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  1. Stop it, it's not a race! Do you have an ISBN for that book? I've now moved along a little. I can't remove the bulged cannon covers, therefore this'll be a build of MH434 as it rolled out the factory. Full span C wing and armament. That'll do for me. This is part of my quest to NOT start anymore new builds until I've finished a load of part builds! I can do this, I AM strong! Now, to beat the ICM MKIX nose into some kind of acceptable shape...... I'll be back in quite awhile... Rick.
  2. Thanks Bob, I was still pondering that one. im now seriously considering removing the offending bulge panel and finishing the kit as she is now. Just a note, so she wouldn't have been built with clipped wings then? I have seen a post somewhere that stated she had her wings extended sometime in the past to help short field work? Rick.
  3. Excellent chaps! We like a good discussion on BM! I actually have the Expo 1/48th sheet and their pictures are pretty generic, which doesn't help. I've had a scan through the OFMC site and they at some point called MH a mkixb and a quick glance at their photos the wing does indeed look similar to a B wing. But Work in Progress' link to Edgar's post clears that one up nicely. The reason for the original post is I've found, in my stash, a part built ICM MKIX with the universal wing. I was matching up the kit to a good set of decals from the stash. MH434 was the obvious choice for me as I love current war birds. Unfortunatly I've already built the wings and put the wrong bulges on for its current configuration! But after reading Edgar's post it'll be fine to finish it as it was in War survive. The other option on the sheet was BS227 as FU*U. I was looking for photos to see if that aircraft had the same wing configuration as the model as built. I can ignore that aircraft now. Rick.
  4. Very clean build! Lovely paint job. Rick.
  5. Chaps. I'm looking for information and pictures for this Spitfire. BS227. FU*U. I have the Soutern Expo "Hornchurch V Luftwaffe Northern France Forays" decal sheet, which has this aircraft. However, I can't trust the accuracy of their information as the same sheet has MH434 listed as a MKIXc when it's actually a MKIXb! I just can't seem to find anything about this aircraft whilst googling around. Rick.
  6. Are you sure that's not a real aircraft?! lovely build, well done. Rick.
  7. Xtracrylix doesn't mix with cellulose thinner. Tried it once, not nice. I use cellulose in Tamiya all the time. Cellulose is the only stuff that'll clean Tamiya out of the airbrush too! Rick.
  8. Oh eck, I hope it's cockpit green as that's what I've just used on my Mossie! Rick.
  9. Yep, that's a winner! Rick.
  10. Brilliant stuff guys! Thanks for all your help, I'll try and dig out as many pictures as I can. Rick.
  11. Thanks guys! Right, off to finish the 1/32 Mossie. Rick.
  12. Thanks Koala. It says to Boscomb in 2000 though. The one I regularly saw was 2005-2007. Am I miss reading the information? Rick.
  13. I prefer "Well built", I like them well built........ Rick.
  14. Just waking this one up again. I'm still trying to find an airframe number, or anything to help find some pictures of it. Rick.