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  1. Early start for Berkeley show tomorrow! What time do I need to be up....????

  2. I'm still trying to work out the best way for the flames. I'll practice on a sheet of card tomorrow. Trouble is, I've had to move a load of work kit into the man cave till Monday. I can't easily get to the work bench! Rick.
  3. I think it doesn't help that helicopter models, in any scale, take up too much room for their "presence" on the shelf. That's certainly the case for me. Rick.
  4. Don't forget, adverts have always been there to grab you attention. Something about no advert is a bad advert? Still love this one though. Rick.
  5. I personally record all the programs I hate then play them back when I'm out. That way I also miss those darn advert things. Rick.
  6. Erm, I think this bloke actually does. Rick.
  7. I suspect the ModelAir Flow Improver would be ok and, as John says, distilled water. I find I don't have to thin it much to go through my Iwata (0.5mm needle set at the moment). It looks thick, but sprays well. Rick.
  8. This thing the other day. Rick.
  9. Managed to get various shades of black on before I gave up with the heat. Don't worry about the seats, they'll be toned down eventually! I hope this looks as bad as a couple of young teenagers could do with rattle cans! Back to the cold drinks! Rick.
  10. Yeah! Rick.
  11. Bet it aint! Rick.
  12. Rochdale?! I was born their! Rick, Ex Pat, now Worcestershire, much dryer....
  13. Hairy stick or airbrush. I use both and it goes down really well. It also self levels to a degree. I actually use their Flow Improver as a thinner (Their Flow Improver thins most acrylics too...). The varnish becomes touch dry quite quickly, but does take a few days to go completely dry. Their Matt and Satin are now my varnish coats of choice. I have the Gloss, but haven't really used it yet. HTH, Rick. EDIT. Forgot to mention. If using their varnish it's actually quite thick, but it doesn't need much thinning to go through the airbrush. It's weird! Also, their Flow Improver/Flow Aide is mixed with distilled water. A small bottle has lasted me for years!
  14. Galeria by Winsor and Newton do a very nice Matt varnish that brushes on nicely. It can be thinned with their Flow Improver (or water I believe) and gives a beautiful finish. Goes through the Iwata very well too. Never had it whitening. Available in Hobbit Craft. Rick.