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  1. Thanks Julian, yep, HAS.3 sorry, more specific! Did come across those, and also their wild cat set but will do that one with the big revell kit.ooks like I may have to make some myself. Many thanks. Simon
  2. I've been looking around various places, including the usually helpful Hannants search engine but have failed to identify any source for UK Lynx Mk.3 1/48 decals. I suspect something migjt be tucked away on a multiple aircraft sheet. Pointers most welcome. TIA Simon
  3. Hi there


    Lightning Cockpit set put to one side. My Paypal is taskerp@icloud.com. Drop me a line with your address and I'll get it off to you.




  4. There is a very good build series on youtube. MM Scale Models
  5. Didn't even realise I had a Hellcat addiction until I think about it now, couple of the duel boxings, (well such great value around £25), a couple of the old Royal boxings, (maybe NOT such great value!) and probably about every other Eduard release of them. I even started on the weekend Hellcat 'plumbing' up the engine since it hasn't any of the nice bits lol
  6. Does anyone know if there are any mask sets available for the large superstructure clear area? Thanks.
  7. Thanks folks, set to the wing it is!
  8. Perhaps to the wing me thinks? http://www.grubbyfingersshop.com/walkaround_galleries/Hawker Typhoon IB Walkaround MN235 RAF Toronto 2016/content/index.html but difficult angle.
  9. Thanks @JasonC you explained it much better! Thats what I meant.
  10. sailorboy61

    Hawker Typhoon

    The rocket rails, should they be 90 degrees to the wing or 90 degrees to the ground please?
  11. Thanks. Must dig the box out again. Have a couple of variants of the Tamiya spit too.
  12. Probably both I'm guessing. It's a wee while since I looked at the kit, been waiting for the Eduard stuff to arrive. Revell's IXc.
  13. My first time using one of these set. Little query. In the instructions it shows to remove some of the kits sidewall before installing the resin part. What is the best way to get this done so that it is removed equally so the resin sits in well? Is it simply trial and error? Should the outline of the area to be thinned be marked and only this worked, or the larger part of the fuselage regardless? TIA Simon
  14. @Reddo paul the Revell Platinum edition comes with wooden deck, etch and metal gun barrels https://www.revell.de/en/products/modelmaking/ships/military-ships/tirpitz-platinum-edition.html , it can be expensive but look around, I got mine for less than £100 which is great value with everything thrown in as it were.
  15. @bootneck Probably a bit late now, but foamboard? 4 x 5mm A2 sheets only a tenner a couple of days ago.
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