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  1. Airfix B737-200

    Nor me!!
  2. Wonderful workmanship from Wingnut I must say. Building work isn't bad either. Chris.
  3. Ascensio Decals, your thoughts ?

    From your description Mike it sounds as though these are laser print decals as opposed to silk screen decals. The constant carrier film, lack of white in the print and the opacity issues are all hallmarks of the laser process. Excellent results can be achieved with this type of decal, as you will no doubt find if you have a look at the work on show in the civil aircraft section but, laser print decals need to be applied using slightly different techniques. Chris.
  4. 1/200 BOAC Jumbo jet

    That's really nice. Classic BOAC scheme has yet to be beaten in my view Lovely rendition of the 747 in all respects.
  5. Boeing 737 STGB chat

    Well said Dave. I thoroughly enjoy the processes and techniques adopted by you guys even though I never seem to be able to put them into practice. Chris
  6. Air Cadets, 1/72 Sedbergh T21 Vacform

    Hi Terry Those aileron hinge lines definitely need re-positioning now that we can see the wing in plan view. The hinge line should be about half way around the tip radius as can be seen. Hope this helps. Chris.
  7. P-63E KingCobra 1:48

    I'll wait till you go in to make a brew then. Looking good though Mike.
  8. Pan Am Boeing 747

    Another thing to remember is that Airliner Cafe only work to three decimal places whereas here, we are spot on. Chris.
  9. Airfix B737-200

    Google translate is incorrect in this instance. How on earth they ended up with "smart guy" I'll never know. What I really said was 聰明的傢伙. Chris.
  10. Airfix B737-200

  11. Must agree with Steve. That is very nice indeed. Chris.
  12. Hell's teeth Dave, that's a cracking bit of eye-candy. When these kits are built to this sort of standard, its hard to tell them apart from the Zvezda kit. Quite often pick the BA767s up on flight radar on the shuttle services and sometimes catch them off to Italy (I think) Chris.
  13. Short SC.5/10 Belfast

    HI Mike. Hindsight being the wonderful thing that it is, could you not have taken a template of the framing before filling the windows? I'll have a look at my copy of the kit and see if I can do that for you later in the week if it helps. Do a trial run with masking tape and then you should be able to work your magic with "Inkscape" Chris
  14. Abandonded cars etc in Cyprus!

    Hi Steve. There are a couple of kits available but I'll PM you with some details tomorrow to save going too far off topic here. Hope that helps. Chris.
  15. Abandonded cars etc in Cyprus!

    It's actually a Trident. trident abandoned at nicosia airport The name on the centre engine gives the game away. Chris.
  16. Hasegawa 1/200 Boeing 737-200

    These Hasegawa kits really do look good Dave. I wish they had stuck to 1/144 scale. Looking forward to see how the end up All the best Chris
  17. Forgotten aircraft - the Boulton Paul Balliol

    Cheers Julien. Chris.
  18. Forgotten aircraft - the Boulton Paul Balliol

    Thanks Julien. It was simply that few pictures exist of the rear end and cockpit areas of the Balliol and as Mathews video covered those areas, and the offer to provide stills was made, i thought they would supplement the existing walk around. Sorry. Chris.
  19. Forgotten aircraft - the Boulton Paul Balliol

    That sound great Mathew. It might be worth having a word with Julien, our friendly "Walkaround co-ordinator" to see if they could be used in the walkaround section. I'm sure they would be appreciated by others as well Thanks for your input. Chris
  20. Forgotten aircraft - the Boulton Paul Balliol

    That's very handy Mathew. Do you have any stills from that visit as they would be very handy when I finally get around to building the old 1/48 scale Magna resin kit? Thanks for posting. Chris
  21. Another Denial of Service Attack

    I'm used to it now. I just wish I could say the same of your extreme flatulence.
  22. Another Denial of Service Attack

    I can personally vouch for Mike on that, but he does make a mean cuppa when I call to see him.
  23. Bristol F.2B Fighter

    We must have hit the submit button at the same time. Missed it completely. Chris.
  24. Bristol F.2B Fighter

    Airfix. 1/72 scale according to the tags. Wake up in the back there. Chris.
  25. A brace of BA "Bluebirds"

    Must remember to put my decal stash under lock and key.