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  1. Hah, actually not a big 40k fan but I’ve built some Lehman Russ tanks and I’m on the fringes of the community, hence the name. Definitely get the reference though, love it!
  2. Thanks Stix, thanks for kicking it off. I’m really looking forward to the next GB now, might be a bit of an addict!
  3. Thanks I used a mig enamel but it wouldn’t shift when I wanted it to. I also used some pigments for a bit of texture but I’m fairly happy with those.
  4. Definitely, the Fruli tracks I used as spares just shows how weak the kit ones were in retrospect. Unfortunately the cost of replacements is prohibitive. Thanks, I think next time I’ll do the dust over some hairspray, that gives much more control and avoids the pooling and staining I got here. The antenna is the right diameter at the base, unfortunately they were tapered and the carpet monster got the kit one which is a right pain. If I can come up with a better alternative I’ll replace it. Thanks, Stefan
  5. Done! I’m not 100% happy with the dust, needs to be more controlled next time. Overall I’m pretty happy though. https://flic.kr/p/2kShA9S
  6. Hi all, I built this for the PZ III STGB but wanted to post it here for some feedback. It’s a nice kit although I would probably replace the track next time. I added some spare Fruli tracks kindly donated by a mate and a Jerry can rack with some Tamiya cans on the rear. I’ll post the build thread at the end so that you can see the process. Build thread: My main work on points are: > Trying to improve my dust work, I think I’ll try a more layered approach next time > Write a check list for c
  7. Academy Panzer III J, OOB apart from a Jerry can rack on the back and a little master box bloke in the turret.
  8. Dust added, guess which detail I forgot to add until after it was mostly weathered?
  9. Great job! I know there’s a lot of incredible detail but the mud splatter at the back is what caught my eye, absolutely spot on and helps to tell a story.
  10. Thanks Stix. I’ve now added a pin wash and spent a while adding a hint of rust and grime, I then spent the same amount of time cleaning it off until it is virtually invisible. This hobby is ridiculous sometimes!
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