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  1. Don`t forget that HMS Queen Elisabeth visited Oslo last year.... 🙂 Nice build!
  2. Apparently you have something against Veteranus....... "my observations"!! I've been using them for a couple of years now both on selling and buying. I live in Norway and cannot do anything but praise Nikki and her team. Excellent service, shipping and communication. Admin team there are working almost 24/7 to keep the system going. It's the members/bidders who make the troubles on those groups.... not the owners/admins.... They do pickups and make it easy for you to offload your stash if you need too! Cheers Ørjan Utne Bryne, Norway.
  3. A tip is Veteranus. Nikki does a fantastic job!!! They have auctions on FB. Highly recommended!
  4. Hi guys. Any of you know where I can pre-order this one? As I live in Norway there are close to 0/zero shops where I live and around the country. Cheers Ørjan
  5. So.... For a novice Norwegian like me in Norway. ..... Where's the BEST place to get hold of one....? Would it be for sale at SMW? CHEERS Ørjan
  6. There will NEVER be a replacement for the famous Tomcat! She is the best flying feline ever! With regards to the twin tail and her lines........ Thanks for posting!
  7. What's up with the weather? 

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