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Rick Brown

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  1. Just grabbed a few yesterday. Not brilliant quality, I only had the phone camera, and some are against the sun: XM496 looking a bit sad. Nice Bulldog. Chipmunk. Couldn't get to the sunny side of the aircraft! Rick.
  2. Good to meet you Aaron. Rick, up the road in South Worcestershire.
  3. Happy Birthday

    What's Britmodeller and who's Mike? where am I again? Well done Boss! Rick.
  4. Yep, she definitely moves! Rick.
  5. Just down at Kemble and M-FTOH is powered up and requesting high power checks. I honestly thought this was ENDEX for her! Great to see, she's now moving! Sounds lovely! Rick.
  6. I keep building cheaper kits to get my courage up to make the Tamiya 1/32 Spitfire in the stash. I think when I can get these to a decent level I'll have enough confidence not to make a mess of that Spitfire. At my current build rate I think I'll be ready when my lad's inherited my stash. Rick.
  7. Nice! I'd be tired out just riding the Suzuki at my age.... Rick.
  8. Iwata CR for me any day! 0.5mm and 0.3mm needle sets work well for different uses. I have tried the H&S and would contemplate one as a second setup. I think they are easier to swap between needle sizes too. I wouldn't say cleaning the Iwata is difficult at all. I've just spent an evening with HiroBy and Alclad paints and the Iwata took took all of 10 mins to clean thoroughly. And this was using the the dreaded Ducati red (is there a worse colour for cleaning out of an AB?)! Try and see if you can get a demo somewhere, just so you can get a real feel of the two. Better still, buy both! Rick.
  9. I had some model strip, not sure if you can still get it though, but it turned to rock when left unused for a few years. Rick.
  10. Thanks chaps. I've not tried detol yet, worth a punt as the SRX looks a nice kit. As for the Revell stuff Nocoolname, that has worked the best so far, but hasn't completely removed it. Rick.
  11. It has to be the Academy MKXIVe for me. Yes it has it's shape issues (looks like a Spit to me!), but it fell together and has just enough detail to keep you entertained. If you meant "Favourite Spitfire model kit you've never made" it'd be the Tamiya MKXVI sat next to me, taunting me.... Rick.
  12. Thanks Nick! Rick.
  13. Blimey! The Russian would have been impressed if he knew the price of good arrows these days! Far more than bullets!
  14. Rofl! Nearly wet me self! If it had gone wrong he would have needed a Strapadictomy! Rick.
  15. oops! Deleted this info!