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  1. here I have depicted my hypothesis about the arrangement of colors. the link is available for this picture in eps format. I hope you can use it to depict your version https://mega.nz/file/Ut1FEISI#-Mis_09-t233mYJkOduBtnhZa-0Zm1E1ZiImWlTINZY
  2. Specify the task, please: do you need a vector drawing of a ship or only camouflage spots superimposed on a raster image of the ship should be vectors?
  3. In spite of the heat, despondency and the European Football Championship, my Berwick continues to grow in details)
  4. I have such pictures of course, this is not a vector, but maybe they will do
  5. Hello, I would like to hear your opinion on one of the most beautiful camouflages of the Second World War - the battleship HMS Queen Elizabeth 1941 This is how it looks in an illustration from the book Les Brown And this is how Alen Raven The question is not even about the shape of the paterns - it certainly needs to be clarified. I find the range of colors offered by Les Brown rather strange. Isn't it logical to assume the standard MS1-MS2-MS3-507C set for that time? The color white seems especially strange to me. Take a look at this photo: you can clearly see the white waterline mark on a “white” background. In short, I will be very glad to all well-reasoned opinions on this matter. Especially interesting is the opinion by @Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies
  6. Nice. Although personally for me to look at the cruisers is more interesting. Hope you can solve the free space problem
  7. You probably call this material by a different word. This is a synthetic wadding that is used as insulation for winter clothing. Cotton wool is likely to work with this method.
  8. polystyrene parts I glue with super liquid glue like this it should spread over the entire surface - it does not spoil it. As for the superglue, strangely enough it is easier to work with the thick version that has the word "gel" on it. It's not about the manufacturer. I am now using a very cheap Chinese from Ashan. pour out a small drop of this gel onto an unnecessary piece of plastic and either directly dip the parts into it or pick up with a toothpick. liquid superglue is actually harder to work with. but you can get used to good luck
  9. I wish you patience HMS York is one of the most beautiful cruisers in history, he is worth it to suffer. IMHO
  10. Hello gentlemen! It's time for the next photo report. Now work is underway on the main superstructure and the captain's bridge. Since there are no detailed blueprints for Berwick yet, I dare to point out for the future Berwick-builders the main differences between the Berwick superstructure (in the 1940 configuration) and Cornwall (according to Trumpeter's version). I note here only those differences that are clearly visible in the photos and do not cause me any doubts. 1. Straight front wall of the bridge 2. Solid, not railing, second-level fencing. (The rail saved here will be used - around the rear pair of 4 inch AA guns, the reverse operation must be carried out - to replace the solid fence with a rail.) 3. Elongated fencing of pom-pom positions. 4. Only one signal locker on each side. Presumably, another pair is at the base of the mast across. 5. As in other places - a different type of doors And these are modified and homebaked accessories for the bridge I also worked a little with the water surface. In addition to the techniques described in the last post, I also added foam from a mixture of soda and PVA. This made it possible to diversify the texture. Recommend. And a few more coats of glossy two-component varnish Thanks for attention
  11. thekz

    RN flag signals

    then the flag under the Scottish is the vice admiral's flag?
  12. thekz

    RN flag signals

    the first 2 photos refer to 1939 according to the site https://uboat.net/allies/warships/ship/1174.html Capt. I.M. Palmer, DSC, RN, flying the flag of Vice-Admiral S.J. Meyrick, KCB, RN the last photo - 1944 or 1945. Capt. N.V. Grace, RN on 5.04.44 by these names you can find out the nationality?
  13. thekz

    RN flag signals

    I also had a similar idea. But can the Scottish flag be hoisted higher than the English one? Understand - I have lived all my life in Russia and I do not understand anything about your national mentality
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