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  1. I myself wonder what will turn out in the end
  2. My hands were itching to paint something for a long time. Finally I allowed myself to do it.)) I started with the fun part - the wooden deck. I admit that I have little experience in painting decks at a scale of 1/350, so the painting method was invented on the run. Perhaps it is somewhat complicated, but it is "fool-proof" - all stages are well controlled and it is possible to correct flaws. I must say that I do not use special paints for scale models, but inexpensive acrylic for artists. The main difference between these paints, besides the price, is that they are less opaque. The
  3. Gentlemen! I came across information on the web (not confirmed by a photo and links to any documents) that Warspite received the well-known camouflage not during the modernization at the shipyard in Phuket, but much earlier - even before the battle of Matapan. Has anyone seen the confirmation of this version of the photo? As for HMS Valiant - I will be grateful for any legible photos of him in this camouflage.
  4. Definitely a good idea. To be honest, I also had an ambitious plan - one Walrus with folded wings in an open hangar, the second with folded wings on a catapult. I made one with folded ones and made sure that it did not fit in the hangar ((( I had to change plans. Is it realistic to open the hangar? Really! To do this, you need to replace its side walls with thinner ones and most likely make your own Walrus on a scale of about 1/380. Then he will climb into the hangar. I didn’t dare to do this. Sorry....
  5. As I promised, I'm talking about gophers. What it is? Russian modelers call a gopher a part, as a rule - independently made or heavily modified, which turns out to be invisible on the finished model. Moreover, the more complicated this detail, the fatter the gopher. I would be grateful if readers would tell me what the English call it. In the meantime, we will call it in our way - gophers. I admit, I never make gophers on purpose. But they themselves somehow work out. The best place to breed gophers in Berwick is the airplane hangar. He can't be empty! The second Walrus was assemble
  6. Yes. Cooper wire 0.15 mm, twisted on a drill 0.3 mm
  7. In my opinion, the main decoration of County-class cruisers is their funтels. Of course, the real beauty comes after applying camouflage and installing braces, but it's already pretty in this form. The main improvement at this stage are steam-pipes. Trumpeter simplified them a lot - in the set all 8 are the same and too short. In reality, there were 7 of them on Berwick. The extra one was useful for lengthening the rest. I made bends in different ways - I bent over the heat and glued them out of pieces. As a result, it turned out crooked. But
  8. Let me share my experience. It's better to use toilet paper, not a kitchen towel, and the cheapest one. Apply a layer of PVA diluted with water, on top - a layer of toilet paper, then another layer of PVA and so on - up to 5 times. Wait a little. The paper will turn into porridge, we form this mass with a palette knife, spatula, table knife, teaspoon or whatever is more convenient for you))). After 2 hours everything will dry up and you can add more try it - it's very simple
  9. Gidday, I also thought about the conversion of Cornwall to Cumberland at one time. As a result, I decided to limit myself to Berwick (he is now busy). Here is a photo of Cumberland and his Suffolk Sistership that I managed to find: https://mega.nz/folder/g88m2RKa#x-cX71aOEw7lR48twd2yzA hope this information will help you anyway - good luck
  10. I would be attracted to the heroic service of Cairo. e.g. fight 15.06.42 against Italian cruisers
  11. Gidday, Rob! I wish you a successful building Do you have a desire to make a conversion from Calcutta to Cairo?
  12. Apparently the difference between our projects is that you make 5 models a year, and I make one. But your Berwick is already finished and looks very impressive on the whole. Even my wife liked it.)))) I am still very far from the end. And there are still many chances to make mistakes..
  13. Ladders from Microdesigh, if it matters.
  14. The crisis with the portholes has been overcome. Made all sorts of small things along the ports. Collected anchor chains. The chains are from the kit. Yes, they are oversized, I know, but I have nothing better. In order not to get bored while the putty dries, I was busy with boats. Here's a rare 1920s style boat. There is one in the kit - instead of the second a stack of logs. But I wanted to put two. All the more the stacking on the Berwick is not visibl
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