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  1. The tank museum

    Not much info on this show as in traders which are going .. Anyone know who will be there ??
  2. 1/48 DH Mosquito Two Stage Engine Nacelles for Tamiya!

    Do you sell the etch parts separately ?? Cheers
  3. ModelKraft 2017 23rd April 2017

    Has it changed as the last time I looked it was the 2016 floor plan ..cheers
  4. ModelKraft 2017 23rd April 2017

    All gone a bit quiet on this thread seeing that's it's this coming Sunday . Usually have a floor plan up by now ..
  5. Hi , 

    Do you still have the GWH T-33 ??? 



  6. Shutleworth Scale Model Show 19th Feb. 2017

    It seems a bit quiet on this show . Any more info on traders ??
  7. Shutleworth Scale Model Show 19th Feb. 2017

    Anyone know what traders are there ??? Cheers
  8. Vinyl masks over Alclad.

    Guys , Has anyone used Montex vinyl masks over Alclad??? Would a coat of Klear protect the Alclad ??? Cheers Neil
  9. SMW 2016

    I really can't see why we can't get our wristbands for those who regularly turn up on the Friday.. It would make all the difference come Saturday morning..
  10. Come on Eduard, seriously?

    Have people got nothing better to do.. how sad ...
  11. Lovely job , ...just one thing you have put the main wheels and legs on the wrong way...
  12. Calling all Spitfire boffs...

    Guys, Two questions , Which type of seat harness was used on the Mk IV Spit ??? also what was the seat made from???? I know bugger all about Spits.. Thinking of doing one of the post was Spits on the Freight Dog sheet .. one of the silver ones... Cheers Neil
  13. Corsair KD461 ,

    Cheers Mark , got the serial number wrong... Cheers
  14. Corsair KD461 ,

    guys, just a quick one... The Chance Vought Corsair at the FAA Museum , what Mk is that ??? a I or a II Cheers Neil
  15. Pheonix missiles on the F-14

    Cheers for that Dr Evil, Im using the FCM decals so perhaps they got it wrong??? oh well , Cheers Neil