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  1. Thanks, you're not wrong about the turret. I suspect there's a complex answer along the lines of 'small things reflect less light and so we perceive darker things as being smaller.' The Zimmerit was milliput white, scored with a scalpel. I used some rough sandpaper pressed into the surface when nearly dry to create the roughness.
  2. Hi all, I recently finished the Meng Panther A with Zimmerit in the colours of a vehicle captured and used by the Soviets. I broke away from the colour scheme in several areas but think the final paint job works reasonably well. This was my first stab at making my own zimmerit and I think it's ok, lots learned for next time though. I also put it next to a Panther I madea couple of years back which I think shows a reasonable amount of progress. Enjoy
  3. The latter, I’ll see what I can find. Have you looked at the regiments Facebook page? You’ll have to go back before the jackals arrived but there should be some pics.
  4. Thanks all. Thanks, I've been working on getting green finishes right, hopefully that'll help me improve at other schemes.
  5. Thanks all, I really appreciate the kind words. It's a lovely vehicle to build and the detail makes painting great fun.
  6. Thanks, I've been looking at the AFV club ones and thinking about giving them a go. They look like great kits but I hear the suspension is more complicated than the real thing.
  7. That's beautiful! Speaking as a Yorkshire Yeoman thanks and well done!
  8. I've got one of these on order, although I've got no idea where I'll put it. It might have to live on my desk at work or something.
  9. Hi all, I started this as a quick, low pressure 'fun' build a couple of weeks ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm pretty pleased with the outcome, it represents a vehicle of the North Irish Horse in Italy in Spring 1945. I've put together a blog post about the construction with a bigger gallery here: https://warhammeradjacent.wordpress.com/2021/11/23/the-kindness-of-strangers-tamiya-churchill-vii/ The stowage is from the Ballistic Turtle set with a tarp made from paper and VMS paper shaper coated with acrylic binders. I have been struggling with tarps but I think this works a lot better than green stuff and is much easier to work with. [/url] The insignia are painted with masks, the 21st Independent Tank Brigade badge was particularly challenging but looks ok under a layer of grime. I'm building a rubble road base for another build but thought I'd see how the Churchill looked on top, it's certainly a handsome tank! Thanks for looking.
  10. Thanks all, I'm still struggling to get figures right but these are really well made and practically paint themselves.
  11. Thanks. The green is Tamiya XF81, the Brown is flat earth with a drop of Khaki (about 5-1 Brown to Khaki). The underside is Tamiya Sky with a little white. It was particularly annoying as I've used the decals before and they were fine. I might test out the spares on some scrap and see whether there's a process that works.
  12. Thanks folks, you’re all too kind. I must admit I am now browsing a little for other aircraft kits.
  13. Hi all, I'll admit to start with that I'm more an armour man than an aircraft modeller but I dabble, I think this is my 6th one to date. I wanted a bit of a change and ideally a straightforward build that wouldn't take too long. The kit was lovely, hardly any messing around with seam lines (although I spotted one I missed as I finished it off which is always annoying) and the details are lovely. The only issue I had was with the decals which refused to stick and crumbled off so I had to mask them, clean the surfaces and then paint them using a set of stencils I cut. Overall a fun build and now I'm eyeing up some other aircraft kits for some point in the future. Enjoy. Oh, I need to find a much better way to display the undersides of aircaft!
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