off there today. Rick.