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RNoAF Aerobatic Team

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  1. Eeeeeehh. Still one more week to go...
  2. My condolences. ..... But if you are a member somewhere else too? Like a membership at the local libraries? Can I go then? Cheers Ørjan
  3. I'll be hanging around the Aerobatic SIG all weekend. If i am not there, i am scanning the halls for things to spend money on..... Or just drinking.....
  4. Hi guys. Any of you know where I can pre-order this one? As I live in Norway there are close to 0/zero shops where I live and around the country. Cheers Ørjan
  5. Bad news I'm afraid. .... The hat is gone..... That means no one will recognise me. Yey...
  6. Oh no....... Not the hat.... do I have too?
  7. But........ For foreigners like me who not English speak Where and when? No sleep til Telford Ørjan.
  8. What happens at Telford stays at Telford
  9. So.... For a novice Norwegian like me in Norway. ..... Where's the BEST place to get hold of one....? Would it be for sale at SMW? CHEERS Ørjan
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