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  1. sailorboy61

    Academy F-15s What can I do?

    OK, think I've answered that myself now, the single tub bits are missing from the E kit...... What else
  2. sailorboy61

    Academy F-15s What can I do?

    Hi to the experts. I'm aware that Academy's boxings of their F-15 contain many common parts. I'm after building a C but have a couple of E kits. Have Academy simply added sprues for the E or have they also taken away from the C bits. Again I'm probably making a critical error assuming their C kit came before the E! TIA
  3. sailorboy61

    Airfix 1:72 Phantom FG.1

    cracking little build there.
  4. sailorboy61

    Mil Mi-24 Hind - Revell 1/72

    It's a cracking kit this, built one and have several mare, including Eduards Not Limited Ed boxing! Great detail for 1/72, for me it went together really well if a little fiddly. Used the colored photo-etch for the pit and the Master brass and resin gun which looks great. Enjoy.
  5. sailorboy61

    Italeri Ju-87 B2, 1/48

    Yes the outboard ones are part if the query. I too thought they were for the balance weights but did eventually find a couple of images online and the weights appear to be attached to the front edge of the flap rather than onto the wing so I'm going with that plan for now. Thanks for your help.
  6. sailorboy61

    Italeri Ju-87 B2, 1/48

    Building Italeri's 1/48 Picchiatello and am unsure about some underwing details. The underside of the wing has several hollows and I'm wondering if they should be filled. There are 4 each side adjacent to where the holes should be drilled for the smaller bomb racks. There are additionally 2 either side next to the flaps but on the actual wing. I think these should be on the flaps for the balance weights rather than on the wing part? I can't find any suitable images of the underside of the wings to assist. And info appreciated
  7. sailorboy61

    1/32 Lynx black cat

    Keep putting mine off because of the decals!
  8. sailorboy61

    F4U-1A Corsair info

    thanks Jimmy. I've opted to try some of Mr Paints in the various blues. Not really a fan of smelly paints, but will see how it goes, trial for the Tamiya 1/32 sat staring at me!
  9. sailorboy61

    Luft´46...1/48 Horten H IX/Ho229

    I have this too, bought for a trial run of the 1/32 one I also have but thinking he revell 1/72 version might also be needed as a trial for this one lol.
  10. sailorboy61

    F4U-1A Corsair info

    If I can jump in on this tread myself since those in the know are around, Im doing Tamiyas 1/48 -1A and am struggling with the 'sea blue' topsides. I have Tamiya's XF17 sea blue, but it seems very gree. Indeed I did one of Revells 1/72s a while back in the XF17 and really wasn't happy with the colour, way to dark from what I've seen form models finished by others.. Pointers appreciated and apologies to OP for jumping in. Simon
  11. sailorboy61

    1/72 Revelll Tornado GR. 1 - Bombs

    Thanks Peoples.
  12. sailorboy61

    1/48 WAH-64 Apache advice

    My understanding, being in a similar boat @MickE is that the Italeri kit is ok for an early version, the Academy 1/72 being the most modern tooling. There is also the Hasegawa kit if you're feeling flush, a specific UK version although I haven't found much about accuracy on that one.
  13. sailorboy61

    1/72 Revelll Tornado GR. 1 - Bombs

    Now in the correct section! Can anyone advise whether the 4 x 1000lb bombs supplied in the kit useable? I'm many miles for an expert but although nice detailed little things, the shape doesn't seem right, a bit too pointy perhaps?
  14. sailorboy61

    MH 60 Academy SeaHawk. 1/35 scale.

    Just like to say thanks for making the rest of us look total pants! Inspirational work!!