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  1. Hah, I like that! My challenge with this was to make a scene that told the story all on the vehicle, I was going for ‘we’re a bit busy sir’ but I’ll take ‘why are you having a wee on my vehicle??’ Thanks all
  2. Hi all, this is my most recent build. The kit itself is fantastic, highly recommended. I added some mini-art ammo boxes and bits from the stowage box. The blue figure is panzer art, the guy with the shell Stalingrad and the crewman is one of the Tamiya figures from the kit with the spare head from Stalingrad. I painted the markings using masks cut on my silhouette machine, the only other aftermarket bit is a gun from RBM which needs a bit of fitting but is otherwise lovely. Enjoy:
  3. Looking great! I was just pushing mine across the line, removed the cockpit mask, took it outside to get a pic in daylight, dropped it and lost a prop blade! Back to tanks for me
  4. Thanks for keeping us updated, I'm now debating whether to build this or a Crusader I've got sitting in my stash.
  5. Hi all, I had a bash at the P-51 D and really enjoyed it. It was my second aircraft build and I really bit off more than I could chew with the paint scheme (to the extent that I had to re-do the wings and tail at various points) but overall I'm happy. I used alclad polished aluminium over their black primer for the metallic surfaces, Tamiya RAF green for the dark green and Hakata OD for the OD sections. I struggle with sanding and re-scribing resulting in some pretty awful seam lines in places but hopefully I'll do better next time. Anyway, enjoy: You know I mentioned seam lines? Well this is the worst - I actually dropped it onto a concrete floor when I was 90% done with the paint job and the impact chipped the wingtip and split the wing which was rather frustrating. I tried to get it to stay together but it was heading to the 'stop messing around or you'll make it worse' point. Otherwise this would be my favourite view. All feedback welcome, I need to 'finesse' my weathering a bit I think so I'm open to suggestions.
  6. A little more work over the last couple of days. Over the weekend I made up some masks which cut on the silhouette machine and applied to allow me to make a cleaner job of the green paint. I then applied RAF green to the wings and upper fuselage. Unfortunately the masks have lifted the aluminium in places, luckily it is mostly in areas that will be easy to polish and hit with the airbrush without damaging other details. After giving it a couple of days to dry out a little I masked up for the invasion stripes. I applied the white first, in a nearly opaque layer on the underside and mottling the top. I then masked off the black stripes and painted those. I wanted to do the upper surfaces in Olive Drab but to give a hint at the invasion stripes the paint was applied to cover, to achieve this I masked the edges of the black stripes and applied OD to create defined edges and then applied a thinner blend coat over the top. Overall I'm pretty happy with where it is so far, my next job is to tidy up the aluminium and then pick out some of the details. EDIT: Spot the hiccough with the insignia! an easy fix but I really should have picked up on it earlier on.
  7. I managed to get some work done over the weekend, first priming with Alclad primer which is pretty magical stuff. I then cleaned it up where I'd managed to get some splatter or dust in the surface using a 2000 grit sandpaper and some green polishing compound I had lying around. The surface is smooth but not quite glossy which I now know isn't ideal but more on that later. I do have a query on this though - in areas where I applied the alclad gloss black in thin layers it built up to a satin effect but where I was (what I thought was) too heavy handed it left a fantastic glossy finish. What do others do? Apply lots of thin layers or aim for a thinner layer to bond with the plastic and a thicker one for gloss? Next came the aluminium paint. Honestly this is one of those products that I can't help feeling is wasted on someone of my skill level. It is incredible, I was pleased with the finish everywhere but what really got me is how incredible it looks on the areas where the primer was glossiest, it's almost like a mirror! Even where it is merely shiny it looks great and I'm happy with the finish, particularly for a 'well used' Mustang which is where I'm hoping to take this. I managed to get a couple of shots of the aluminium finish but they don't do it justice, if you've mastered getting a clean, smooth, glossy surface to work on you could work real magic with this stuff: With that done I've been working on making masks for the green paint layers. Thanks to the comments above, particularly Mark, I've decided to go with one of the aircraft of Urban Drew which is the correct model of P-51 D and has a similar paint scheme (actually it's easier to mask). I'm hoping to be able to apply the masks and some RAF green tonight, I can then start working out how to do the invasion stripes and so on.
  8. Damnit, I can’t believe I missed that! I think I’ll probably leave it and accept a little inaccuracy. I think I’ll overspray the invasion stripes with OG, I plan to use RAF green for the rest of the green parts. That seems like the most likely interpretation to me and it looks cool. I think for this build I’m more interested in gaining experience and identifying areas to work on than getting a precisely accurate replica. Thanks for the heads up. Stefan
  9. Hi all, I'm new to this aircraft malarky but I'd like to improve and so for my second serious attempt I've picked a Tamiya P-51. I'm doing this build as part of a charity group build competition type thing to raise money for a children's hospital charity, if you're interested in joining in please take a look at the video here: It does mean that I have a deadline so I'm going to work fairly quickly on this one. My plan is to have a stab at Lou IV as I think the paint scheme is interesting and gives scope to try new things without being too ornate. I started the build by painting the cockpit, this one is going to be closed up so I've done some basic chipping, picked out some of the controls and generally tried to make it look interesting without going all in on the detail. Then the fuselage halves went together and I started cleaning up the seams. This is the bit of aircraft modelling that gets me - more time is spent sanding and re-scribing than painting or building. As I'm doing a metallic finish I need to get it pretty darn smooth so in a couple of places I've erred on the side of removing small details and then trying to rescribe them where I can. I suspect a scribing template might be in my future. Currently she is sitting with a coat of alclad black gloss primer whilst I try to clean up the faults the paint revealed, hopefully I can do another coat of primer tonight and it will be time to move on to the aluminium paint.
  10. Very cute! I used to love those old matchbox kits as a kid but now I look at them I can't help but think about how 'imrpressionistic' the detail is, the vague hint that there were rivets in a particular place etc.
  11. Hah, actually not a big 40k fan but I’ve built some Lehman Russ tanks and I’m on the fringes of the community, hence the name. Definitely get the reference though, love it!
  12. Thanks, I think I could improve my photography setup a bit
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