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  1. Simply stunning! Well done! Rick.
  2. Tamiya Paint Retarder my thoughts.

    Yes, I find it works with all the acrylics I use, W&N, Tamiya, Vallejo, Humbrol, Xtracrylix, Citadel and Revell. There maybe more, but can't remember them! I also use it to rinse out the Iwata and clean the hairy sticks after giving them a good going over with the respective thinners. It's dead cheep too. A small bottle lasts for years because you mix it with distilled water. I'm still on my original bottle from ten years ago! One thing I will say, I'm not sure I've used it much on Tamiya gloss. I'll give it ago in the next few nights. I'll also grab some Tamiya retarder when I can. Just for a play/comparison. Rick.
  3. Tamiya Paint Retarder my thoughts.

    Interesting. I personally use W&N Flow Improver as I find it'll do everything the Tamiya does, but at a greatly reduced price. Just my opinion. Rick.
  4. Which glue for rubber tracks?

    Well I've never lost any feathers due to tape failure! Its pretty damn strong stuff. It seems to become stronger the longer it's left in place. I recently re fletched a couple of arrows and had to hit the tape with a fair bit of IPO to get it off. Let's hope it stays on these darn rubber tracks! Rick.
  5. Which glue for rubber tracks?

    Found just the thing in my Archery kit! It's a strong, 2mm wide, double sided tape. Pretty expensive just for modelling, but it'll last years! Can be found in any archery shop, such as Wales Archery. BTW, UHO didn't work, as expected..... Rick.
  6. Lockheed GB in 2019 ? at 21 on Feb 20th

    Hmmm, tempting. I have something fairly large in the stash that needs building. Rick.
  7. Panel Lines

    I just us a very thin wash of tamiya acrylics over a varnish base of some kind. Usually Galleria or Klear in my case. I thin the paint with W&N Flow Improver, the Tamiya X20 can be a bit too aggressive, and can lift the varnish. Build it up if too thin. I apply straight to the panel line with a very small brush. Oil paints, thinned, also work very well, but I find I need to apply over a high gloss coat. But this allows a lot more time to tweak and if you get it wrong you can clean up with white spirits. Just like doing aircraft really! Both systems works for me. Rick.
  8. Which glue for rubber tracks?

    I tried a bit of UHO last night. That seems ok at the moment. I do have some arrow fletching glue that will stick anything, I'll try that if the Uho fails. Rick.
  9. What's flying over your house? Thread #2

    The unmistakable whine of an AN12 going into BHX. Ukraine Air Alliance Antonov An-12 BK REG UR-CAH Callsign UKL4040 Seen on ADSB Exchange. And FR24. Rick.
  10. What's flying over your house? Thread #2

    American Herc C130J at 1000' heading West. Reg 12-5759. Callsign STRIX23 Seen on ADSB Exchange. Rick.
  11. Which glue for rubber tracks?

    Cheers Pigsty. I'll have another look tomorrow, I think I have a way involving brass rods and a soldering iron (!). I certainly don't want to add to the cost of these old Tamiya kits, even if after-market tracks are still availble. I'll keep you all posted, the tracks are about the last bit of the build now. Rick.
  12. Which glue for rubber tracks?

    Thanks chaps. Just as I suspected, no glue will do the job. A pin idea is certainly possible. I have plenty of rod around to do that. I'll have a ponder over a single malt. That usually comes up with a solution. Rick.
  13. Which glue for rubber tracks?

    Chaps. Whats the best glue to stick rubber tracks to the top of the road wheels to produce the sag? I've just about finished the Tamiya 1/35th Panther and the tracks are weathered with tamiya paint and the road wheels have been varnished with Galleria. I need some form of glue that wont damage the finish, but produces a good, long term join. Rick.
  14. Flying Boats & Float Planes 2 GB

    Count me in. I need to build that 1/32nd Cub that's taking up soo much room in the stash. Rick.
  15. What music are you playing? Pt III

    Gaz Brookfield and the Company of Thieves at the Marr's Bar last night. As good as ever. http://www.gazbrookfield.com/ Rick.