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  1. Original idea and good execution Is the sea near your shores always so gloomy? We land rats like to imagine it brighter
  2. Hello, gentlemen. Hull conversion work is continuing. The deck has almost got its final look - it is still premature to talk about a full fit and some problem areas may take more than a week to be finished, but the general trend is there. View from below for connoisseurs) you can see the signs of heavy fighting The centre section of the deck had a separate vandal invasion - it was cut in 4 parts and then re-glued: Work on detailing is progressing. 4" AA guns now in four, two in stowed position and two in firing position: Large motor launch will be unhooked: For the "in progress" photos, a cut in half 32ft cutter: We added 20 self-made ratings, but all in simple poses. Let them stay out of the picture for now. Thanks to all readers and have a nice build!
  3. Judging by this photo, not even very pale: (note the white waterline mark) probably 507C or even MS4 a more detailed answer will probably give you @Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies
  4. Unexpectedly there is new information on camouflage. In MATAPAN: The Untold Stories on Armoured Carriers. Unexpectedly there is a Malaya in "my" camouflage. Probably these pictures were taken during the bombardment of Bardiya in August 1940. In view of them we can correct the colour scheme for summer 1940: But there is also this uncool but legible photo provided by @dickrd: It shows a slightly altered scheme, presumably referring to the autumn. But no corresponding photo of the starboard side yet(( @dickrd and @Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies, what do you think of this?
  5. You can probably buy anything. The question is the price) Tamiya's set is more like blanks for figures than figures. Here's a review on YouTube: There was also an option from NorthStar - these are much better quality and more expensive. They've been used by a lot of people, like @robgizlu. If I understand correctly, there are complaints about them in terms of the very brittle material. And the very possibility of ordering them in Ukraine is now a rhetorical question (( Personally, I use PE figures Edouard. I do not recommend it. They are not believable. So the way I have chosen for myself is almost the only one. I don't aim to save time. In a fast-paced world, it's even fun to do a long-term project
  6. I like your result! Definitely better than my first experiments. Tweaking the scope to get 5 mm instead of 6 mm will definitely work for you. In short, you've definitely earned a small, heavy drink today! You've probably already come to that conclusion yourself))
  7. if you cut two a day (and with simple poses it's not hard), it would only take 100 days for the 180-man USS McDougal. Of course the 1,400-man HMS Prince of Wales would require 700 days, so the daily rate might have to be increased. But in my opinion even the second task can be done soberly. I'm not against heavy drinking (what else to expect from the Russian!), but on more pleasant occasions.
  8. Try it. It's easier than it looks. The main thing is not to try to cut out the whole team in a week. I don't do more than one figure a day, alternating this work with something else entirely - like sanding seams
  9. I don't know if I could satisfy your curiosity. It's difficult to film the actual stringing process because of the shallowness of the subject. And I don't have any experience in shooting video. Movie Explanation: In the first shot, you can see all the tools. In addition to the standard model knife, a homemade one is used from the blade of a metal hacksaw. Its advantages are stiffer blade and sharper end. A toothbrush with stiff bristles is also used for sanding In the last frame after gluing the helmet the whole figure is coated with liquid glue - it smoothes the texture.
  10. That's why I showed you the picture from 1941, because there shouldn't be much difference between it and late 1940. The variety of RAF paint schemes is from 1939 to the summer of 1940
  11. Воистину воскресе! No. The scheme is camouflage. I honestly don't have paint scheme for late 1940, but i have one for 1941 and there are general considerations (you know i painted a little bit of aircraft in 72 scale). In the case of the Walrus on the Berwick I painted too with the top wing fitted. Technologically it was like this: first light grey (In this case it looks more like a sky. it remains to be seen) with an airbrush, then dark grey and grey-green with a brush. Camouflage on top of the lower wing is uncomplicated and I had no problem then. As well as gluing the spacers turned out to be easier than it looks - such small lengths don't need to be stretched - you just cut a piece to the right length and glue it on)
  12. Hello, What's going on in my yard? The Malaya hull is slowly taking shape. The quaterdeck is now being fitted. The process is like a famous dance with one step forward and two steps back. Did this labour-intensive process bore me? Strangely enough, no. Only I felt uncomfortable keeping you for a second month without news. So I did not wait for the final result, but took a picture of it as it looks now. As promised, I've been doing some detail work. These are two 4" guns out of four. This is most of the rafts. The crew numbers are increasing. As you can see, I'm trying to diversify the poses. And this is the main star of this post: the second more detailed Swordfish, which will be on the catapult. She will have a propeller and battens of course, but that's after painting. That's all the news for today. Good luck with your builds.
  13. Forgive my ignorance. What is this thing?
  14. It is certainly easier to build the 1940 version than the 1918 one, and a lot of people on this site make scratchbiult models of ships, so the task I have set myself looks quite feasible
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