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  1. It's a Whif (modern day Coast Guard decals) As for the MPM Lodestar I believe I've got one in the stash..... somewhere...... among 700 collecting dust. Ho hum.
  2. Another little one I forgot to post. This is the Italeri Hudson kit which I intended to make OOB Coastal Command. Then I noticed the blanking plate and solid nose options (for something planned in the future by Italeri ?) Any way I put them to good use with the decals from a Cosat Guard Blackhawk.....
  3. It's been a few years since I posted anything here but I was clearing a few shelves and found this Eduard weekend kit of the Bf-110C/D which I'd had a little play about with. I noticed I'd never 'published' it on any of the forums so here it is my three engined bf-110.
  4. Hi Andrew,


    I have a Revell N28 CI you can have for the cost of postage. Think the box is a bit rough but the plastic should be fine.



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    2. Bungled


      Hi Andy,


      Apologies just got back from a Norwegian Fjord cruise with the missus. Surprisingly both of us arrived back and there was no murder on board ! I will put the kit in the post this weekend once I've found it. Don't worry about the postage I'm sure you'll have something up for grabs in the future and you can reciprocate.


      Best regards



    3. phat trev

      phat trev

      Very kind thanks. Sure I will find something of interest for you at some point to reciprocate. We went on a Fjord cruise a few years ago with pando and loved it, glad you survived ;) and enjoyed it I hope. 

    4. phat trev

      phat trev

      received the N28, thanks :)

  5. I have many thoughts, most of the clean ones are 'What if....' and quite a few of them are putting non British aircraft into British guise. Checking back through the mirad of completed kits, yes I did a Navalised FAA A-10.... Would be nice to see an RAF version as well ! Andy
  6. And there's more ! Still on the Sci-Fi theme what if Gerry Anderson's Angel interceptor sprouted wheels and a tail-hook ? What If #10 The Supermarine Spectrum F.1 Kit is obviously the Airfix 'Captain Scarlet' Angel Interceptor. Undercarriage and wheels from the spares box, wing fold courtesy of a sharp knife.
  7. My ramblings continue..... One of the very good things about What if is there is no line between What If and Science Fiction. I rarely stray from modelling in 1/72ns scale mainly as I don't have the space to display anything bigger. I did dabble for a short time in 1/144 but found that my fat fingers meant that the Carpet Monster saw more of the parts than I did. One year I was given a kit with no scale. If it had been 1/72nd I'd probably be needing a bigger room (!). It's an instantly recogniseable shape but some how I thought it needed to get out of green and into something more snazzy. W
  8. I've never really been interested in Civil 'stuff' in the past. Never liked all those windows with nothing to see through them. However, certain kits lend themselves to be de-militarised (if there is such a word) The Bloch in my 'Part 5' thread had enough windows to make it workable. Fill in a few turrets and Bob's your Mum's brother you never see because he lives in Canada, you have an airliner. This next one is even simpler though the basic model itself is certainly not. What If #8 The Vickers VC.11 Valet, the civil version of the Valetta. Kit is the Airmodel vacuform with the Mer
  9. Previous comments on my other posts have mentioned imagination, well sometimes you look at a 'nothing' kit and then inspiration. What-if #7 British European Airways Bloch MB-200 short haul airliner. Ok I know the British European Airways colours are the 1960's style but then this is a What-if. So what-if BEA had formed in the mid-1930's and what-if the BEA colours had been the Red/White/Black rather than the earlier Silver/Red and What-if the Bloch MB-200 was the best inter-war twelve seater airliner around. Kit is the KP Aero MB-200 (1/72nd scale) suitably 'civilised' Ladder a
  10. Looking forward to this, the skyshark is one of my favourite aircraft never to see service (and the Anigrand kit is very good indeed).
  11. Rummaging in my old photo files I found another Japanese jet that I did built many years ago. 1946.... America still did not have the A bomb and Japan had not quite been forced back to the home islands. The skies were full of the me262 inspired Kikka and the me163 like Shusui. The Imperial Japanese Navy need their own jet powered reconnaissance seaplane and thanks to a bit of espionage and help from the still non-belligerent Soviets they got it, the Kawanishi E17K1 Navy Experimental 21-Shi 'Takumi'.(Open Sky) Kit is a 1/72nd PM Yak-15 from the spares box with the floats from a 1/75th Hasegaw
  12. See I knew I should have slung a couple of underwing tanks on it. Still at least it's fuelled the debate
  13. You'll excuse me if I continue with my musings. Not all What-ifs are intended, some come about by accident. A case in point is the A&V resin model of the Tachikawa Ki-94 . Ok so the ki-94 in itself could be called a What-if in so much as the design never left the drawing board. The push pull twin prop arrangement was deemed to complex and the ki-94 development team turned the design into a single engined high altitude fighter coded the ki-94-II. This is my original kit of the ki-94.. Now enter into the mix one large tabby moggie that likes to go where he's not supposed. Least said I'm
  14. Ok Part three of my (historical) What-ifs. This was my first-ever (other than accidental) what-if and dates from 2001. It is on a plinth because I was displaying it at a local model show, however, it was not received very well. A lot of unimaginative souls pointed out that the seating is where the fuel tank would have been. Also the decals are that of a Ju-86 (well of course did they expect me to hand craft them? er yes they did). So I felt totally deflated and have never 'shown' a model since. The thought behind this What if was from the Robert Harris novel 'Fatherland' - in there it menti
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