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  1. Sorry, read your original post, and the answer is there Doh!!!
  2. Plenty on Google, and in full colour. https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=HMS+Endurance+1967&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjy9fXX_MXXAhUELsAKHdwfCzIQ_AUICigB&biw=1280&bih=893
  3. What about Profile Morskie plans? They do both ships. I see both are available as 1/350 downloads at7.90 Euros. https://blueprintsofwarships.com.pl/350.htm#bb You could also look at their books, HMS Repulse is available in 1/700 Profile Morskie Volume 6, and HMS Renown in 1/350 Profile Morskie 34. Hope this is of some help. I found their book on HMS Exeter to be very helpful.
  4. RAF Hercules

    What are the options in 1/144 scale?
  5. Thanks for that, and I've now ordered the same kit, so I'll be able to show both outfits. Dave
  6. Anyone know of Decals for an RAF K1/KC1? I've just bought the Pan-Am Tristar 500 from Eastern Express. Haven't opened it yet as it's at my Poste Restante (my son's house) to avoid SWMBO! Dave
  7. Sea Vixen FAW.1 load out

    They did carry 4x 500 lb bombs or 2x 1000 lb bombs in Ground attack role - is that any help? Dave
  8. shipbuilding: full hull or waterline ?

    I agree fully with those sentiments. The only full hull display that should be weathered is in a "dry-dock" setting, often represented simply by wooden blocks. And then the weathering could include remedial cleaning. Dave
  9. Sea Hornet to be returned to flight!

    I used to have a picture of 806 Sq FAA doing a 4 ship formation loop in New York on "Half Power". One aircraft with both engines turning, two with one engine stopped and feathered, and one with both engines stopped and feathered! Doubt if they would approve that for Duxford. Has anyone got a copy of that photo to post?
  10. Whats the best 1/48 Avenger?

    If you want wingfold, Lone Star Models http://www.lonestarmodels.com/conversions-1-48.html produce a set for the Accurate Miniatures/Italeri kit. Very good, and "Simples!"
  11. Why do US Navy ships keep colliding?

    It is always possible that visibility was poor, as LaurieS has suggested. If so, it could be a similar collision to that between the SS Adrea Doria and SS Stockholm in 1956, often quoted as a "Radar assisted collision"! Perhaps the watch was on the screens and not the water? Thumb in bum, mind in neutral?
  12. Why do US Navy ships keep colliding?

    We Must not forget that there were two ships involved in this collision. As both were reportedly on passage to Singapore, they would presumably be on similar headings. The USS John McCain was presumably overtaking the tanker, correctly leaving her to port, and possibly turned in too early. Another possibility is that the tanker was not properly manned on the bridge and failed to see the warship as she, the tanker, turned to starboard. There are many recorded instances of unmanned bridges, with ships underway, even in the Channel separation zones. I can remember HMS Intrepid being at anchor off East Pakistan following the 1970 Cyclone (Operation Burberry) and having a vessel almost collide with us as it failed to alter course even when we tried to warn her with searchlights and firing blank rounds. No sign of life on the bridge, while we were closing all water-tight doors! Cela Va Sans Dire
  13. H class wartime destroyers - any kits?

    At 1/350, Atlantic Models ATK 35058 HMS Hesperus 'H' Class Destroyer is a good choice. Link here http://atlanticmodels.net/white ensign range kits/index.html
  14. FAA Corsair Mk IV fuselage carbon monoxide vents

    MDC produced a conversion for the Tamiya Kits. I'm certain the position of the scoops was outlined in the instructions