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  1. Very helpful info there Russ. Thanks for that. Chris.
  2. Nice one John. I must say it looks great now that the weathering is done. It looks even better in the flesh but I'm lucky in that I get to see these both during an after completion. Certainly looking forward to the VC-10 as well. Chris.
  3. That looks damned fine Mr Williams. Looking forward to seeing it in the flesh on my next visit. So nice to see some unusual aircraft in model form for a change. Chris.
  4. DoT's Gulf Air L1011 Tristar

    Have a look Can't really fault it in my humble opinion. Chris.
  5. DoT's Gulf Air L1011 Tristar

    You would be surprised. Just a quick heads up regarding the fuselage sections. A bit of careful sanding of the mating surfaces between front and rear sections will result in a remarkably good joint between the two components. I have joined the front and rear sections and then assembled both completed halves. You will be pleasantly surprised with the results. Chris.
  6. Pet hates.

    Thrown in the trash I believe.
  7. Very rare bird

    Great pictures Scimitar. Thanks for sharing with us. Chris.
  8. Pet hates.

    Can't for the life of me think of the person you're referring to Dave.
  9. Anigrand 1/144 Short Belfast.

    That's a bit of a surprise. I didn't know that a kit existed of the Belfast other than the Welsh Models vac-form. Will make a nice addition to any Transport Command collection. Chris.
  10. Correcting the Revell 737-800

    Sarky Sod. I'll post it in the morning. Chris.
  11. Dan-Air Comet conundrum

    Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.
  12. That is absolutely stunning. Lovely paint job and one of the best looking sports cars ever built. Chris
  13. Dan-Air Comet conundrum

    I haven't forgotten the 737 Mike and if you can make use of them, I believe I have a spare set of the Comet 4C wing tanks if you're a good boy. Chris.
  14. Dan-Air Comet conundrum

    Hi Mike. I know you addressed the question to John, so hope you don't mind if I chime in to confirm that the Airfix kit is the one you would need for those wing extensions. I'm sure John won't mind if I answer on his behalf. All the best Chris.
  15. Hasegawa EGG F-18 Blue Angels

    Surely it should have an egg-shell finish instead of the gloss. Just saying!!
  16. Nice to see these old kits being restored. Like the livery on this one too. Chris.
  17. That's you two off next years' Christmas card list then. Best I can do without clogging up the swear filter. I was going to say how well that little Short thing looked too, but you can all go and whistle. Chris.
  18. Navy Bird's Complete Waste of Time 2017

    Best wishes for the future Bill. May it be a long and fruitful. Chris.
  19. The Ravens.

    Well to be honest John, I don't think you have left those fuselage sections long enough before attaching the wings.
  20. Paragon 1/48 Avro Lincoln

    Stunning as usual Neil. All the best for 2018 as well Chris.
  21. B707, DC-9, B727, B747 Airliner Builds

    What a superb introduction. The 707 is for me at least, one of the best looking airliners ever built and the livery you have chosen really sets it off. Thanks for sharing these with us. Chris.
  22. Builds to date pt1.

    A couple of real beauties Ian. Thanks for posting and look forward to your next installment. Chris.
  23. Cracking build Paul. Have the same sheet in the stash too. Nice to see what it could look like if I could just get one finished. (Cue-Turbofan and Viking) Chris.
  24. Looks interesting Mike; and a well timed release coinciding with the new Revell F3 Chris.
  25. Skodadriver's 2017 Airliners

    Superb collection Dave. Glad I don't have to pick the winner out of that lot. Congratulations. Chris.